Scuba diving in Sri Lanka (with photos): Diving Sites In Sri Lanka In 2023

Going underwater in a scuba suit is worth it only if you find a variety of corals, fishes and caves. scuba diving in sri lanka Offers exactly the same and more. Famous for its tea, spices, handicrafts and blue sapphires, Sri Lanka has some of the best water sports in all of Asia. cool sea The breeze blowing on your face right before you dive into the astonishing marine life of this country’s shores is beyond compare. This is the perfect place to discover the darkest secrets buried in the ocean debris found near the ocean floor!

If you haven’t been to the pearl of the Indian Ocean yet, these best diving spots in Sri Lanka will definitely change your mind.

Reasons you must try scuba diving in Sri Lanka

Some reasons to visit a world famous scuba diving site full of fun will help you plan a better vacation.

  • Hundreds of marine species of both coral and fish are waiting for you to say hello!
  • With approximately 1,585 kilometers of coastline, the mangrove ecosystem in Sri Lanka played an important role in containing the 2004 tsunami waves.
  • You don’t have to worry about not knowing how to deep water dive because not only are there great diving schools in Sri Lanka, but they also provide diving equipment like suits and masks and more to help you on your underwater adventure. Also provide a guide.
  • It also has some of the best wreck diving spots for newcomers to admire.

Best time to visit Sri Lanka

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Since Sri Lanka’s extreme coasts have alternating monsoon seasons, the best time to visit is different for the two regions. For east coast destinations, it is advisable to explore from the months of May to September, while for the west and southern regions, you can go from December to March to make the most of the dry season.

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Best diving sites in Sri Lanka

The country is full of plenty of diving sites and there are also many diving schools for beginners. So, even if you don’t have a diving license, you don’t have to worry.

  • Unawatuna
  • Trincomalee
  • in Mirissa
  • No problem
  • protect it
  • Kalpitiya
  • Never
  • Barracuda Reef, Hikkaduwa
  • HMS Hermes
  • Taprobane Reefs
  • Bull Dog Reef
  • Gorgonian Garden

1. Unawatuna

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With at least 10 coral reef diving locations including Ralagala Wreck, Goda Gala Diyamba, Galle Shipwreck etc., this is the best place for scuba diving in Sri Lanka. You can go as deep as 30 meters inside and an established PADI center in Unawatuna helps spot some amazing colorful tropical fish.

price: Starting from USD 55 (INR 3900) for beginners; Starting from USD 65 (INR 4600) with One Boat Dive

2. Trincomalee

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Visit Trincomalee, located on the east coast of Sri Lanka Best diving in Sri Lanka, It offers a different experience to divers through the many dive sites in the area. The nearby Pigeon Island Marine Life Sanctuary contains diverse coral reefs, fishes, anemones and nudibranchs. Closer to shore, you can also visit the shipwreck Iraqcandi to add extra excitement to your dive.

price: Boat diving with rental equipment starts from Rs 3,300 per person

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3. In Mirissa

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Initially it was famous for whale watching but is gradually gaining popularity as one of the best diving sites in Sri Lanka. Mirissa has more than 5 locations to add attraction to your diving. If you have no idea about diving into the water or are scared, the diving schools established in the region will ensure that you have a guide to help you have a flawless adventure under the sea. scuba diving in mirissa Truly an amazing experience.

price: Starting from Rs 2800 per person without equipment for certified divers.

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4. Pasikudah

Similar sites can be seen off Trincomalee and Pasikudah but other rocks and boiler wrecks are also present here. Be sure to spend a thrilling holiday in Sri Lanka with the huge and famous wreck British Sergeant near the deepest point of this famous site. underwater diving in sri lanka, Make sure you click lots of underwater photos to remember this site better!

price: Starting from Rs 7000 for beginners

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5. Avoid

Kirinda village is located in a remote area off the south-eastern coast. With a massive 40 kilometer long reef, this place serves as a great diving site in Sri Lanka. The village also has many attractions such as Buddhist shrines and rock formations, but if you are not looking for much exploring on land, the gray sharks and tuna will definitely tempt you. So, go ahead and pack your diving suit right away!

price: He

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6. Kalpitiya

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Known for its stunning scenery, consisting of 14 islands and located in the North-Western Province of Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya Island also features in the list of best diving destinations in the country. Bar Reef, one of the largest reefs in Sri Lanka, is home to a variety of vibrant coral reefs and fish. This site’s online package deals include sunset cruises, whale watching, and dolphin watching. Don’t miss it when you’re onboard for some fun scuba-time!

