Try These 12 Street Foods Of Darjeeling For Knowing The Hill-Station Better

Darjeeling is one of the most popular hill stations in India that you must visit at least once in your life. It not only offers stunning views of Mount Kanchenjunga but also gives an opportunity to step back into the old world charm. Imagine an evening with your friends, family or partner sipping the hill station’s famous tea and enjoying the unique views of the mountains. Sounds interesting, right? Well, such is the beauty of Darjeeling and it will definitely give you a refreshing holiday experience. And what adds to this beautiful experience is Street Food in Darjeeling One you can’t forget!

So, when you are planning a trip to Darjeeling next time, do read this list Street Food in Darjeeling This will help you have a pleasant vacation there.

12 Best Street Food in Darjeeling

Here is a list of street foods of Darjeeling that you can try on your next trip to Darjeeling for a delicious experience. Although there are many delicious foods served in Darjeeling, some of them are easily available to travelers and we are going to include them in our list! To keep an eye!

  • Momos
  • Thukpa
  • Aloo Dum
  • Shaphalay
  • Churpi
  • Traditional Nepali Thali
  • give him
  • Kakra Ko Achar And Kinema
  • Naga cuisine
  • cell roti
  • gundruk
  • traditional bengali thali

1. Momos

Famous place to taste momos

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Momo is a very common and popular street food wherever you go and Darjeeling is no less. You can easily get the taste of momos in Darjeeling. It is served with hot soup and is one of the best street foods of Darjeeling. You can eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian momos as per your choice. While you will find them in shacks all over the city, a famous place to try momos in Darjeeling is Kunga Restaurant which is run by a family. Usually 6-7 pieces are served in a plate. Feeling hungry already?

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2. Thukpa

Famous street food of Darjeeling

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You must have heard about Thukpa and we are happy to tell you that Darjeeling also serves Thukpa on a large scale. It is one of the famous street foods of Darjeeling. Considered as a starter, it is available in shacks as well as restaurants. It is a hot noodle soup with vegetables, pieces of bread and if it is non-vegetarian, it also has pieces of meat. Devekas Restaurant and Kunga Restaurant are places to eat the best Thukpa.

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3. Aloo Dum

Definitely love eating Aloo Dum

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Aloo Dum may seem like a home-made dish to you, as mothers make it at home. Well, this dish is definitely something that was cooked in Nepali and Bengali homes. But it gained so much popularity in Darjeeling that now it is one of the best vegetarian street food in Darjeeling. It is a dish made from boiled potatoes, onions, garlic, red chillies (which is essential) in a thick gravy. And adding the icing to the cake are the potato wafers or ‘bhujia’ which elevate the taste to another level. You will definitely love eating Aloo Dum on the roadside while enjoying the views!

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Unique street food of Darjeeling

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This is a unique street food of Darjeeling. Although it is a Tibetan dish, it is very famous in Darjeeling. It is bread filled with chicken, beef or pork. And it is served with chutney or roasted barley and cheese which enhances its taste. Although, this recipe is not easily available, but it will definitely make your taste buds taste better than before.

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5. Churpi

unique experience

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Churpi is another unique dish that you will not find everywhere in India. It is basically a cheese dish that comes from Nepali origin. It is served in both soft and hard forms. You will find it in some restaurants in Darjeeling. Although you might have tasted everything in Darjeeling during your holidays, you must try this cuisine for a unique experience.

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6. Traditional Nepali Thali

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Traditional Nepali thali which means plate or thali is enjoyed by the local people in Darjeeling. Nepali thali consists of diverse dishes like dal as dal, mixed vegetables as tarkari, some boiled rice with pickles or pickles and don’t forget to include a sweet dish to complete the meal. The herbs and spices used in making the thali are unique to Nepal. If you want to enjoy Nepali thali in Darjeeling then you should visit Revolver Restaurant located on Gandhi Road which serves the best thali.

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7. Give it to him

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Most of the people like pickles very much and the touch of red-hot chilli adds extra spice to the taste buds. Dalle is a type of pickle made by the people of Darjeeling which is made by mixing mustard oil spices, salt and red chilli. Dalle is considered a spicy pickle and is enjoyed with various meals. Pickles are usually available in small bottles and you can get these bottles from shops near Nehru Road like Keventer or Chowk Bazaar.

