Here’s Your Chance To Have The Most Luxurious New Year Celebration Ever! But You Must Book NOW

There’s a luxury trip, then there’s a super luxury trip and then there’s the 12 day ultra luxury trip A340 jet (Hong Kong to Sydney and Las Vegas via Hawaii) On New Year’s Eve! The plane that will redefine the meaning of luxury for you new year 2023 on the eve.
If you want to be one of the lucky ones on the ship, yes only 30 people will get the chance to live such a unique experience, you must act fast and be a part of this amazing, unique and unique journey.

You see, standing near Sydney Harbor and watching the colorful fireworks display has become very mainstream now! That’s why we have this ultra-rich and unique luxury itinerary especially for you to welcome 2023!

What does a 12 day itinerary look like?


1. First night in Hong Kong Ritz Carlton
2. After a 3-day stay in Sydney Shangri La
3. Enjoy wine in Australia’s most famous wine region
4. Shopping season in Sydney, time to prepare for New Year celebrations
5. Enjoy your year on board private yacht
6. Watch the fireworks while enjoying great food and wine
7. Head to Hawaii. Go onboard and fly to a private beach with Michelin star dining
8. Spend a memorable night relaxing whale watching tour
9. Next up, a trip to a pineapple farm
10. For the next three days, enjoy an exclusive supercar experience and helicopter tour Grand Canyon

Highlights of the remarkable 12-day journey


1. Travel from Hong Kong to Sydney, Sydney to Hawaii and Hawaii to Las Vegas, all in an A340 jet – one of the largest jets in the world
2. Stay in all 5 star hotels
3. Be a part of exclusive festive parties
4. Go on gorgeous helicopter tours

It will all be organized racing time – One of the world’s top four luxury concierge companies on exclusive tariffs $126,000 (£95,000) per person

tip: Combine this with the best Hong Kong tour packages and get ready for the big celebration in style!

This trip is for those who have waited a long time to celebrate a special occasion like New Year’s Eve at any cost! Try to be among the first 30 people to book a slot

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