price: Starting from Rs 3,000

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7. Never

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Weligama, known as Sandy or fishing village, is located 30 km east of Galle. Some of the great dive sites here include Yala Rock which has rock formations up to 15 meters high. For a different scuba experience, this site is recommended as it also has caves open to corals and fish. You will definitely experience the true side of this country when you try.Sri Lanka diving with whales Which is famous among tourists.

price: Starting from Rs 2500 with a boat dive

8. Barracuda Reef, Hikkaduwa

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You can find a variety of aquatic creatures at Barracuda Reef, including lionfish. Being among the top famous diving sites, this reef never disappoints the divers, which is located off the coast of Mount Lavinia near Colombo. If you want to know about various scuba diving prices in sri lanka If that’s on your agenda, we say head straight to this site and find out what’s for you!

price: He

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9. HMS Hermes

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In Batticaloa, to the north-east, you can descend to a World War II artifact, HMS Hermes. The extraordinary and magnificent remains of what was once the world’s first purpose-built aircraft ship. So, all the history lovers, this is something you definitely can’t miss! If you want to find out Cost of scuba diving in Sri Lanka Then you should visit this place soon!

price: He

10. Taprobane Reefs

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Tagged as one of the most ancient dive sites, the Taprobane reefs are known for large coral domes set in beds among other marine plants. The site is also abundant in large rays and schooling fish, so you will have an amazing diving experience swimming with some of the smallest sea creatures here.

price: Boat dive starts from Rs 2800 per person

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11. Bull Dog Reef

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One of the most fascinating corals in the whole of Kalpitiya can be found in this reef. Known for its stunning underwater photography, divers can capture the beautiful marine life. Some of the common species in this area are crocodile eels, panther turbots and white-eared moray eels. If you are on time you can also see the Napoleon fish. Visit this place for best experience Sea diving in Sri Lanka.
price: Starting from INR 1100

12. Gorgonian Garden

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If you want to see the ocean floor full of Gorgons, go straight to this place scuba diving in sri lanka, colombo And you can go as deep as 35 meters to see a spectacular forest covered with Gorgon. You will experience a certain sense of harmony in the beautiful coordination displayed by triggerfish in this area.
price: He

  • Although prices increase at diving schools during peak season, it is advisable to go with them in a group to avail maximum discounts and good deals.
  • For certified divers, it is better to carry your own gear, such as your suit and mask, to avoid any unnecessary trouble later.
  • Book all your inclusions in advance to avoid any scams.
  • scuba diving in sri lanka is really a fun experience but can also be tiring. Be sure to go for a relaxing spa before visiting another site. Appreciation!

Tips for scuba diving in Sri Lanka

  • Although prices increase at diving schools during peak season, it is advisable to go with them in a group to avail maximum discounts and good deals.
  • For certified divers, it is better to carry your own gear, such as your suit and mask, to avoid any unnecessary trouble later.
  • Book all your inclusions in advance to avoid any scams.
  • scuba diving in sri lanka is really a fun experience but can also be tiring. Be sure to go for a relaxing spa before visiting another site. Appreciation!

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Are you feeling like experiencing scuba diving in Sri Lanka? Don’t wait any longer, pack your bags, book trip to sri lanka Head to this amazing country for a more exciting experience today! Make sure you pack some extra clothes in case the allure of this place changes your mind.

FAQs about scuba diving in Sri Lanka

Q. Is Sri Lanka good for scuba diving?

One. Yes, Sri Lanka is an amazing place for scuba diving. After all, it is an island country. You will find many dive sites around Colombo and Hikkaduwa.

Q. Where is the best diving in Sri Lanka?

One. Lucky for you, you will find many dive sites in Sri Lanka. Here are some places where you can go scuba diving:
1. scuba diving in hikkaduwa
2. scuba diving in colombo
3. scuba diving in unawatuna

Q. When is the best time to go scuba diving in Sri Lanka?

One. October to May is the best time for scuba diving if you are on the western and south-western coast of Sri Lanka. If you want to go scuba-diving on the north coast, the best time to go is from May to October.

Q. Is there any shore diving in Sri Lanka?

One. There are hardly any coastal diving sites in Sri Lanka. Most operators run boat trips for diving, which can take 10 to 45 minutes to reach.

Q. Can I get my PADI certification in Sri Lanka?

One. Yes, there are many diving schools from where you can get your certification in diving. It takes about 3-4 days to get the certification and will cost you 350 Euro to 450 Euro.

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