13 Best Kept Secrets of Kerala That Locals Have Been Keeping To Themselves

Pristine beaches, tranquil backwaters, therapeutic Ayurveda and luscious surroundings – this is Kerala for you. Correct? Well, there are some obscure facts about Kerala that we know, but still, there are also secrets and mysteries that are unknown! There are many hidden mines among the irrelevant things about God’s own country that Keralites have hidden. The truth of untouched beaches and beautiful islands is still to be discovered.

Explore the hidden treasures that lie in the hearts of Keralites.

1. Sole Smoking Gold – Kerala Gold or Idukki Gold

Image Credit – Pixabay

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Have you ever thought of smoking on the immaculate beaches of Kerala? Probably not! Then maybe it’s time to give it a try! Kerala Gold is a clone of the infamous herb Malana Cream, which is infectious. This grass produced by Idduki has reached the beaches of Varkala, making it a popular hippie getaway destination in the country. Already going to Kerala? Wait, there’s more you should know!

2. The country’s only floating mall in Alappuzha

Image Credit – KK Mustafa for The Hindu
How about a mall that caters to all your needs on the backwaters of the Kuttanadu region? Triveni Super Store sells everything from groceries to TVs, refrigerators at discounted rates. The mall is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and only 20 people are allowed entry at a time for security reasons.

3. The only vulture ‘Gyps benghalensis’ is found in Kerala

Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Kerala is home to the surviving White Rumped Vulture or Gyps bengalensis. This species of vulture is endangered and almost extinct from the planet. This beautiful bird is huge with wide wings. It will be heaven for bird lovers and wildlife photographers to capture it.

4. The only living tribal king in India who has neither a palace nor food

The only tribal king still ruling

Image Credit – open magazine
This king has no palace with beautiful statues unlike the fairy tales we have heard about. He is the only king of the tribal kingdom in the whole of Kerala.

His life was harder than that of any other common man in his kingdom. So much so that he was considered a king and was not hired. He literally suffered for basic needs like food, clothing and shelter.

5. Beautiful secret passage owned by the spirit of a Chieftain- Lakkidi

Image Credit -Sudarshan for Wikimedia
Long ago a tourist came to Kerala to see this ultimate beauty of nature. He appointed a chieftain named Karinthandan to discover the secret routes between the ghats of Lakkidi. On reaching his destination, the tourist murdered an unidentified tribal, trying to take credit for the discovery as he claimed. But why did the tourist do this?

It is believed that this route was discovered by Chieftain Karinthandan who died years ago and his spirit has taken possession of the tourist. After several such incidents a priest was called. The priest chained the Sardar’s soul to a tree. It is now believed that the chain grows with the tree.

6. Hidden story of a wandering ghost – Sabarimala Temple

Image Credit -Vinayaraj for Wikimedia
About 100 years ago, thousands of pilgrims came to the temple to participate in the annual festival of Makaravilakku. On the day of the festival, a jeep crashed into the house of a pilgrim, whose screams and pleas for help went unheard amid the religious chants.

People living nearby can still hear the voice of a man wandering around and asking for help. But, they are not seen or heard during the festival, when pilgrims from all over the world come to join the festivities.

7. Symbol of Love – Chembra Lake

Image Credit – Usandeep for Wikimedia
It is certainly a popular spot, but did you know that India’s only heart-shaped lake is located in the region of Kerala? This naturally formed body attracts travelers due to its magnificent views, salubrious climate and serene environment.

8. World without customs – Dowry free zone

Dowry free zone in Kerala

Image Credit – Rational Indian for Facebook
The only region in Kerala where the dowry system is not actually prevalent! Here, Kerala proves to have the highest literacy rate in India. We can proudly say that we are not far away from building a better society.

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9. Religious faith or punishment? garudan thukkam

Image Credit – Akhilan for Wikimedia Commons
Do you think it is crazy to hoist the flag on your body during Muharram? Then, Kerala looks forward to welcoming you to the celebration of Garudan Thookam. The festival is celebrated with Garuda dance performances and riots where people are tied to a shaft. Yes, you read that right, hook on the shaft! The devotees of Lord Kali dedicate themselves to her and display their love through such painstaking ceremonies.

10. Dancing with fire- Theyyam

Image Credit – Ujith for Wikimedia

Have you ever heard of God possessing humans? You may have; But God capturing his follower and burning him is strange! It is said that people dance in fire because they are possessed by the Almighty. Well, you have to see Theyyam to believe it!

11. Largest production land of cashew – Kollam

Image Credit -Arunavraparavur for Wikimedia
Kerala has the highest cashew production in the world! About 118,600 hectares of land is under cultivation. Imagine that 140,000 tonnes of cashew nuts are produced every year which are used for export and consumption in India.

12. God’s gift- Kallu or Toddy

A man was tasting toddy

Image Credit For Wikimedia Commons
Coconut water is a sacred drink in the form of alcohol. Villagers are given a license to make this drink, known locally as Kallu, by extracting the juice from coconut flower buds and letting it ferment throughout the day. It is said that by drinking this drink of God, your skin becomes golden. Try it this time, maybe?

13. This state wants you to wander through the woods at night

Image Credit- Nebu George for Wikimedia
Do you want to go trekking in the jungle at night with scary effects like in the movies? Kerala has got it for you! The Periyar forests allow you to go on night trips. The journey starts around 7:00 pm in the evening and lasts for 3 – 4 hours. You can take 7 people with you. Sanctuary provides security supervisor to complete your trekking safely.

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Was there a conspiracy? I am equally surprised. Now, share it with your friends and surprise them! If you know of more such hidden secrets about God’s Own Country, share them with us!

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FAQs about Mysteries of Kerala

What can I bring back from Kerala?

You can easily have a long shopping list of things that you can buy from Kerela. But one special thing for which Kerala is very famous is the cashew nuts here.

Why is Kerala called God’s own country?

According to a popular Hindu legend, Lord Parashurama, who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, once threw his ax from Kanyakumari towards the north which fell into the sea, creating a land we know as Kerela.

Why is Sabarimala temple famous?

Sabarimala, which is believed to be the place where Lord Ayyappa meditated after killing the powerful demon Mahishi. Sabarimala is a quite popular pilgrimage site in India and is located in the east of Pathanamthitta district in Kerala.

Was Ayurveda established in Kerala?

Yes. Ayurveda originated in Kerala about 5000 years ago.

What is God’s drink?

The villagers of Kerela have a license to make a drink, which they make by extracting the juice from coconut flower buds and fermenting it throughout the day. This alcoholic beverage is considered sacred and is called the ‘drink of the gods’.

Which is the best month for night trekking in Kerala?

Any time between March to May would be a good time to experience the forest and enjoy night trekking.

Where can you watch Theyyam?

Kannur and Bekal are some of the most popular centers where you can witness Theyyam.

How can I reach Chembra Lake?

The easiest way to reach Chembra Lake is to take a train to Kozhikode which is 79 km from Chembra Peak Base Camp. If you are planning to travel by car, you will have to get down at Kalpetta and take a bus or taxi from there to the forest office.

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