Sri Lanka In August: A Guide To Treat Yourself With The Magic Of Monsoon!

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, this beautiful island nation is worth all travelers’ time, money and effort. And for those looking forward to a monsoon break, a trip Sri Lanka in August Would be a perfect choice. Sri Lanka has a tropical climate throughout the year and the month of August is no exception. With abundant landscapes and beautiful beaches from the West Coast to the East End, here’s a step-by-step guide to enjoying the best experiences. Sri Lanka in August

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Weather in Sri Lanka during August

Being surrounded by water bodies on all sides, Sri Lanka has a tropical climate throughout the year. However, its proximity to the equator keeps temperatures nearly constant on an annual basis. However, December to March is the best time to visit the west coast while April to September is the best time to visit the east coast. But the country comes alive in August. You can enjoy the best beaches, city life and nightlife. So, plan your next trip accordingly.

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Places to visit in Sri Lanka in August

here are the best Places to visit in Sri Lanka in August If you are planning to spend a holiday in a tropical island then you should not miss this at all.

1. Trincomalee Beach

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Located on the far east coast, you can enjoy the secluded beaches of Trincomalee during the summer monsoon. Soft sand, palm trees and clear water are the major attractions of this beach for all types of travelers. This beach is one of the Top 5 Places to Visit in Sri Lanka in August Since the arrival of monsoon makes it more beautiful to watch. The best beaches of Sri Lanka are found here in August.

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2. Nuwara Eliza, Ella

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It will be an unforgettable journey as you take a train ride through the luscious lush green countryside of Nuwara Eliya. it is Best places to visit in Sri Lanka in August Which you should not miss. Stay amidst the greenery of Ella to enjoy this paradise at its best, without giving a second thought to the Sri Lankan weather. Walk through tea plantations, walk across railway bridges and visit remote villages to experience the authentic feel of Nuwara Eliya, which is one of these. Top 10 places to visit in Sri Lanka.

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3. Cultural Triangle

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in search of Historical places in Sri Lanka- Then the hill capital Kandy, the Sinhalese capital Anuradhapura and the medieval capital Polonnaruwa must be on your itinerary during monsoon. most amazing Places to visit in Sri Lanka There are the rock fortress of Sigiriya, the cave monastery of Dambulla and the Buddhist center of Mihintale. With such spectacular ruins and religious monuments on your list, you will definitely enjoy Sri Lanka weather in August.

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4. Galle

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This 16th century Portuguese colony is a reminder of bygone times. It is mandatory to visit several important sightseeing places like Galle Fort, Galle Lighthouse and Unawatuna Beach. The remarkable Dutch sea fort has many museums, shops and cafes for all travelers during August. The presence of beautiful churches also makes Galle one of the Top 5 places to visit in Sri Lanka in August.

5. Arugam Bay

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Arugam Bay is located on the south-east corner of this island nation where surf tourism is considered to be at its peak. Since monsoon affects this part of the country more, Arugam is one of the Top 5 places to visit in Sri Lanka in August. The local people are friendly and quite laid-back, which makes your visit to this part of the country worthwhile. If surfing isn’t your thing, relaxing in a hammock with a book in hand can also be quite a treat on your next trip. Sri Lanka in August

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Things to do in Sri Lanka in August

Here is a list of the best things to do in Sri Lanka during August for an enjoyable holiday.

1. Exploring Kandy Perahera

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In the lakeside town in Sri Lanka, the most spectacular festival takes place where the sacred relic of Buddha’s tooth is paraded through the streets for at least 10 days. Many dancers as well as the iconic elephants take part in this unique parade that you should not miss. This city built around Kandy Lake is one of the Top 5 places to visit in Sri Lanka in August.

2. Try some homemade tea

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If you are a tea lover, visiting tea gardens would be one of the best Things to do in Sri Lanka. You will experience many types of adventures in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka. The famous Haputale Mountains are where Sir Thomas Lipton started his tea expedition, and such beauty can be seen there Sri Lanka weather in August It’s definitely a unique experience!

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3. Local Sightseeing in Colombo

The commercial capital is a must visit as there are so many Things to do in Sri Lanka in August. Enjoy colonial British-era structures as well as vintage antique shops and eateries throughout the city. To enjoy a local experience, visit the open market in Pettah and spend some time at Beira Lake which is known for its beautiful islands and lakeside paths.

