Some Additional Features And Perks You Have To Look For In A 5-Star Hotel

Not all hotels are created equal. They are classified through a star rating. And more often than not, the more stars a hotel has (or pretend it has), you should expect impeccable services from all the staff, complete and only the best features and essential elements of the room or suite and top-notch services.

But besides having only the most spacious rooms and suites, luxurious and comfortable beds and furniture, and fantastic bathrooms, there are other things that 5-star hotels should offer or provide that should stand out from other hotels with lower ratings. Here are some of the important features and benefits you should look for in a 5-star hotel:

The staff offers more personalized services. It is certainly nice to be greeted “Good morning, lady” or “Good morning, sir” whenever a hotel employee sees you or when talking to the receptionist. But having the hotel staff greet you with your name or the right title with your surname would be more pleasant to listen to, especially if you are warmly and sincerely welcomed. This means that even though there are hundreds of guests in the hotel, they have taken the time to at least get to know your name and go beyond the usual hotel staff and guest relationship.

Better bedding. The best 5-star hotels have become more modern and now have memory foam on their bed. This type of foam offers better back support and they are really comfortable. In addition, a 5-star hotel should have large pillow and linen covers that are elegant and have a high number of threads. It would also be nice if you can get extra pillows quickly and easily, if you need or want them.

First-rate bath products. Your bathroom will certainly be more pleasant, luxurious and longer if the shampoos, bath soap and other toiletries in the bathroom are to your liking. An authentic 5-star hotel should therefore carry well-known and best toiletries brands that all guests would like to use.

Excellent quality of food and drink. Finally, if you like to receive room service or eat and drink in the hotel restaurants and bars, make sure you are not disappointed with the hotel’s services and offerings. A rich breakfast buffet is certainly ideal, but you must also look at the quality of each food. For example, there should be freshly squeezed orange juice and a large selection of other organic and healthy drinks. Desserts and bread must always be fresh and preferably cooked on site.

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Source by Rick O Harrison

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