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8. Kakra Ko Achar And Kinema

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Nepali cuisine is considered incomplete without pickles. Kakra ko pickle is one of those dishes which is prepared by mixing cucumber julienne with spices, salt and mustard oil. Pickles are usually served with food and that too on a daily basis. Fermented soybean pickle known as Kinema is also popular in Darjeeling. There are many shops where you can find these pickles such as the one on Mall Road.

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9. Naga Cuisine

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In Darjeeling you should enjoy Naga cuisine which is served in some restaurants. The Nagas are the people living in Darjeeling and have made their cuisine quite popular here. Naga cuisine comes with a royal thali consisting of fermented or dried bamboo shoots usually prepared with chicken, boiled rice, pickles, ghee, fish or pork and a sweet dish to complete the meal. Let’s go. Among the restaurants serving Naga cuisine in Darjeeling is Revolver Restaurant which is considered to be the most famous restaurant of its kind.

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10. Bring bread

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This roti is served in Nepali cuisine but is not available everywhere in Darjeeling. This Sel Roti is mostly eaten by the local people in Darjeeling, so if you get on well with a local they can serve you this amazing Sel Roti. Saale ki chapati is generally made in Nepali homes and that too during festival times or any special occasion. It is made from rice paste and deep fried and served with additional butter or cheese and also with pickles or chutneys.

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11. Gundruk

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Gundruk is one of those dishes which is not available in restaurants in Darjeeling. This is a dish that is enjoyed by the locals, so if you are friendly with them you may get a chance to enjoy its unique taste. It is prepared from radish leaves, cauliflower, which are naturally fermented and then dried in the sun and served as Gundruk. The leaves are mostly sauteed in oil along with vegetables and onions having a strong aroma and flavour.

12. Traditional Bengali Thali

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If you are in Darjeeling then you must taste the specialty of West Bengal i.e. traditional Bengali thali. Authentic traditional Bengali thali is one of those dishes which is served with cooked lentils, prawn or fish curry, aloo bhaja, some mixed vegetables and a sweet dish made of “Mishit Doi” or “Rasgulla”.

Its aroma and unique taste will definitely fascinate you and if you are a foodie then this will be like a cherry on the cake for you. Some of the famous places serving thali in Darjeeling are Mahakal Restaurant near Gandhi Road Traffic Point or Broadway Restaurant near Gandhi Road.

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Now, you know how to treat your taste buds while holidaying in Darjeeling. These street foods in Darjeeling are the best that you can enjoy while exploring the variety of local roadside vendors during your trip. So, make sure you keep these in mind and savor them while visiting the hill station. Now, plan a trip to Darjeeling and taste these delicacies.

Planning a trip to Darjeeling and wondering how the food will taste and taste? This is natural because food is the primary thing that connects us. Actually, every city, every country has its own specialty when it comes to food and when it comes to street food, everyone’s mouth waters just by thinking about it. So, when Darjeeling is one of the beautiful hill stations then why not enjoy some of the amazing street food of Darjeeling.

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FAQs About Street Food In Darjeeling

What is the famous food of Darjeeling?

Darjeeling is a very small but popular place to visit. There is a small population of Naga descent here, which is why you will find few restaurants that serve Naga food. So, you would love to have a Naga thali consisting of rice, dried bamboo or fermented bamboo shoots and then your choice of chicken, pork or fish. You also have good quantity of ghee prepared from milk like butter and pickles.

What is special in Darjeeling?

Darjeeling is known for its tea industry and stunning views of Kangchenjunga, the world’s third highest mountain.

Is alcohol allowed in Darjeeling?

Liquor was banned and since then the liquor shop of the apex court in Darjeeling is running closed. Also, more than 90 percent of liquor vending establishments have been closed and this has affected the liquor business.

What can I buy in Darjeeling?

There are lots of things to buy during this time. You get good deals on hand-woven goods at New Mahakal Market, cheap electronics at Chowk Market, carpets at Tibetan Self-Help Centre, handicrafts and souvenirs at Chorsta, tea at small cafes, woolen clothes at Dragon Market and Rink Mall. ,

Which is the best month to visit Darjeeling?

If you ask what is the best time to visit Darjeeling, it is during the summer months which are from April to June and then there are some specific ideal times to visit this place. You may like this place during the winter months from October to December. Also, some couples like to travel during winter season.

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