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I had heard of the BODUM brand, of course, but in large part because I had lived in Europe for so long and its headquarters are in Switzerland. You would see their products all over the continent, including in specialty stores, at least when I lived there. And of course after London stole my heart I became a tea lover and never looked back.

Even if you haven’t spent a lot of time in Europe, you’ve probably run into them. Since 1974, BODUM has produced more than 100 million French coffee presses and 30 million teapots, and their products are sold in 55 countries; with 20 BODUM stores around the world.

Solo or for a Crowd

The Chambord teapot – our first choice for an elegant design

Personally, I’m always on the lookout for new brands that make unique kettles and tea pots – the same goes for coffee. I also love to taste new creative tea blends despite sticking to the old but goodies: the Earl Gray epic and the ever so smoky but charming Lapsang Souchong. The latter is an acquired taste but I drank it (loose sheets and bags) from university.

We took a look at the Capresso brand last year – their coffeemakers tend to be a bit more conventional. And, the fall before the arrival of Covid, we were fortunate enough to participate in a very traditional Japanese tea ceremony south of Tokyo at the Zen 2.0 conference in Kamakura along the coast. What an incredible experience we had with nationally renowned Mushakouji-senke tea master Kyoko “Myokyo” Denda. She explained how one takes matcha tea in order to understand the essence of nature and to be present, in order to awaken consciousness at higher levels. Matcha tea of ​​course has a number of health benefits.

Between my years of living in England and South Africa, it’s hard to turn my back on a good cup of tea – in fact, you find it to be so integral to your life that it even brightens the days. more stressful.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to review a few BODUM products this spring. As an innovation visionary for over 70 years, we love their unique designs. The product line ranges from coffee, tea and glassware to electrical appliances and kitchen gadgets.

What initially drew us deeper into their website was their black long stem electric tea kettle which we hope to review this summer as they were out of stock when we inquired this spring. Until then they have sent us the non-electric version which is on your stove. Beautiful and elegant, right?

Solo or for a Crowd

Their long-stemmed tea kettle – this one sits on the stove.

The nice thing about this piece is that it’s small, so it’s perfect for this solo tea although you can get a few cups of it. Due to its size, it also does not take up much space on your stove and looks “very stylish.”

Solo or for a Crowd

We are going through a copper phase although we have always been passionate about copper pots and pans. While the gem below isn’t the best choice for parties or large gatherings, it’s perfect for hosting a table of four or six. And, I would add that it is a piece of spectacle. The copper colored tray stands out and you can use it for both loose tea and tea bags depending on your mood.

Solo or for a Crowd

The Chambord does indeed shine, isn’t it?

You see, BODUM is all about sleek design with a creative twist and yet their prices don’t break the bank, which also makes them a great gift choice, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or even as a gift. of marriage.

Solo or for a Crowd

“Good design doesn’t have to be expensive”, Peter Bodum

As we mentioned, you can just use it with traditional tea bags, but thanks to the included infuser, why not use better quality tea leaves and have a real tea drinking experience? Whether you want to use it for entertainment or just for a soothing brew before bed, Chambord is a great choice.

They use heat resistant borosilicate glass as well as a BPA free plastic filter. The Chambord teapot is enclosed in a sleek stainless steel frame with an ergonomic plastic handle for easy pouring, so if you’ve never had a tea ritual before, maybe it’s time to start?

Solo or for a Crowd

Borosilicate glass for better taste

Technicians and tea enthusiasts will love the use of heat resistant borosilicate glass because it is designed not to alter or alter the taste of your brew. At 44 ounces, there’s enough to serve you and your family or friends visiting for dinner. It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe, which is definitely not the case with all of my teapots and kettles.

It’s all in the details

First, add your favorite tea leaves to the filter. Their recommendation is 2-3 teaspoons of black tea or 3 teaspoons of herbal tea for every quart of water, but after making a few jars you can adjust the amount to suit your own preferences. When pouring boiling water, make sure the water stays below the MAX level mark.

They recommend steeping the tea for 3 to 5 minutes for black tea or 5 to 10 minutes for herbal teas and fruit teas. Again, you can adjust it as you like. When it’s done, simply remove the lid and remove the filter before serving. YUM!

While we haven’t reviewed the ASSAM tea pot, I wanted to mention it mainly because you can get lids in different colors – green, blue, yellow, lavender, black, and others. If fun is what you are looking for, BODUM is also here for you.

Solo or for a Crowd

BODUM creative ASSAM teapot

They also offer the ASSAM gooseneck teapot (and stainless steel colander) with a nice bamboo handle.

Solo or for a Crowd

ASSAM with a bamboo handle

We’ve had a great experience so far and can’t wait to review their stylish black electric tea kettle – after all, if you’re a European reader or avid traveler who’s always on the go it’s great to have, too. a fast, electric option is the way to go.

Two thumbs up! Visit their website for more information on their offerings which in addition to tea kettles and pots and coffeemaker options, there are also travel press mugs.

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