Similajau National Park: Discover The Beauty & Thrill Of This Coastal Wonderland In Malaysia

Similajau National Park is a unique but extremely beautiful place in Malaysia. Located near the South China Sea in the Bintulu Division of Sarawak, the true beauty of Similajau National Park lies in its sun-kissed beaches, lush rainforests, coastal vegetation of casuarina and coconut plantations, creeks, riverside walks and camping grounds. And is reflected through the amazing wildlife. With all this, this national park has been a wonderland and center of interest for wildlife and nature lovers around the world.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to see and do when you visit this coastal gem of Malaysia.

How to reach Similajau National Park

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The nearest town to Similajau National Park is Bintulu, located 30 kilometers away. The best and optimal way to reach this park from Bintulu is to hire a private taxi. It is essential to book a cab even for the return journey, as there is no public bus service and it is almost impossible to get a cab to return to Bintulu. But if budget is not a constraint and you want to enjoy an exotic trip, book a private speed boat from Bintulu jetty and sail through the South China Sea to reach the shores of Similajau National Park. It is expensive and time consuming but worth the trip.

opening time: 8 am to 5 pm
Similajau National Park Entry Fee: INR 174/person

Best time to visit Similajau National Park

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If you are confused about what is the best time to visit Similajau National Park, rest assured that you are planning between February to October. This is the dry season when sea conditions are calm with moderate wind speeds; This makes it ideal for cruising, hiking and wildlife viewing.

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Similajau National Park Accommodation

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Both individual bungalow and hostel accommodation are available within the national park. For reservations one must contact the National Park Booking Office in Miri. But if you want to stay in Bintulu, there are many options like Vivo Hotel, Parkcity Everly Hotel and New World Suites.

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Biodiversity in Similajau National Park

Similajau National Park; incredible flora

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Similajau National Park in Malaysia has a huge diversity of flora. Mainly three types of trees are found here, coastal vegetation, tropical moist forest and mixed type. The trees commonly seen here are kerangas, tongkat ali and bintangor, but large expanses of coconut and casuarina plantations are seen bordering the beaches.

Similajau National Park: fantastic creatures

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Similajau National Park is home to more than 24 species of mammals such as pigs, gibbons, long-tailed macaques and banded langurs. It also hosts 185 species of birds including sea eagle, storm stork. And hornbills. Additionally, one can spot saltwater crocodiles, dolphins and green turtles along the coast.

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Things to do in Similajau National Park

Take a look at the best things to do while vacationing in Similajau National Park to have the best experience of your life that you will remember forever!

1. A relaxing walk on the beaches of Similajau National Park

One of the best and most relaxing things to do in Similajau National Park in Bintulu Sarawak is to take a leisurely walk on the beaches. Turtle Beach and Golden Beach in Similajau National Park enhance the natural beauty of this national park and strolling on the beaches, relaxing in the shade of casuarina plantations, sunbathing and watching the sunset are some of the best ways to relax here.

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2. Boating and wildlife viewing

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Boating Sungei Likau is as exotic as it sounds. Hiring a boat and sailing along the beach to see the beauty of the forest is an exciting experience. While indulging in this fun activity, people also spot green turtles. Crocodiles and dolphins, which increase the excitement manifold.

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3. Forest Path

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One of the most exciting things to do in Similajau National Park is jungle trekking and hiking. The national park has only one main road and several secondary roads. The main route passes through Sungei Likau via a suspension bridge and plank walk over the mangroves and finally reaches the coast. For every adventure enthusiast, jungle hiking is an essential activity.

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4. Visit the Interpretation Center

Similajau’s Interpretation Center displays modern and interactive exhibitions covering the park’s flora, fauna and natural history. The center was inaugurated in 2017. Once you visit, don’t miss the impressive skeleton of Cuvier’s beaked whale, which once washed ashore.

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This detailed guide on Similajau National Park will definitely facilitate you and make your Malaysia holidays worthwhile in every sense.

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