The best of the ‘winter blues’ on a luxury yacht charter to the

The best of the ‘winter blues’ on a luxury yacht charter to the

Freezing cold sets in and celebrities change their playground from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and the Bahamas, where there are thousands of secluded beaches to be left behind prying eyes and winter woes for festive celebrations under the sun and the heat. Discover some of the popular tropical havens that lie just off the American coast and plan your own spectacular getaway with family and friends where travel is just as important as destinations.

Caribbean Destinations: Colorful Culture and Adventure Every Step

US citizens do not need a passport to enter the US Virgin Islands, and there is no currency conversion rate to worry about since the US dollar is the official currency of the USVI. Add the $ 1,600 duty-free allowance to that, and a shopping spree looks all the more appealing, especially for those with some last-minute Christmas shopping to do. St. Thomas is the main island for shopping, dining and nightlife, and has beautiful beaches for family outings. To the east, two-thirds of Saint-Jean is a protected national park. Trails lead through the islands, but the most impressive is underwater. Sainte-Croix is ​​unique, with a wide variety of past European powers that have left their mark on the arts and culture of this island. Experience the vibrant festivities and events for treasured memories that go beyond the sun, sea and sands of this paradise.

Four large islands and 50 islets offer luxury yacht charterers plenty to see and do on vacation in the British Virgin Islands, with landmarks and tours such as the Callwood Rum Distillery to fill the hours between afternoon water sports and party nights under the stars on Jost Van Dyke. The Virgin Gorda Baths are one of the British Virgin Islands’ most famous attractions, while the remote Anegada is ideal for those who want to forget the rest of the world and revel in the white sand beaches.

Divers should not pass up the opportunity to visit the wreck of the RMS RHONE, considered by many to be one of the best dive sites in the entire Caribbean.

Saint Martin / Sint Maarten is a two-part island that offers tasty local cuisine, upscale shopping and beautiful beaches on the French side, while the Dutch side is known for its jewelry, casinos and vibrant nightlife – y including the locally made rum-based guava. liqueurs.

Saint-Barth is an island of French flair, especially when it comes to fashion and cuisine. There are other reasons to visit – a laid back atmosphere permeates the air year round outside of the regatta season where some of the world’s most impressive sailing ships compete against each other in the Bucket of St. Barts.

St. Lucia has some great snorkeling spots and beaches, but it’s the Pitons that are the crowning glory of the islands. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has trails leading to outstanding views and along the way hikers will encounter colorful parrots, sulfur springs for a rejuvenating mud bath.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have been made famous lately when they were used in the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean, and as impressive as the archipelago is on screen, it’s even better when you get it. see for yourself: verdant volcanic islands rise from ripples of topaz blue waves, which themselves hide a coral world teeming with life. Visit the filming locations and learn the true history of the region between days of delicious meals, fruity drinks and naps in the sun while your captain and crew take care of all the details.

Destinations in the Bahamas: Heaven on Earth

Just a short cruise from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (where most yacht rentals in the area begin), the spectacular Bahamas await. Most vacationers visit one of three destinations: Grand Bahama, New Providence (Nassau and Paradise Island), and Andros. New Providence has incredible beaches, plenty of history and culture to discover both indoors and in the sun, and fine entertainment, shopping and dining for the discerning clientele. Grand Bahama has a more village-like feel while offering a wide variety of shopping and entertainment options.

Andros is the largest island in the Bahamas and yet has only 8,000 inhabitants, mostly living on the east coast. As a result, the wilderness is unspoiled and is home to many exotic birds and flowers which make the hiking and biking trails truly rewarding. The beaches are soft and golden, while the crystal blue seas are teeming with vibrant fish.

The true Bahamian experience awaits you among the Out Islands, the less touristy islands where you will find a more relaxed lifestyle and fewer distractions, allowing you to focus on the present moment and savor some quality time with your group. . The Berry Islands are ideal for fishing enthusiasts who want to spend days sunbathing on board while enjoying a delicious lunch prepared by the professional chef on board. Chub Cay is called “The Fishbowl of the Bahamas” and is one of the 30 Perfect Cays where beaches stretch out into the distance and iconic wildlife glide into the surrounding sea.

The Abacos are another prime destination for fishing, caving and water sports: the islands have been considerably more welcoming since the days of the wreckers, who sent false signals to ships at sea to take advantage of the cargo and rescue of the sea. inevitable wrecks. The candy striped lighthouse is part of that story, told at the Hope Town Wyannie Malone Historical Museum. More stories are waiting to be discovered on Elbow Cay, while you can experience your own adventure in the five amazing national parks.

Eleuthera and Harbor Island are a common stopover for influencers, romantics and sun lovers who come to enjoy the wonderful white sand beaches and especially the pink sands of Harbor Island. If you want to stay active while soaking up the sun, a walk along the coast will discover multiple vistas and landmarks that provide a glimpse into the island’s past, when piracy was rife and nearby Nassau was a stronghold. for many infamous names.

Long Island has a bit of everything; blue hole and bone fishing, pink and white sand beaches, plus local arts, crafts and historic landmarks in and around Dunmore Town.

San Salvador is little known compared to other islands in the Bahamas, but this is where Columbus is said to have made landfall in the New World. Even before it arrived, the island was inhabited and the Lucaya Indians left traces of their civilization in the rock paintings and other artifacts that will be of interest to history buffs in your group. Snorkelers and divers can visit the wreck of the HMS CONQUEROR which has since become an underwater museum, and there are plenty of golden sandy beaches to rest after doing it all.

Mayaguana and Inagua are far south of the Bahamas, and many couples choose the ancient island as an escape from the rest of the world to create memories with loved ones by kayaking, paddleboarding, sunbathing, and walks along the beaches. wonderful beaches. Inagua is a wildlife haven, and the reserve is home to over 80,000 flamingos in addition to pink spoonbills and burrowing owls – a great addition to vacation photos.

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