Indians Can Now Shop At Dubai Duty-Free Using Rupee. Hoorah!

If you are a die-hard shopaholic and can’t stop yourself from spending money, we suggest you stay away from Dubai Airport as Indians can now do the same. Shop duty-free using Rupees in Dubai, Don’t tell your friends and family that you are going to Dubai because they will hand you their long shopping list. Laugh out loud!

From July 1st you can Use Indian Rupee at all three terminals of Al Maktoum Airport For shopping in Dubai. Hooray! This means there is no longer any exchange rate and you can buy whatever you want without leaving your currency in exchange for dollars, euros or dirhams. Earlier, Indians used to lose huge amounts of money as they had to convert their money into acceptable currency like dirhams or dollars, but now they can spend the savings on perfumes, chocolates, watches and other things.

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Dubai Airports has enabled the use of Indian rupees at duty-free counters to encourage more trade. Why not, when more than 3 million Indian tourists visited Dubai Airport in 2018, accounting for 18% of its business? Indian rupee is 16th currency that has become accepted at Dubai Airport Since its inauguration in 1983.

there are so Many things you can buy duty-free in Dubai And be absolutely thrilled, however, that you will receive change in dollars, euros and dirhams. Arabic sweets, perfumes, makeup kits, cigars, chocolates, dried fruits, cigars and wine are some of the wonderful things you can buy at duty-free for your friends and family.

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Now that you can shop duty-free in Dubai using rupees, you should take that much-awaited holiday to Dubai. Someone who is crazy about shopping will take a flight to Dubai to go shopping at the airport. know someone? Then, share this news with them and make their day.

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