10 Street Foods In Switzerland: Pamper Your Gastronomic Craving

Switzerland is a fascinating country. Such as beautiful landscapes, heritage cities, lakes and shopping districts; The street food in Switzerland is equally attractive and diverse. With plenty of roadside food kiosks and stalls lining the streets, Switzerland leaves no stone unturned to please food lovers with its enticing local flavours.

Read this detailed guide on Switzerland street food and make sure you don’t miss any of the fascinating and tempting experiences.

Must-try items from this list of Switzerland’s fascinating street food

When you’re in Switzerland, this is the country’s food you must try. The country may not have the best street food culture, but there are some great snacks to try while walking on the road.

  • fondue
  • Speak
  • Roasted Flour Soup
  • Polenta and Braised Beef
  • tartiflette
  • Raclette
  • äplermagronen
  • vacherin mont d’or
  • Nusstorte
  • Basler Treats

1. Fondue – Switzerland’s signature street food

Popular street food in Switzerland

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Fondue is one of the most popular street foods in Switzerland. Literally means “molten”; In French, it is also widely available in France and Italy. It is a pot of melted cheese, wine and garlic, served over an open flame and people eat their pieces of bread by dipping them with a long fork. It is considered one of the staple foods of the locals, as the melted cheese helps keep them warm during the cold months. Serving fondue with a cup of hot tea makes a hearty winter meal.

Best places to eat fondue: Le Dazzle, Swiss Chuxey and Chasselp

2. Rosti – an iconic national dish

delicious food of switzerland

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Rösti – a Swiss-style hash brown, has been a famous street food in Switzerland for centuries. Rosti is prepared with a stuffing of cheese, apples and onions along with grated fried potatoes. This food began as a staple breakfast for farmers in Bern and is now considered a delicacy, widely available throughout the country. The rösti is topped with salty bacon, fried egg and melted raclette cheese, served with tart cucumbers and pickled pearl onions for a healthy replacement for fries.

Best places to eat rösti: Fritchi, Farm Bozeneg, Ancher and Le Mazot.

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3. Roasted Flour Soup – With roasted flavor that is worth drooling over

Tasty Flour Soup

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If you are a soup lover, don’t leave Switzerland without tasting this heavenly dish. Roasted Dough Soup is made from butter, flour, beef stalk and grated Gruyere. The specialty of the soup is that it is served browned and roasted and the burnt smell of the dish is its distinctive feature. This unique brown soup, not found anywhere else in the world, not only has an exotic taste but also has an interesting story behind it. The soup was first prepared in the Basel region of the Alps and it is said that the chef forgot to put it in the oven after putting it in the oven and it turned brown. Since then this roasted taste has become its signature and this unmatched taste has made it one of the most famous items in the list of street food in Switzerland.

Best places to eat roasted flour soup: Sternen Grill, Lötsberg and Treff

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4. Polenta and Braised Beef – A Stomach-Satisfying Meal

roasted beef

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One of the most delicious and popular street foods in Switzerland; Polenta and braised beef are popular with locals. The dish originated in the Ticino region by Italian-speaking locals and gradually became famous throughout the country. Polenta is a nutritious cornmeal cooked into a thick porridge over a fire in a copper pan. When prepared with braised beef, in wine sauce; This makes for one of the best delicious hearty Swiss street dishes.

Best places to eat polenta and braised beef: Sternan Grill and Street Gourmet

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5. Tartiflette – Known for its incredible cooking style and extraordinary taste

completely filled with cheese

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If cheese is your favourite; You can’t miss tartiflette when vacationing in Switzerland. Cooked with potatoes, Reblochon cheese, lardons and onions, this is another delicious street dish from Switzerland. It is a staple dish in most ski resorts located in the Swiss Alps. Tartiflette is a mixture of diced potatoes. Smoky bacon, reblochon cheese, caramelized onions and nutty cream. So, you can actually taste dishes of multiple flavours; All at once. This is probably the best street food in Switzerland.

Best places to eat tartiflette: Restaurant Le Flore and Verbier mountain restaurant.

