Here Are The Top 10 Reasons For You To Visit The Canadian Rockies

Anyone who has ever been to Canada can vouch for its breathtakingly amazing landscapes and incredible nature. And through this blog, I would love to show you the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and some of the reasons that make it a wonderland and a place that every adventure lover or nature enthusiast must visit. I hope the Canadian Rockies inspire you as much as they have inspired me.

to the canadian rockies

Filled with inspiring scenery, incredible wildlife, wild music and great hiking trails, The Canadian Rockies will definitely inspire you to explore the unknown and wilderness of these mountains.

1. Northern Lights

One of the most beautiful natural phenomena visible in northern countries is the aurora, also known as the northern lights. The sky lights up with green and purple lights that dance above you for hours. This spectacular light show can be seen throughout the year, with the highest chances of seeing it during the new moon. If you want to see the most intense glow, you’ll need to head out to cities where light pollution is the weakest and skies are the darkest.

2. Untouched nature

For anyone who wants to get into nature and relax from the noise of people and the city, there are plenty of possibilities in the Canadian Rockies. You can visit the lesser-known mountains in Kananaskis, Yoho National Park or the popular national parks in Banff or Jasper.

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3. Wild life

Wherever you go in the Canadian Rockies, you’ll see wildlife “around every corner.” If you’re lucky, you can spot them in cities too. Deer often roam the roads in Banff National Park. It is important to note that it is illegal to approach any wildlife. Keep a safe distance from them to avoid not only possible attacks but also heavy fines. Although the animals can be seen year-round, the popular time is spring. The most common animals are beaver, mountain goat, elk, brown bear, and grizzly bear.

4. Ultra Blue Lakes

Niagara Falls may be Canada’s most visited attraction, but I think the alpine lakes are more beautiful. Moraine Lake, Lewis Lake or Peto Lake are the most popular as they are easily accessible. You can kayak on them, and if you brave the cold, even swim in them.

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5. Glacier

Another year-round activity is to visit the Columbia Icefields. Located on the Icefields Parkway, it is an ideal stop for a trip between Jasper and Banff National Park. This largest snow field in the Canadian Rockies is fed by eight glaciers.

6. Ice Hockey

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the national game of Canada is ice hockey. Every outdoor field at school or basketball court is a hockey rink in the winter and everyone is playing. The snow is good for playing ice hockey from December to April. Many mountain lakes are also used for ice hockey or skating in winter. On the mentioned Lake Louise, a small hockey field is regularly maintained throughout the winter.

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7. Crowdless Ski Resort

Of course, besides hockey, you can also go skiing or cross-country skiing. Lake Louise Ski Resort hosts the World Cup every year and the ski slopes are very well maintained. In contrast, Sunshine Village is popular because of its no maintenance powder and fresh snow. There are so many ski resorts here that you will rarely find the slopes crowded.

8. Indigenous tribes

There are over 600 indigenous tribes in Canada. Some of them live in the Rockies, where their culture and customs can be seen at summer festivals or pow-wow events. They compete with each other in dance and costume making. They belong to Canadian culture and their wah-wah is very popular.

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9. Endless possibilities for outdoor and adventure activities

What else can you do in the Rockies? whatever you want! You can borrow a mountain bike or go out on a stand-up paddleboard. Or you can rent a kayak, cross the lake and watch the wildlife. Not enough? this article Gives you more than enough ideas. In any case, you will leave with great experiences and stories to last a lifetime.

10. Feeling of freedom

In the Rockies and Canada in general, you feel like anything is possible. People are very open and hospitable, help and share advice and experiences. People on the streets smile and greet each other even if they don’t know each other. And as far as the Canadian Rockies go, these massive mountains are full of wonder and breathtaking views all around.

Author Biography: Maya Steiningerova is an outdoor and travel writer and photographer. After traveling around the world with her partner, she now lives in Calgary, Canada. She writes about adventurous outdoor activities travel with a smile,

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