Taj Mahal Remains The Highest Revenue-generating Monument In

Taj Mahal Remains The Highest Revenue-generating Monument In

The Taj Mahal remains the highest revenue-generating monument in India, according to a report by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), with a total income of 132 crores in the last three years from 2019 to 2022.

The report added that it was also the most visited tourist site in the country with an estimated footfall of over 10 million people annually. This includes people from all over the world who visit this architectural wonder from different parts of the world and with this, The Taj Mahal is still among the top five most profitable tourist attractions in India.

Mountain Railways of India

Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and the most recognizable monument of India. Despite of pandemic Taj mahal alone generated about 24 percent of the Archaeological Survey of India’s (ASI) total revenue from 2019 to 2022, when there was only a limited number of people were allowed.

As we all know due to the pandemic all public tourist attractions were closed including the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Red fort, etc, still, Taj manages to get a total revenue of 9.5 crores in 2019-2020. In 2018, a new arrangement has been introduced in the taj Mahal, where you can see the main mausoleum (marble enclosure) where the graves of the Mughal royal have been stored. The main mausoleum showcases imitations of the tombs of Mumtaj Mahal and Shah Jahan with an entry ticket of INR 200.

Mountain Railways of India

After the Taj Mahal, Monuments like Red Fort, Agra Fort Shaniwar Wada, Konark Sun Temple, the group of monuments at Mamallapuram, etc are the highest revenue generating sites in India managed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

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