Street Food In Turkey: 10 Finger-Licking Delicacies That Pamper Foodies Of All Kinds

Such as its diverse topography and structures and colorful culture and traditions; Turkish cuisine is also vibrant and soul-stirring. If you’re vacationing in this colorful country, don’t miss the diverse and delicious street cuisine it offers. Enjoy the authentic taste and satisfy your taste buds, along with the must-try street food of Turkey and we are sure you will be mesmerized by its taste, cuisine and presentation. Of all the local dishes, this is the top street food in Turkey that no one should miss.

10 Finger-Licking Street Foods in Türkiye

We have compiled a list of the top 10 delicious street foods in Turkey that everyone will love – whether they are young or old, Turkish locals or tourists visiting the country. From Balik Ekmek to signature dishes like Lahmakun, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

1. Balik Ekmek – Türkiye’s typical local dish

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If we talk about street food in Türkiye; The first thing that comes to mind is Balik Ekmek. Locally translated to fish and bread (balik- fish and akmek- bread), it is a typical sandwich, made of a Turkish bun and grilled white fish fillet. Served with mixed vegetables, lettuce and onions; Balik Ekmek tastes tangy and spicy and is a must eat when you are on holiday in Turkey.
Best places to eat Balik Ekmek: Eminonu Square, Bosphorus coast and Derya Balik Ekmek

2. Lahmakun – A Turkish Delight

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Lahamkun means flour in the original language. It is a Turkish pizza, where a round piece of dough is baked and topped with minced meat, minced vegetables and onions, tomatoes. Parsley and a variety of spices like paprika, cinnamon, cumin and cayenne. It is one of the most popular street food options in Istanbul, Turkey. From choosing the type of toppings, to the type of meat, to the spices, you can customize this street food however you want.
Best places to eat lahmacun: Halil Lahmakun, Ortakler and Oz Kilis Kebab

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3. Cagit Helva – A pure delight for kids

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Another traditional Turkish street food is kagit helva. A wafer variety made with caramel, condensed milk, coconut strawberry and chocolate. Available in different flavours; It is one of the top favorites among children. One of the popular ways to have cagit helva in Turkey is to fold the wrap in the middle and insert the ice cream into it.
Best places to eat cagit helva: Senkos, Miskos Halva and Syrinkos

4. Islaak Burger – A delicious dish to make in no time

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Simple but super delicious; Islak Burger is the second name in the list of famous street food of Turkey. Presented as a buttery burger with a juicy meatloaf in the middle with tomato sauce and spices, it’s a quick solution when you’re exploring the city and craving some belly-filling food.

Best places to eat Islak Burger: Taksim Square, Kizilkyar and Islak Hamburger

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5. Durum – For sudden hunger.

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Durum is a traditional Turkish wrap filled with chicken, beef, lamb or vegetables and topped with cheese and seasonings. It is an extremely tasty local döner made of lavash bread, eaten with thin slices of meat and a final dressing of lemon, paprika and Kassar cheese fills the dish with unique flavor and taste.
Best places to eat durum: Bambi and Kizilkaylar

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6. Tantuni – Spicy, spicy and delicious

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A special variety of durum; Tantuni is a tortilla wrap made of meat, tomatoes and spices. Beef is cut julienne style or lamb is fried in cottonseed oil. Originating from the Mersin region, it is one of Turkey’s spiciest street dishes, where the meat is fried and diced tomatoes and green peppers enhance the flavor of the dish.
Best places to eat Tantuni: Karakoy and Suat Usta

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7. Simit – A nutritious meal in Türkiye

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To satisfy the foodie inside you, try simit in Turkey. Popularly known as Turkish bagel, it is a circular bread, made from jaggery and coated with flax seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and sunflower seeds. As a result, the bread tastes soft and crisp. If you are counting the calories of your food then it is naturally very delicious in taste and is one of the most sought after street foods in Turkey.
Best places to eat simit: Limited Inn

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8. Kokorek – Distinctive aroma and taste

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Now, it’s time for the most unique and bizarre food, which is widely available on the streets of Turkey. It is marinated and skewered sheep intestines, wrapped within a bread loaf and cooked with lots of oil and salt. Easy to make, this local dish is a must try for all non-vegetarian food lovers. If you’re shortlisting what to try on the streets of Turkey, Kokorek should be a top priority.
Best places to eat kokorek: Champion, Coral and Emperor

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9. Midye Dolma – Mouth-watering Appetizer

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Half shelled mussels served over spicy rice and garnished with lemon; Mide Dolma is a delicious and hearty local Turkish food that is loved by tourists and locals alike. Available at every street food kiosk in and around Taksim Square, midiye dolma can be eaten anywhere and anytime.
Best places to eat Midye Dolma: Midyesi Ahmet and Champion Kokoreke

10. Kumpir – Super tempting and a must try

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No Turkish street food guide is complete without this fancy dish. Kumpir is basically cooked potatoes, which are known for their variety of flavors and spices. Kumpir Kasar is available with various options of toppings like cheese, sausage, corn, mayonnaise salad, peas and carrots. Savor this super tasty and unique recipe by customizing the toppings and flavor as per your liking.

Best places to eat kumpir: Various street food vendors in Ortaköy

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Every street food in Türkiye is tempting and drool-worthy. Be sure to enjoy all these delicacies when planning your holidays with Turkey Tour Packages with Tour TravelH otels.

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FAQs about street food in Turkey

Is it safe to eat street food in Istanbul?

Yes, it is safe to try street food in Istanbul. Moreover, they are not only safe but also very tasty and prepared in a hygienic manner. In fact, to get the real taste of street food in Istanbul you should try all the delicious things on the street.

What is the best food to eat in Istanbul?

Things you must try in Istanbul are Fried Eggplant with Tomato Sauce, Chilli Tomato Paste, Grilled Eggplant Salad, Grilled Eggplant with Yogurt, Artichoke Mint Yogurt Dip, Pinto Beans etc.

What should be avoided in Istanbul?

Things to avoid in Istanbul are: 1. Don’t go too close to the sights. 2. Do not take the tram when going to Istiklal. 3. Do not shop in Istiklal. 4. Make sure you bargain when shopping in Turkey’s local markets.

What is the famous food of Türkiye?

Turkey is famous for a lot of Turkish dishes but the most famous of them is kebab. It is actually a general name for a non-vegetarian dish that consists of meat that is wrapped around a skewer and cooked over a coal fire. In earlier times, this meat was made from lamb or cow meat, but nowadays it is also made from chicken.

What should I buy in Istanbul?

You can buy many things from Turkey such as Turkish tea, Turkish delight, evil eye, glass lamps, Turkish towels, soaps, coffee pots, carpets and rugs etc.

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