The greatest show on Earth

The greatest show on Earth

The greatest show on Earth

The Coral Triangle is home to the richest coral reefs on the planet. The region stretches from Malaysia in the west, to the Solomon Islands in the east, and stretches as far north as the Philippines. At its heart are Indonesia’s bio-diverse tropical waters and a habitat for marine life like nowhere else on earth.

For Coral Triangle Safaris, the travel agency behind the 26m Sequoia sailboat, it’s
this unique environment which gives the region such a special appeal. Indonesia comprises more than 17,500 islands and the remote quality of the region and the scarcity of luxury hotels mean that a true adventure of exploration is yet to be discovered.

The best way to see this part of the world, one of the few wonders still intact, is without a doubt by boat. Allowing you to travel vast distances and literally expand your horizons, this self-contained means of travel offers independent autonomy and limitless opportunities.

Offering charters across the Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat and Komodo National Park, Coral Triangle Safaris have become experts in finding the rare and wonderful wildlife to be seen under the water surface and on its shores. Much like with an African safari, Sequoia’s professional crew and experienced guides will lead you in search of Indonesia’s ‘famous four’ – whale sharks, manta rays, birds of paradise, and Komodo dragons.

Raja Ampat is widely regarded as the world’s premier destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. Located in the Indonesian province of West Papua, this island oasis is home to more than 31,000 different species of fish, sharks, turtles and manta rays. Taking a dip in the ocean here has been described as being like stepping into a tropical aquarium. The vividness of the colors is astounding and the abundance of life a reassuring and inspiring indication that all is not lost.

The isolated nature of the area allows you to end your trip without seeing another human being, apart from the crew and those you travel with. If you want to understand what the life of local communities is like, cultural experiences can be arranged with visits to tribes and settlements on land that have remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years.

In Komodo National Park, the underwater adventure continues but it’s the Komodo dragons stalking the shore that steal the show. Walking in the park is like stepping back in time to prehistoric times, following the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. The national park has been a World Heritage Site for over 30 years and the islands and reefs are heavily protected, which has given native flora and fauna a chance to thrive.

Whale sharks are seasonal and migratory to the Indonesian region, but the crew of Coral Triangle Safaris know that your best chance to meet these smiling giants of the sea is to dig under the Bagans (traditional Indonesian fishing pontoons). Whale sharks are known to be attracted to these and associated fishing activity. Sharks will swim to the surface, making this an ideal encounter for divers and snorkelers.

The yacht itself, and your home during the expedition, is a handcrafted wooden vessel with spacious saloons and ample deck areas, where one can relax and just watch the waves go by. There are three beautifully appointed suites, sleeping six, and the yacht’s authentic yet luxurious style adds a timeless charm. Every detail of the yacht has been carefully considered, with furniture made by local craftsmen and everything on board has been selected with durability in mind.

Concerned with minimizing their environmental impact, Coral Triangle Safaris does not have single-use plastic on board and products containing palm oil, or whose production contributes to deforestation, are also avoided.

The aquatic treasures of the Coral Triangle can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, at any age, at any level of physical ability – the only equipment needed is a mask, snorkel, and fins! Join us on an Indonesian adventure.

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Coral Triangle Safaris.

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