Split Nightlife: Get Groovy As The Lights Go Down!

Split is a Croatian city located on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is the largest city in Dalmatia and attracts tourists from all over the world. The city and its features blend the best of both the modern and traditional worlds. Beaches, wine, World Heritage sites, welcome you to experience the nightlife of this exciting and dynamic city in Croatia.

Enjoy Split’s nightlife in these clubs and pubs

So just for you, we have created a list of 10 hotspots for a holiday in this city that covers all your preferences. Here are the Split Nightlife reviews, read on.

1. St. Riva Bar

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This place in the Rewa area of ​​the city will provide options for every taste. Be it just a good cup of coffee or a bottle of wine or watching your favorite sports match live, you can find every action happening here. On summer nights, visiting this place is a pleasant experience. It also serves an excellent cocktail. So, when you are in Croatia, this bar is a starter for your nightlife menu. If you’re still wondering, this is where to stay in Split for nightlife.

Place: Obala Hrvatski Narodnog Priporoda 1, 21000, Split, Croatia, Split, Croatia
contact: +385 21 343 79

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2. Pub Crawl

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It is situated in the central part of Rewa. It gives the best experience to enjoy your nightlife. In this one gets to meet new people and tourists from all over the world. They get you cheap rinks and cocktails and they have a section of their bar that gives you 100 minutes of accommodation for drinks, cocktails and shots. Still wondering where to go in Split?

Place: Peristyle. 2, 21000, Split, Croatia

3. Control Club

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It has been only 7 years since this club opened, but it is still attracting a large number of customers. It has everything that a traveler or any tourist wants instantly. Delicious snacks, cocktails and beautiful and iconic views of the Adriatic Sea are simply mesmerizing. Therefore, one must go here at least to see beautiful views.

Place: Gait s.v. Duje Bibi, 21000, Split, Croatia
contact: +385 21 338 555

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4. Hemingway Bar

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Nightlife lovers must visit this place. It offers you great cocktails and great beers to drink. The most special thing about this club and bar is its own swimming pool. You can swim on a hot summer day and get yourself a mix of drinks, i.e. a cool cocktail. The next interesting thing is that you can dance till you get tired in the discotheque of this place. So whatever you think of to spend the evening beautifully and in a happy mood comes instantly here.

Place: ul. Mediteraneski Igare 5, 21000, Split, Croatia
contact: +385 21 384 339

5. Hedonistic Bar

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When you’re divided, this is a place, Croatia. Along with the sophisticated, stylish and modest look of the café from outside, it looks cool and quaint from inside. This ultra-stylish bar is a sister concern of Egoistic Bar which is located nearby. The delicious food, drinks and views will bring you peace from the bottom of your heart.

Place: Place Firula 57, 21000, Split, Croatia

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6. Club Quasimodo

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Once your busy day is over it is an interesting place where you can relax and visit. Even if you are a tourist, this destination will take you to one of the best nightlife spots in the city. With innovative and interesting events like Quizzes, Spoken Word Evening in the pub, energetic music by great DJs will get you excited.

7. Tropic Club Ecuador

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This is a unique club on Bequis Beach. So you can spend your night under the stars and with the cool sea breeze. This is the most amazing experience of nightlife in Split, especially Split nightlife in September. Regardless, you can expect to see the waves from the first floor of this club overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It gives you a spectacular view of the sea water. You can dance your heart out to the amazing music offered by the DJ here.

Place: Bakvice Beach, 21000, Split, Croatia
contact: +385 99 203 9222
opening time: 2 am to 5 am

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8. Vanilla

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This is a pre-club bar that will definitely impress with its classic drinks and cocktails. It is located near Hemingway Bar. The main attraction of this place is their service style. They provide you with drinks along with umbrellas. It is a big area so crowding will not be possible and you will get your place. Also, the large outdoor terrace it has is really refreshing.

Place: Poljudsko setaliste BB, Split, Croatia
contact: +385 99 831 3050

9. Jungle Bar

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It is a terrace bar, which means breathtaking views and a relaxing atmosphere. It is also known as Hula-Hula. It is located near Zvoknak beach and offers a relaxing atmosphere. Once the sun sets, the night progresses, the DJs make you dance with their great taste and understanding for the music lovers out there. This is a place where you can live with your family also.

Place: Sustipanski put 5, 21000, Split, Croatia

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10. Club Dice

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It has everything that comes to one’s mind when imagining a café and bar. The stylish and well-thought-out interiors are very nice and picturesque. It is more or less a performance area for music lovers, where DJs provide you mind-blowing music with all the variety you need. Live bands and cheap beer are another special feature for which youth and tourists in general come here.

Place: Slobod St. 28, 21000, Split, Croatia

So it was all for a happening city like Split, where every café, club or bar offers you beautiful panoramic views of the great Adriatic sea. So once it gets dark, the young, lively and attractive crowd will gather in good clubs and bars to party all night long. Book a Europe holiday with Tour TravelH otels today and join the club!

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