What Makes Summer In Kazakhstan A Great Time To Take A Trip To The Exotic Land

Blessed with diverse scenery and captivating environment, Kazakhstan is a country with the most grandiose outlook. Along with amazing views of nature, this country is also a paradise for experience lovers. Why not check out the grandeur of Kazakhstan on a trip where you rediscover yourself too?

Climatic peculiarities are due to the adequacy of the nation. In the region of Kazakhstan one can encounter each one of the four seasons – cold winter, blooming spring, hot summer and red autumn. Whether you love climbing, swimming, fishing or horse riding, are interested in Kazakhstan or have visited this country once in your life, you have no doubt that the country has many exceptional summer holiday destinations.

By the beginning of summer, the nation transforms into a green land with long bright days. However from time to time the heat turns into dry spells and widely affects the diverse flora. The southern regions of Kazakhstan have a more favorable climate without dry weather and extreme heat.

Summer in Kazakhstan: best time to visit

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The summer months in Kazakhstan are from May to September. During this period, the temperature in the south of the country is 48⁰ C while in the northern part it is 38⁰ C. There is less humidity in the air and a windy and dry climate is being established in most parts. The hottest month in Kazakhstan is July. The normal July temperature is +19 C in the north (Petropavlovsk) and +28 to +30 C in the south (Darbaza). The most amazing temperatures in Kazakhstan do not exceed +41 C in the north and +47 C in the south.

Highlights of the summer climate of Kazakhstan

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  • Summer in the woodland steppe and steppe zones comes in early June. Late spring can often see rain and solid westerly winds. The climate of the western steppe region is generally dry and hot.
  • The repetition of the comparative climate in the plains and low slope areas of the eastern part of the region ranges from 35 – 40%. Towards the Altai Piedmont the climate is quite humid. The summers of the Altai Mountains are extremely hot and respectably hot in the plains and marshes of the sunny and tarbagatai piedmont.
  • The amount of rainfall within the semi-desert region reduces to a great extent in summer. In the semi-desert zone the climatic mode takes shape at the end of spring, already in May. Occasionally a mild dry climate starting in the second 50% of May dominates, despite exceeding July standards.
  • Sometimes it does not rain. The effect of extremely dry and hot winds is seen from the south. The recurrence of hot and vaporous climate increases by 65 – 70% in the areas of the Ustert Plateau, Betpak Dala, Syrdarya Midstream and South Balkhash.
  • Whatever the case, the driest climate is a trademark of the Kyzylkum Desert (95% repetition). The Caspian coast may see a contraction of the dry climate during longer summers. Here a recurrence of the bright, tolerably humid and humid climate is observed.
  • The mid-year climate here is respectably warm and humid, with cool mountain-valley winds and regular thunderstorms. Cloudy weather in Kazakhstan in summer is considered the main thing in good country areas.

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Summer in Kazakhstan: 5 places worth visiting

Traveling in Kazakhstan is great all year round, as each season brings with it different delights. Take a look at these places which are a must visit during summer holidays in Kazakhstan.

1. Eight Lakes Park Resort

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Located only a short distance from downtown Almaty, Eight Lakes Park Resort is an excellent family-friendly resort that offers many of the amenities visitors love. The main attraction here is The Beach Club, which includes the largest swimming pool complex in the CIS and Central Asia. Guests will have the opportunity to relax in comfortable seats by the pool and take advantage of VIP tents.

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2. Lake Burabay

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If you are a nature devotee, you should visit Burabay Lake in the foothills of the Kokshe Mountains in Kazakhstan. Surrounded by flawless nature including forests, mountains and shake systems, Burabe Lake is a significantly gorgeous spot for a late spring excursion. Here, you can swim in the crystal-clear waters, go sailing and fishing, or just stretch out and enjoy the daylight.

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3. October

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Aktau, the capital of the Mangystau region, is known for its dazzling coastlines and incredible climate. Various exercises around the area include shoreline volleyball, knocking down some pins, pool, sauna, exercise in the pool, Turkish shower, and the sky is the limit from there.

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4. Bayanaul National Park

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Bayanaul National Park was Kazakhstan’s first national stop, all things considered. The area is known for its dazzling grandeur and grand atmosphere. In summer, Bayanaul National Park faces extreme temperatures, making it an ideal climate for swimming in the area’s lakes; Jassibe Lake and Sabindikol Lake. Vacationers can go fishing in Toregir Lake or Birzankol Lake where they can find fish, for example, carp. There are also plenty of other fun activities like shake climbing and winged creature spotting.

5. Kapchagay Lake

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Kapchagay Lake is one of the best destinations to visit in the middle of the year for those living in Almaty, with the ultimate goal of swimming, fishing, sculling and from there the sky is the limit. The area is also famous for the Kapchagay Aqua Park, which highlights water slides, pools, and other water-related activities. So, if you are in the mood for some water activities, make sure to try all of these while you are out and about in this beautiful land! Are you ready for it yet?

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Summer Festival in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan has many festivals in the summer, so tourists can also enjoy their culture while visiting.

  • victory Day: 9 May – On this day the victory of the Soviet Union over Germany is celebrated.
  • capital city day: President Nazarbayev’s birthday is celebrated in the country on 6 July.
  • Labour Day: May 1 is celebrated as the Kazakhstan National Unity holiday and marches are held in his honor.

Some other festivals are celebrated like Almaty Apple Festival and Astana International Competition of Kazakh Song, the former showcasing the rich apples of Kazakhstan and the latter showcasing the cultural side of the people. The Kazakhstan Golf Open is an interesting event that takes place in Kazakhstan during the summer.
Biker festival ‘Protect Balkhash’, Four E’s, Chaban Festival and Khan Tengri Mountain Festival are some of the other popular festivals celebrated during summer in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is a very beautiful country with its own unique natural scenery and other culture. Some places shine during this time and are a lot of fun. The country also has some amazing places to visit during summer and some interesting cultural festivals.

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With this we reach the end of the list; However, the excellence that Kazakhstan has to offer goes beyond our ability to express. We should welcome the summer season with open hearts and plan an international trip to Kazakhstan currently to enjoy the view that this lovely country has to offer by trekking in the valleys and mountains.

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FAQs about summer in Kazakhstan

What is the climate of Kazakhstan?

The climate and average weather in Kazakhstan is extremely continental as well as very dry. Kazakhstan is also hot in summer and cold in winter, the hottest month in Kazakhstan is July where temperatures are at their highest and the hottest month is August in mountainous areas where it is the hottest.

Is Kazakhstan hot or cold?

The climate of Kazakhstan is continental. In summer the temperature can exceed 30 °C on average and in winter it goes down to -20 °C.

What is the best time to visit Kazakhstan?

The most ideal time to visit Kazakhstan is the months of July to August when the weather is really perfect throughout the country.

Is it dangerous to travel to Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is changing very rapidly. Areas that were considered dangerous ten years ago are now safe enough for foreigners to visit. Therefore Kazakhstan is now a safe place to visit.

Does it rain in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan receives about 165 mm of rainfall, here you do not get enough sunshine in winter but there is a lot of sunshine in summer.

What is Kazakhstan famous for?

Kazakhstan is famous for oil and black gold. In addition, it has Baikonur which is the world’s largest and first space launch complex.

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