The grand re-opening of Baron Palace

The grand re-opening of Baron Palace

The grand re-opening of Baron Palace

Baron Empain Palace, also known as The Hindu Palace, opened in 1911 and is a mansion inspired by a Hindu temple and is located northeast of central Cairo, Egypt. The palace has been closed to the public since 1997 because of the Satanists who allegedly organized rituals there. Today, after almost 2 years of restoration, the palace has become a cultural center and opened to the public on June 29e, 2020.

Baron Empain started his business with the aim of creating a railway from Mansoura to Matariya, and after losing the contract, he stayed in Cairo and created Heliopolis, which is Greek for the City of the Sun. The palace was a solitary structure among concrete buildings, specially constructed to serve as Empain’s mansion.

With the president participating in the inauguration, everything was done to be ready for the inauguration. The inauguration of the Baron Palace will include artifacts intended to enrich the citizens of the former inhabitants of the suburbs. You can check out things like drawings, maps, and phones from centuries ago, all available in Baron Empain’s palace. Exhibitions will be organized with historical views telling many important events on Heliopolis.

The entrance fee is very affordable for access to the palace, while there may be additional costs including that to access the roof of the palace where a panorama can be found with breathtaking views, as well as additional charges for using a camera and / or taking photo shoots. The fees for foreigners are EGP 100 and EGP 50 for foreign students. Another plus is that a cafeteria and dining room have now opened in the palace garden so that you can take a break or have a meal after a busy day exploring the palace.

Visit the Heliopolis mansion

The architecture of this magnificent palace was designed by Alexandre Marcel, a French architect. It is inspired by the Hindu temple of Angkor Wat, built between 1907 and 1911. Since its opening, the Baron palace has welcomed many visitors every day since the opening, so much so that it sells out very quickly for the whole day. .

Take a trip to the past when you first visit Baron Empain Palace. There will also be an incredible series of films played at the palace for Baron Empain himself with his partner Nubar Pasha, former Egyptian prime minister and Alexandre Marcel, the French architect who was responsible for the design of the palace. It explains the architecture of all Heliopolis, its heritage, famous places and ways of life that people lived at different ages.

Although the opening of the palace has been delayed several times, we can confirm that it was definitely worth the wait. If you’re visiting Egypt, be sure to include a visit to the Baron’s Palace on your trip after the grand reopening, where you’ll learn about the history of Heliopolis and see plenty of ancient artefacts.

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