The joy of travelling alone: Advantages Of Solo Travel

The joy of travelling alone: Advantages Of Solo Travel

When travelling alone/solo to a bustling city or a tourist destination, the biggest challenge is to find the right rhythm. And with a lot of things to explore, experience and enjoy, often solo travellers put themselves in a fix. And split between choices, they ultimately miss out on the best experiences that a solo traveller should savour. However, irrespective of all the challenges a solo traveller faces, the joy of travelling alone is different and is unmatchable -because of the cheer, relaxation and solitude it renders.

We bring you the advantages of travelling alone and the choices you can make without slipping into any peer pressure!

Embrace the introspective moments


While you are caught up doing all the mundane normal sightseeing, you can also partake in some “me time.” Travellers may have baggage, and those real-world problems can be one of the main reasons why people turn to a solo vacation; to heal and move on. So, while indulging in all the fun activities and exploration, spend some time relishing those moments in your mind. You can buy yourself a special dinner, have coffee at a quiet place or visit the nearest sea or a pleasant lake and embrace the reflective moments.

Learn the local language

If you are one of those travellers who loves a colourful and exciting conversation, then learning a new language would be the best thing to do during your solo travel. Communication is a basic way of understanding and getting things done. And if you do not speak the local language, you are instantly restricted from meeting and conversing with native people. Well, it is hard to express fully and naturally like the natives, but an effort can go far. So, make an effort to learn the local language for your future benefit.

Be a library tourist

There might be many reasons for taking up a solo trip; however, whatever the motivation is, the library may be the ideal place for solo travellers to go when exploring a destination. And if you are a bibliophile, then it is one of the best things to do during your solo trip. Many local libraries offer free destination tours to tourists and travellers to educate them on some exciting myths, stories and facts. Besides, all the learning and knowledge, you can also use some free Wi-Fi on the go.

Catch a live gig

Seeing your favourite band or DJ performing live on a stage is an exhilarating and life-changing experience. It is one thing to listen to your playlist on Spotify or watch music videos on YouTube, however, to enjoy music at a packed venue or stadium and being detached from the real world, is something else altogether. And if you are a music lover or like swaying to the beats, you can take some time off the travel itinerary, to visit some local gigs to move your dancing feet and improve a general sense of well being.

Explore art galleries at your own pace

Art galleries are a visual illustration of words, depositories of history and representation of world geography. Art galleries are the best place to accentuate your visual imagination, and they also provide the much-required respite from constant travelling. Every destination you may visit might have a museum or an art gallery to educate tourists and travellers on their local culture. So, find the nearest art gallery or museum to experience fine art and history.

Enjoy a cycling tour

Cycling is the best way to pick up a different perspective on a city. You may ask why travel by bicycle when there are faster and better transportation means to save time and energy? What cycling does is, it minimises your life for essentials, it lets you enjoy nature at its best, it’s ecological (explains itself), healthy and changes the way you see the world. And if you are an avid photographer, there is no better way to explore a city than by bicycle. Thus, cycle tours are one of the best things to do on your solo travel.

Send travel postcards

Many think postcards are a dying culture. Nonetheless, postcards are still making the rounds in the world. And travel postcards were the first global social network. If you find yourself missing people who you love, tell them in an old-fashioned way, by squeezing in some romantic and personal words into that tiny blank rectangle. It makes the best souvenirs and is one of the best things solo travellers should do during their trip to have a long-lasting connection with their near and dear ones.

Keep a journal

The social media can help you recall where you’ve been, but a journal can capture how it felt to be there. You can document your experience and thoughts; there can be many; however, you can choose your moments. Since it is your notebook, there are no rules or limitations. So, go all out in your journal to revive the experience in the future.

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