Spanish Phrases And Their Meanings That Will Ease Your Steps In The Land Of Spaniards!

It goes without saying that Spain is known throughout the world for its amazing tourist attractions. But, what often makes traveling without a guide difficult is understanding the language. Sign language and actions will help you understand a lot. Many people know English but not every single person does, especially locals who have been completely exposed to Spain since childhood. If you’re visiting Spain, it’s the best tip to make sure you’re familiar with at least some of the common phrases that travelers use there.

If you want a complete guide with useful and advanced travel phrases for travelWe are going to guide you through the same.

start with the basics

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Before you move on to learning the basics of a language, it is important to make sure that you know the general and easy way to learn a language first. Most people suggest that the best way to learn a language is to see it in action.
Although it is not a bad option to learn it in theory, it is difficult to master its pronunciation. Try and watch more videos and tutorials that teach you the basics Useful Spanish phrases for conversation, This will help you not only learn and remember the phrase but also understand the pronunciation that comes with it.

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Let’s start with a greeting

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Before adding Spanish travel phrases to your cheat sheet, it’s important that you start with the basics. Greetings are very important to Spanish people. It is very important to make sure you learn basic greetings before anything else.

Some Spanish phrases for holidays when it comes to greetings include:

1. Good morning – Good morning

How to pronounce: Bave nos de ahs

2. Good afternoon – Good afternoon

How to pronounce: bwe nahs tar days

3. Good evening – Good evening

How to pronounce: bwe nahs noh chass

4.Hello – Hello

How to pronounce: oh lah

5.How are you? – How are you?

How to pronounce: sah moh s tah

6.Well, thank you – Well, thank you

How to pronounce: b ayn, grah si ahs

7.please – please

How to pronounce: Por Fah Voh

8.Nice to meet you – I liked it very much

How to Pronounce: Moo Cho Gus So

9.Do you speak English? – speak english

How to pronounce: Ahbla a glaze?

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basic daily use phrases

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Now with the basic greetings out of the way, the next thing to learn are basic words that will introduce you to everyday life in Spain. The list of words may not necessarily be very long, but they are just as important as the greetings you often come across.
some of the everyday spanish phrases pdf include:

10.I want – I want

How to Pronounce: Yoh Ki Ayer O

11.I don’t want – I don’t want

How to pronounce: Yoh Noh Ki Ayer Oh

12.I would like – I would like

How to pronounce: me gu stah ri ah

13.Where is – Where is?

How to pronounce: Tapping Des Tah

14.How much does it cost – How much does it cost?

How to pronounce: cwahn toh cways tah

15.What time is it? – What time is it?

How to pronounce: cwahn toh cways tah

16.I understand – I understand

How to pronounce: yoh ain t ain doh

17.I don’t understand – I don’t understand

How to pronounce: yoh noh ain t ain doh

18.Do you understand? – funeral?

How to pronounce: an t an de

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How to ask for directions?

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When it comes to asking for directions, the possibilities are confusing. You’ll need at least a few simple phrases to get your point across.
Some Spanish direction phrases include:

19.Where is the bus/train station? – Where is the railway station?

How to pronounce: Dohn des tah la es ta si ohn de fe ro kahr riel

20.Where is the restaurant? – Where is the restaurant?

How to pronounce: harness day i wool rays tore rahn tay

21.Road…? – road … ?

How to pronounce: lah kah yay

22.Where is the toilet? – where is toilet?

How to Pronounce: Dohn Dez Tah El Ban Yoh

23.I want a hotel – I want a hotel

How to pronounce: yoh nay se si toh wool oh tayl – money

How to pronounce: de nair oh

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Spanish phrases to use in a restaurant

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The next thing on our list of printable basic Spanish phrases includes easy to get to and go phrases that can get you a delicious meal there.

25.A table for two – A table for two

How to pronounce: Una me sah pah rah dohss

26.A Menu – A Menu

How to pronounce: um me nu

27.With ketchup, mustard, tomato, salad – With ketchup, mustard, tomato, salad

How to pronounce: kohn sahal sah din to mah tay, mohs tah sah, to mah tay, le chhu gah

28.A drink – a drink

How to pronounce: una bay bee dah – beer

How to pronounce: सायर वैसः

30.Calling a waiter or waitress – Sir or Miss

How to pronounce: Say Nyor, Say Nyor Ita

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The Easiest Ways to Learn Spanish Phrases

When it comes to learning Spanish phrases, the learning process is actually quite simple but requires efforts when it comes to learning. There are actually some easy ways that one can proceed with this and some of the easy ways to proceed with this include:

1. Watch the video

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The first thing is to make sure to learn Spanish phrases for travelers Want to watch the video. Theoretical study of language will not correct your pronunciation. To learn best, it is important that you either watch videos and tutorials. Get good teachers online to help you with the process and get you a good pronunciation.

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2. Read through the handbook

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Another easy way to proceed in the learning process is to study the handbook. It helps to get better idea about the word by most used phrases. It is quite helpful and will guide you about the phrases commonly used by the locals and people around.

3. Talk to some locals

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If you want some practical experience in learning, talk to a local who knows English well. They will be able to guide you better during the process and you can even learn the pronunciation from them.

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When it comes to learning Spanish travel phrases, the options can be confusing but it’s quite easy when you have the right resources. Make sure that not only the words are correct but also the pronunciation is correct, because there are chances that you may say something offensive if you don’t say it right. At all times, use the best phrases and find yourself roaming the streets like a local. So, plan a trip to Spain and go crazy!

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