You Ought To Try The lip-Smacking Street Food In Istanbul On Your Next Turkish Vacation

Istanbul is one of the world’s largest cities where Asia meets Europe and Islam meets Christianity. This diversity is also reflected in its street food – amazing, delicious and something for every taste. street food in istanbul The food is like no other country. You will get to taste foods that are unique to Istanbul and reflect Turkish tradition and lifestyle.

Street Food You Must Try in Istanbul

From meat to vegetarian dishes, there is plenty to eat while wandering the streets of Istanbul. Let’s see some of the best istanbul street food,

1. Bagel

This is cool street food from Istanbul. Crisp and ring-shaped, the delicious rolls are covered with sesame seeds before serving. One of the most easily available snacks, you can find it almost everywhere. The bread is extremely soft and crispy as it is freshly cooked and dipped in jaggery. You can also dip it in white cheese before serving. Buy it from the ferries that roam the city along Simit or you can also find them in Mumhane Cad. No.47, Vita Intel at Karakoy Ferry. If you are planning to visit them, make sure you go there in the morning as they sell like hotcakes.

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2. opening up

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If you have a sweet tooth then you must try this in street food istanbul, This sweet bun is soft and it almost looks like a donut, but it’s not. If you wish, you can ask the vendor to serve you peanut butter or Nutella. You are about to taste this street food in Istanbul. You can also have it with a cup of Turkish tea to start your morning. Some vendors also have cheese, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes packed on the side, so you can have them with your sweet dish.

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3. Delhi Cheddar Toast

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If you want something heavy and you like meat, then this Istanbul street food is what you should try. Delhi Kasarli Toast is a grilled sandwich with lots of cheese and beef tongue. This street food in Istanbul is considered under the “drunken food” category in Istanbul and is best for curing last night’s hangover. There are plenty of cafes that sell these and you can have them to fill you up all day long.

4. Fish and Bread

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You can’t miss Balik-Ekmek in Istanbul, especially if you love eating fish. Street food in Istanbul is filled with freshly grilled fish, tomatoes, lettuce and onions. If you are near Eminonu Coast or Karaköy, you can never forget this fish sandwich. Even if you feel like eating your deliciousness while sitting in some restaurants, it is advisable to get it from local vendors and enjoy it while standing on your feet. The delicious sandwich is the second most popular street food in Istanbul.

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5. Lahmakun

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Also known as Turkish pizza, it is one of the most sophisticated foods you will find in Delicious Cuisine street food in istanbul, A thin dough topped with minced meat of your choice, red chillies and onions. After filling with your favorite toppings, the entire pizza is cooked inside the oven for a few minutes and served hot. For further customization, it is also topped with parsley or lemon juice. After preparing it, it is wrapped and then served with a glass of Aryan cold drink. This is one of the best street food in Istanbul, Türkiye. You can find this delicious food anywhere in any neighborhood, but Halil Lahmakun and Borsum Tas Firin, Fistic Kebap in Kadıköy and Arnavutköy are the best street food places in Istanbul respectively.

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6. wrap up

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One of the most delicious inventions of turkey is durum. You can easily find this street food in Istanbul on every street corner as well as in fancy restaurants. Wrap any favorite meat like chicken, beef, vegetables or even cheese. This is one of the most filling meals you can have in Istanbul. If you have missed any meal, you can grab it from the street or from the restaurant and you are good to go.

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7. Tantuni

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This Istanbul street food is very similar to durum, but usually consists of beef stuffed inside a wrap with tomatoes, spices and peppers. The tortilla inside which it is wrapped is very thin and is basically served spicy. But you can find less spicy options. However most people in Turkey believe that you have not tasted the original tantuni unless you have a spicy option and it leaves a burning sensation on your lips.

8. Stuffed Mussels

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A popular street food in Istanbul, midiye dolma is made with orange mussels, herbed rice, pine nuts and currants. You can consider it as breakfast and eat it in the evening when you feel hungry. Half of the mussels’ shells are removed and the other is mixed with spicy rice and lemon juice if you like the taste.

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9. Roasted Chestnuts

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How about roasted walnuts during winter? Even the smell of fresh walnuts roasting during winter will fill you up. This is the best vegetarian street food to eat while sightseeing in Istanbul. You can buy and have these from any vendor on the street. Hot chestnuts are shelled half-open and delivered in a paper bag.

10. Sour

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If you love pickles, you have to try Turusu. This delicacy of the city preserves vegetables and fruits throughout the year. Everything from corn to tomatoes, garlic and even plums can be pickled and eaten. It is pickled with salt, vinegar or brine.

11. Pancake

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These hand-rolled crepes are most delicious when grilled and stuffed inside. The dough is rolled very thin and is filled with white cheese, onion, potatoes, chard and meat. When it is cooked at night, butter is also added to it. You will find this in abundance on the streets of Istanbul.

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Many of these delicious, mouth-watering street foods are oil-free and healthy too. A trip to Turkey would not be complete without enjoying the delicious local street food.

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FAQs About Street Food in Istanbul

Is it safe to eat street food in Istanbul?

Yes, it is safe to eat street food in Istanbul. The food here is really clean. Moreover, street food usually has open kitchens where it is prepared in a very hygienic manner.

What is the best food to eat in Istanbul?

The most famous street foods to try in Istanbul are Chili Tomato Paste (Ezme), Pinto Beans (Barbunya), Grilled Eggplant Salad (Eggplant Salad), Mint Yogurt Dip (Haydari), Fried Eggplant with Tomato Sauce (Şakşuka), Grilled Eggplant with Yogurt (eggplant paste), artichoke (artichoke with olive oil) etc.

What is the national dish of Türkiye?

Kebabs are some of the best dishes you can try in Türkiye. It is a type of dish made of marinated or plain meat that is stewed or grilled. Furthermore, lamb is actually a famous dish in Turkey. In this dish you will get lamb meat which is on a skewer and cooked on coals. This dish is famous all over the world as ‘Sis Kebab’

What is a normal breakfast in Türkiye?

Generally in Turkey, people eat these things for breakfast like butter, olives, cheese, tomatoes, eggs, jam, honey, cucumber, kaymak, pastirma, borek, sukuk pogaca, simit, soup etc. which people enjoy as morning breakfast. Let’s take. turkey.

What is the best time to visit Istanbul?

The most ideal time to visit Istanbul would be from the months of March to May. Moreover, another good time to visit Istanbul is from the month of September to November, this is the time when the place is not much crowded. Room rent is also not high and the weather is bearable.

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