4. Interact with elephants

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One of the most unique sights you will see is the gathering of elephants at Minneriya, which takes place in August. It is a rare sight to see as herds of elephants gather at this place, and it is an incredible event that you must include in your itinerary Sri Lanka in August Enjoy the sights in Sri Lanka in August.

Festivals in Sri Lanka in August

Learning about the culture is one of the best things when you visit a destination and what could be better than experiencing and being a part of some of the festivals of the country in August. If you are planning a trip to the island in August there is a festival you can be a part of.

Nallur Festival

The 25-day Nallur Festival celebrated in the honor of Lord Murugan is another affair that is all about glory and grandeur. There are different festivals for different days and devotees from all over the place come to Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil for the celebrations. The chariot (Nallur) of a shining deity seated on a silver throne is taken around the city on the last day of the festival.

Dates: 5 August-1 September
Where: Jaffa

Seasonal dishes in Sri Lanka in August

If you are visiting a place in a particular month then naturally there will be things that are available at that time. These seasonal dishes or rather fruits are some of them.

1. Try Mangosteen

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Mangosteen, called the queen of fruits, is a fruit whose taste is sweet and sour and it is very juicy. The evergreen tree ‘Kaluthara’ known for its excellent nutritional value bears this fruit. Very juicy and rich in vitamins B and C, calcium and even carbohydrates you must try mangosteen in Sri Lanka.

2. Taste Rambutan

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Sri Lankans proudly call it the sexiest fruit ever and if you see it you won’t even call it a joke. Somewhat similar to strawberries, rambutans grow in Colombo and Gampaha. Another place famous for rambutan gardens is the ‘Kelani’ river valley. July to August is the best season to taste this fruit as the outer covering of hair develops around the surface and it looks very beautiful.

Traveling in Sri Lanka in August

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Sri Lanka is undoubtedly the best example of so much to offer in such a small space. With no dearth of breathtaking landscapes and beautiful views, Sri Lanka also offers great connectivity and traveling in Sri Lanka is very convenient. This way.

By car: The most comfortable and convenient way to travel and explore Sri Lanka is to rent a car with driver. Drivers often have great knowledge about local tourist spots and things you can do at various sites.

by train: Traveling around Sri Lanka by train is another way you can choose. The natural beauty and especially the routes from Kandy to Ella and Nuwara Eliya to Colombo and many other routes are worth it.

Bike: Cycling like the locals is a great experience and the good news is that you can do it at your convenience in Sri Lanka. You can rent simple mountain bikes which you can easily find at guesthouses. These places also rent bikes to non-guests.

by bus: The length of roads in Sri Lanka is 90,000 kilometers. Buses cover about 80% of these and traveling around Sri Lanka by bus is the most economical and viable option. You can choose between central transport buses and private buses.

By Tuk Tuk: If you want to feel how a local feels in Sri Lanka then exploring the island on a tuk-tuk is what you should do. You can use your bargaining skills to get the driver to agree to a fare that is best for both parties.

Tips for traveling to Sri Lanka in August

  • Always start early to avoid the scorching heat and hustle and bustle of the crowd
  • Many sites are open every day from 6am to 7pm
  • Be prepared to shower at any time of the year, carry an umbrella and wear light clothes.
  • It is advisable to wear appropriate clothing before visiting places of worship.
  • Don’t miss the local food, handmade clothes etc.

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Even though Sri Lanka is a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it has a vast area that is still undiscovered by travelers. Many forests and natural landscapes are still waiting to be explored Sri Lanka in August Let that monsoon adventure begin as soon as you’re ready for something amazing Trip to Sri Lanka!

FAQs about Sri Lanka in Monsoon

What is the weather like in Sri Lanka in August?

The weather in August is dry and there may be some rainfall towards the end of the month.

What is the best time of year to visit Sri Lanka?

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is from December to March.

When is the rainy season in Sri Lanka?

The rainy season in Sri Lanka is from May to September.

Where are the best beaches in Sri Lanka?

The best beaches are in Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa.

Can you drink alcohol in Sri Lanka?

Yes, you can drink alcohol in Sri Lanka. In fact, try Lion Beer which is a famous beer brew in the tropical country.

Can I take Indian rupees to Sri Lanka?

Of course you can carry Indian Rupees to Sri Lanka. However, you will not be able to use it as it only accepts Sri Lankan currency which is the Sri Lankan Rupee.

Is Sri Lanka cheaper than India?

No, Sri Lanka is 2.2 times more expensive than India.

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