6 Easy Tips To Travel To Singapore On Budget

Singapore is a colourful, vibrant and buzzing destination and belongs on everyone’s bucket list. From romantic honeymoons, fun family vacations to exciting solo trips; Singapore is perfect and flawless. From tourists with expensive holiday packages to budget travelers – Singapore never disappoints anyone. So, if you have limited travel funds and want to see Singapore in the best possible way, here are some of the best and most interesting tips to travel Singapore on a budget.

Top Travel Tips for a Budget Trip to Singapore

We’ve put together a list of the best money-saving travel tips when you decide to visit Singapore. Read on to learn how to make your trip last longer and save money while backpacking with our travel hacks:

  • Accommodation – Choose affordable places like hostels
  • EZ Link Card – Travel hassle free
  • Water – Drink tap water if necessary
  • food hall – dine in common courts
  • free stuff – Enjoy experiences that don’t cost a thing
  • local street market – Pamper the shopaholic inside you

1. Accommodation – Choose affordable places like hostels

economic hostel

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When you are planning a budget trip to Singapore from India, book economical and budget hostels in Singapore instead of posh resorts and hotels. There are many hostels in Singapore, which offer comfortable stay and excellent facilities to make a perfect holiday. From free WiFi, free breakfast, reading room to travel assistance and foreign exchange; Singapore hostels have it all. You can consider Bunk Hostel, Fisher BnB, Footprints Hostel and Spacepod, check their tariffs, facilities and book as per your choice. Budget accommodation is easily available in Singapore.

2. EZ Link Card – Hassle Free Travel

Singapore Transport Card

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Intra-city travel in Singapore is expensive because you don’t buy an EZ Link card. It is Singapore’s transport card, valid on all public transport including LRT, MRT and buses. It offers discounted travel fares, free rides and the best part is that you pay for the exact distance travelled, and not a flat rate. If you want to travel to Singapore on a budget, this is probably the best way to do so.

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3. Water – Drink tap water when necessary

pure tap water

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Interestingly, unlike other south-eastern countries, tap water in Singapore is pure, safe and of course free. Don’t spend money buying bottled water when you’re on the road or in a hotel. Simply manage an empty bottle and refill it every time. This is one of the best tips for budget travelers as it can help you save a lot of money during your vacation. And even though it seems like a small thing, trust us, a little tip like this can really help you figure it out. visit singapore on a budget,

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4. Food Hall – Dine in the common court

food hall

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Singapore is a food lovers paradise. From incredible world cuisine to authentic local food; has it all. If you are traveling to Singapore on a budget and want to taste delicious food; Check out the attractive food halls and hawker street stalls. From spicy appetizers, spicy dishes to desserts; Everything is available here. So, skip the fine dining places and try these buzzing food courts, where you can delight and pamper your taste buds at the most affordable prices.

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5. Freebies – Enjoy experiences that don’t cost you anything

Free Things to Do in Singapore

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Singapore offers plenty of free things to do and see while on vacation in this busy destination. Enjoying the open-air movie Mob, MacRitchie Treetop Walk, trekking the rolling southern peaks and flying kites around the Marina Barrage are some of the free but extremely fascinating things to do in Singapore. But if you’re really on a budget in Singapore, don’t forget to visit the Free Market. Although it seems unbelievable, you can get anything from the market at no cost. However, repay the kindness with your free merchandise to sell.

6. Local Street Market – Pamper the shopaholic inside you

Singapore local markets

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You cannot skip shopping in Singapore, even if travel budget is a constraint. So, the best way is to explore the local street markets and get the best products at extremely cheap prices. Budget shopping in Singapore is your best option to save money while shopping. Explore Chinatown Street Market, Bugis Market, So Galem Market and Little Indian Arcade to choose the best goods at the most reasonable prices. From trendy dresses, handbags, accessories, shoes and unique souvenirs; You get everything in these local markets in Singapore.

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Do you know how to travel to Singapore on a budget? These are very useful tips, so next time you plan your Singapore vacation with Tour TravelH otels, try implementing some of these tips. We are sure these will help you plan a hassle-free and affordable trip.

FAQs about Singapore on Budget Travel

Is Singapore expensive for tourists?

Although Singapore comes across as an expensive holiday destination, it is actually not so if you plan by following some tips. Little things like booking your flight tickets and hotels at the right time, filling your water bottles, traveling via public transport and much more can help you explore the Merlion land on a budget.

Which is the most beautiful place in Singapore?

Singapore has not just one but many beautiful places like Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island, Cloud Forest and many more.

What is famous to buy in Singapore?

Chocolates, a small miniature of the Merlion, watches, trendy clothes and stationery are some of the famous things to buy in Singapore.

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