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6. Rallette – a major part of the canton of Valais

Unique delicious food of Switzerland

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No discussion of Switzerland’s street food is complete without mentioning raclette. It is a unique local dish made from local raclette cheese, which is cooked slowly over a fire. The cheese is melted in layers and served with potatoes, vegetables and meat along with pickles and onions. It is one of the most popular local Swiss foods, hence the small portable raclette grills seen in many country homes.

Best places to eat raclette: Raclette Stube, Restaurant Les Armours and Raclette Factory

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7. Alplermagronen – A warming meal for the cold winter

exotic taste

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Originating from the German-speaking region of Switzerland, Alpermagronen is loved by locals and tourists for its appealing taste and presentation. Alplermagronen is a variety of macaroni cheese, cooked with pasta, cream, potatoes and cheese. Often served with boiled apples, bacon and fried onions; Alplermagronen is known as shepherd’s macaroni, as the dish was first made using ingredients that shepherds working on alpine pastures could easily gather.

Best places to eat Alplermagronen: Restaurants Brante, Obermatt and Fluhmatt.

8. Vacherin Mont d’Or – an exotic seasonal cheese variety from the Alps

Soft cheese with unique taste

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Switzerland is adorned with exotic varieties of cheese and only in this country can seasonal varieties of cheese be found. One such is the Vacherin Mont d’Or. It is a special type of soft and tangy cheese made from cow’s milk, found especially between September and April. It is made in the villages of the Jura region. Vacherin Mont d’Or is cooked over wood with white wine and garlic and becomes a soul-filling culinary masterpiece when served with hot boiled potatoes.

Best places to eat at Vacherin Mont d’Or: Trait Casse, La Messiaen and Schockasserei Kloster Engelberg.

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9. Nuestorte – A delicious dessert

flavored biscuits

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If you have a sweet tooth; This is a must try for you. Nuestorte is a nut tart consisting of short-crust pastry, caramelised sugar, cream and chopped walnuts. If you talk about the street food of Switzerland, there are mainly two types of Nustorte, namely the Bunder Nustorte and the Engdiner Nustorte, named after the Graubünden canton where it originated. The exquisite blend of cream and nuts is drool-worthy and an absolute delight for sweet lovers.

Best places to eat Nuestorte: Hanselmann Café, Heteke and Le Muh.

10. Basel Treat – A tempting Christmas meal

very famous food of switzerland

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Last on the list but certainly not least is Basler LeCerli. Locally, ‘lekar’ means delicious and this dish from Basler Lekarli lives up to its name. Made with hazelnuts, almonds, fruit, honey, glazed ginger and kirsch; Basler Leckerli are crunchy biscuits, invented about 600 years ago. Although Basler Leckerli is found throughout the year; Swiss tradition says it is eaten during Christmas celebrations. For food lovers, this is probably the most famous street food of Switzerland.

Best places to eat Basler Lekarli: Arsenal Cellar and Sternan Grill

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FAQs about street food in Switzerland

Is it worth it to taste the delicacies and sweets available in Switzerland?

Yes, Switzerland is an international tourist destination. They serve authentic Swiss dishes and sweets to tourists. Most of the dishes are typical food of this land that you must try.

Is street food cheap in Switzerland?

Yes, if you are on a budget tour, you can opt for street food available in Switzerland. Still, you should ask the price first and then buy the item.

What is the best food to avoid the cold on the streets of Switzerland?

You must try Swiss-based soups as these are the best to get relief from the cold during the winter season in Switzerland.

What is the best vegetarian dish to eat from street food vendors in Switzerland?

Vegetarians must try tartiflette in Switzerland. This meal consists of Swiss cheese with vegetables and is a popular main meal in Switzerland.

Which authentic ingredient is commonly found in Swiss cuisine?

Traditionally made Swiss cheese is found in almost all dishes of Switzerland’s cuisine. They add a special taste to the food. Street food vendors also use this cheese.

Is it healthy to eat street food once while visiting Switzerland?

Yes, Switzerland is known for its pure and healthy drinking water. Street food vendors use the same water for food preparation and drinking. Hence, it is clean and safe too.

Do street food stalls serve hot beverages and sweets?

Yes, you can try Swiss chocolate coffee and sweets available at street food stalls in Switzerland.

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