Thailand’s Free Visa On Arrival Scheme For Indians Has Been Extended Till October 2023!

While many of us have ‘trip to Thailand’ on our bucket list to visit before we turn 50, don’t wait any longer for this holiday! Because you can now visit this land of exotic beaches and mesmerizing landscapes on a visa free. Yes that is correct! news of ‘Thailand waives visa fees on arrival’ It was officially announced on 8 November 2018. The special thing is that this year, the Thai government has extended this discount for 7 months and you can get this benefit till October 2019! Did you want something else?

Not only your New Year parties but also an exciting holiday around Christmas was enjoyed with your loved ones in the last year. The rate expected by the Thai government to boost tourism through this move is 30% and, given this latest relaxation, it won’t be long before tourists from all over join the Thai people in the soon-to-be party. Will be. However, this relaxation is for a limited number of 20 countries including Maldives, Mauritius, China, Saudi Arabia and others, and luckily India is one of them.

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Although there are a lot of tourists visiting Thailand every year, a savings of 2000 THB per person can be huge if you are traveling with your family and friends. Even though the duration of this visa is set for a period of 15 days, the famous Maya Bay should definitely be on your list, and if you are lucky enough you might even get a chance to visit it! This famous destination in Thailand was even featured in the Hollywood movie The Beach in 2000, this year so many tourists came that it damaged the environment in more ways than one and it had to be closed for a while in the month of June and now is also closed. Review regarding reopening for tourists. However, in this season of bad news for travelers, it is certainly no less than a joy.

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Still, Thai holidays are more about rejuvenating your senses among the friendly and welcoming Thai people than anything else because no matter what happens, these people are always in high spirits! Are you also like them? If yes, then planning a Thailand trip should not be a problem now as this is truly the best time to see the attractions of the country on a low budget. So, get packing!

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