Explore The Wilder Side Of South Africa By Visiting These 10 National Parks

Living in natural surroundings is indeed a fascinating and wonderful experience. Visiting a place where natural beauty and a huge diversity of wildlife is in abundance. so South African National Park Has become one of the most sought after tourist hot-spots. It becomes even more amazing when you go with your family. There will be moments of adventure, fun and laughter along with memories for years to come.

10 South African National Parks You Must Visit

South Africa has every element of natural beauty, be it wildlife, mountains, rivers or forests. The untouched and raw aspect of South African forests can be experienced by visiting its national parks. Here is a list of 10 national parks that you must visit on your trip to South Africa.

1. Edo Elephant National Park

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It is a dedicated place for the conservation of elephants. It is the third largest national park in South Africa. It is located near Port Elizabeth in South Africa. They are now also a wildlife conservation center for other animals like the flightless dung beetle, black rhinoceros etc. They also decorate many interesting living spaces. So one can enjoy the natural setting and then sit comfortably in the guest cottage.

Place: R335 Paterson Road, Addo, 6105, South Africa
contact: +27 42 233 8600

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2. Namaqua National Park

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It is located near the city of Kamieskroon and 495 km north of Cape Town via the N7 highway. It is the fifth largest national park in the country. The climate is mostly hot and dry, with little rainfall and cold winters. The temperature range is 7 to 32 degrees Celsius. Due to more rainfall than the western part, animals move towards the eastern part for relief.

contact: +27 27 672 1948

3. Kruger National Park

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It is one of the most attractive and charming national parks. The amazing safari tours you can take here with your loved ones will definitely create memories. The availability of many national parks further adds to your entertainment. Also the number of accommodation areas available is comfortable and highly comfortable. Private games also have an attractive feature. You can reach here from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban via its international airport.

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4. Garden Route National Park

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It is located in the Knysna region of South Africa. The journey to this park takes just an hour or less. It has been established by SANParks. It includes the Forest and Tzadikim National Park. The area is a biodiversity conservation hotspot for animal species. The reviews for this park are very good.

Place: Dumbleton Cres, Wilderness, 6560, South Africa
contact: +27 44 877 0046

5. Mountain Zebra National Park

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It is one of the protected areas since the year 1933. Also, the beautiful picturesque views here will mesmerize you. Will feel like coming to this place again and again. The camping sites available here are amazing. This leads to a variety of comfortable accommodation options and elaborate safari tours that won’t let you go.

Place: R51, Cradock, 5880, South Africa

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6. Pilanesberg National Park

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It is one of the national parks located near the Johannesburg area. It takes about 2 hours to reach this national park from there. It is said to be one of the largest sports stores in the country. Accommodation and safari options abound to explore and relax. They ensure your comfortable stay after an exciting day long trip in search of animal and bird species.

Place: Bojanala, North West, South Africa
contact: +27 14 555 1600

7. Kgalagadi National Park

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It is a combination of two nearby national parks. One of these is Kalahari Gemsbok National Park while the other is Gemsbok National Park. Steps have been taken to ensure that the shape of the desert remains intact and does not expand. Besides, the habitual species of that area were also protected. This national park is located at the tri-junction of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Animals can access any area with respect to open boundaries. Traveling will give you a unique experience.

Place: R360, Upington, 8800, South Africa
contact: +27 54 561 2000

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8. Bontebok National Park

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It is located in the Swellendam region of the Western Cape in South Africa. It was built in the year 1931 in an effort to save and preserve the animal species of that area. Apart from the existing animals, it also harbors attractive plant species. There are plenty of activities available in the park to enhance your entertainment. And the accommodation options are also good. This will let you have fun while trying to see the animals of your choice.

Place: Swellendam, 6740, South Africa
contact: +27 28 514 2735

9. Golden Gate Highlands National Park

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It was established in the year 1963 and is located near the Lesotho border. The population of animal species has also increased significantly. Initially only the mountain reedbuck took refuge here, but now species like eland, springbok and red hartebeest have developed in large numbers. The headquarters of this national park is located in Bethlehem. The interesting patterns of the rocks and the varieties of plants available there are the main attractions of this place.

Place: Clarence, 9707, South Africa
contact: +27 58 255 1000

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10. Augrabies Falls National Park

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It is a national park located near Augrabies Falls. These falls are on the Orange River. Beautiful waterfalls which look very beautiful when seen from a distance. Giraffes, monkeys, rodents and plant species can be easily seen in abundance. If you are lucky, some other species like jackal, wild fox and African wild cat can also be seen. These national parks are a must-see because of their completely different setting from a traditional national park. One tip could be to carry plenty of water with you due to the climate and weather of the place. The rawness, peace and forest all around will take you to a different atmosphere.

Place: Augrabies, 8874, South Africa
contact: +27 54 452 9205

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A visit to these South African national parks on your next holiday should be worth the price. This could be an adventurous journey of your life. The thrill of suddenly encountering a wild animal standing just a few meters away is going to be an unforgettable experience. So, plan a trip to South Africa now and make some of the most wonderful memories.

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