Taiwan is a land of countless pleasant surprises.


Taiwan is a land of countless pleasant surprises

Taiwan is a gorgeous country, ideal for tourism and alive. Besides its small size, it’s an infinity of activities to do and places to see.

Taiwan is a small island to the east of China which is now an enormous travel destination with all the Mist Laden hills, Scenic Mountain, tasty food, majestic sunrises, thick woods, vibrant democracy, a liberal society, rapidly growing metropolis where the ancestors are still worshiped. Taiwan is a mesmerizing combination of old and new.



It’s successfully emerging as an enticing tourism destination of the Far East and is set to join the examples list of the best place to go to. Visitors to Taiwan are spoiled for choices when it comes to things to do and places of amazing natural beauty to go to on the island and with all these attractions. If you are visiting for the first time, you may not even know where to begin.

Below are some of Taiwan’s most alluring attractions.

Hiking in Taiwan is regarded as the greatest in East Asia. It’s referred to as Hiker’s paradise. The mountains cover two third of the country’s terrain. Hardcore hikers usually need to try one of the two greatest Taiwan Mountains — Jade Mountain or Snow Mountain. An individual may also enjoy overnight camping up there.

Alishan Scenic Mountain Area:

Alishan’s mountain railway is a popular tourist destination with local and international tourist. The trail winds to the peak of the mountain where there are loads of easy hiking trails offering fantastic photo opportunities. Sun Moon Lake is the biggest lake in Taiwan and a terrific destination for a brief trip. There are dozens of resorts located around the lake that’s occupied with Yacht taking tourists from 1 side to another. There’s also a cable car here that takes you to the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village.

Qingshui Cliff:

The jaw-dropping Qingshui Cliff located across the San Hualien Highway on the east coast of Taiwan shed over 3280 feet straight in the sea. Marcos and Cha-Yu call it the most beautiful scenic area in the whole coastal road of Taiwan. The street around the cliff provides sweeping views of the sea on one side and a sheer rock face on the other. The sensation of riding on this road is pretty much like flying across the Pacific Ocean.

Among Taiwan’s weekend entertainments is a visit to the archipelago of Penghu. The sandy tropical paradise has lots of beaches scattered throughout its islands and is essential for seafood lovers.

Dulan Beach is near to just north of Taitung City on the east shore. Dulan Beach is just one of Marcos and Chia-Yu’s favorite surf places. The beach is very good for beginners.

Xiao Liu Qiu (Pingtung County):

It’s a small island of Pingtung County in the south of Taiwan. Like many areas in Taiwan, Xiao Liu Qiu is a tourist friendly location. There are hundred of B& Bs, Hotels and activities such as bicycling and scuba diving. Xiao Liu Qiu isn’t just known for its Flower Vase Rock but also for the ghost tales and its haunted caves.

Shimen cave of Taiwan is a rock arch formation brought on by sea erosion. There are stairs to climb to the arch of the viewing platform, which is the ideal place to admire the sea. This character’s wonder is vital to see when traveling the northern shore of Taiwan and is an excellent place for a picnic.

Green Island:

Snorkelers flock to Taiwan’s Green Island a tiny hot spring dotted island located a short distance away from the coast of Taitung. Gorgeous coral reefs are of great attractions and gigantic rock formations earn playful names like Pekinese Dog and Sleeping Beauty Rocks. We got into that pool to swim with countless colors Coral Fish.

Hiking in Yangmingshan National Park is only 40 minutes from downtown Taipei, overlooking the city. Yangmingshan National Park is a large easily attained getaway of Volcanic Landscapes, hot springs, pleasant paths, and colorful bird and butterfly life.

The costs in Taiwan:

Sadly you can not expect Taiwan to be as cheap as a number of the South East Asian countries. Nevertheless traveling in Taiwan is far less expensive than in Japan or Hongkong. Accommodation is somewhat expensive, road food is cheap, yummy and affordable.

People in Taiwan love hot springs. Some folks visit them daily. Public hot springs in Beitou is about one hour from Taipei city center. You should definitely try the crazy hot springs too. An exceptional alternative is Ba Yan Wild springs in Yangmngshan National park. Soaking in the hot springs is a must to perform to experience. Make sure that you aren’t leaving without it.

The language in Taiwan:

You need to prepare for a small language barrier when visiting Taiwan. Although the official language is Mandarin, the majority of people speak Taiwanese Hokkien. The writing and hints have been in traditional Chinese. Taiwanese are very helpful and friendly to foreigners.

Karaoke is a Taiwanese method of clubbing. The Taiwanese are normally very shy. Karaoke is the most common social activity. A number of them go out for karaoke at least one time each week. Karaoke bars resemble 5-star hotels with a reception area and private rooms. Lots of individuals also have the amenities of a KTV at home including some of the smallest villages in the south of Taiwan.

Colorful festivals:

Taiwan’s calendar is full of fascinating celebrations and vacations. Well-known festivals are the Taiwan Lantern Festival, Matsu Pilgrimage, Dragon Boat Festival, and International Balloon Fiesta.

Taiwan most renowned food and beverage: Taiwan is a food lover’s paradise. Right from the freshest fish to the most delicious street food in the local night markets, there is something for everybody in regards to Taiwanese cuisine. Some of the famous dishes include Tea, Pearl Milk tea, Beef noodles, pineapple cakes, oyster omelet, braised pork over rice, Dan being, Gua bao, fried chicken, Stinky tofu and a lot more.

When to see Taiwan is enjoying a massive boom in tourism with sight seekers flocking to the sights and attractions throughout the year. But when is the best time to see? If you prevent public holiday and festivals? What about the weather? Well, the reality is that no matter when you see this gorgeous island you love it. The best time to see Taiwan is from Mid-September through November, especially in Taipei and the hills.

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