If You Are Looking For A Place To Scuba Dive, Then These Places In Russia Are Perfect!

One of the largest countries in the world, Russia shares its borders not only with several European and Asian countries but also with the great Pacific and Arctic oceans. People with adventurous nature, who like to take risks in life, feel attracted towards Russia. please try once scuba diving in russia You will realize that there is almost a whole new world under water filled with large mysterious caves, wrecks, many whales and seals. These are just some of the things that you can easily find inside these waters, rest everyone has their own destiny and ways to know the secrets and find the hidden treasures in these deep waters.

5 places to experience scuba diving in Russia

Once in Russia, prepare yourself to experience the icy cold water because you cannot miss trying this amazing adventure sport. So that you don’t have to struggle to find the right place for scuba diving, we have selected the most famous and favorite destinations for you!

1. Black Sea

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If you know even a little about Russia, we are sure you also know about the mesmerizing Black Sea. If you want to experience the amazing sensation of scuba diving but are not quite ready to face the wrath of cold water on your body, then Black is one of the best places for scuba diving in Russia for you. Don’t be surprised, we’re telling you the truth, the Black Sea is one of the hottest diving spots in the Russian country. The amazing and most rewarding part of these warm waters of the Black Sea is that you can even find dolphins underwater. Although aquatic life is not visible in water deeper than 150 to 200 meters as they are not able to survive due to high levels of hydrogen sulphide, the positive side of the situation is that you can see shipwrecks Because they remain protected. Here for a long time. Apart from the fun of scuba diving, you can also explore the nearby places, one amazing place you can visit is Olenevka village in Crimea, where there is an underwater museum of Soviet leader statues. Visiting the Black Sea and seeing its underwater life is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Place: Crimea Peninsula, Krasnodar Territory, Russia

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2. Baikal Lake

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Lake Baikal is one of the most prized possessions of the country as it has many tags attached to its name. Lake Baikal is not only the largest freshwater lake in the world, but also the deepest lake in the world with a maximum depth of 1,642 metres. Lake Baikal, the oldest and largest of the lakes, contains 20 percent of the planet’s total fresh water. Now, who wouldn’t love to explore the waters of this precious lake after knowing about the rich associations of the lake? So that, the public does not miss this memorable occasion, scuba diving is allowed in the waters of this mighty lake. There are over 50 dive sites and many options of assistance and advanced divers available to make the process a little easier for beginners. From dive safaris to ice diving, scuba diving in Russia’s Lake Baikal is famous all over the world. This crescent shaped lake is blessed with high visibility as well as rich flora and fauna which makes this already amazing scuba diving experience even more exciting. This destination can be visited all year round, although the only thing you should be worried about is that the water here is freezing cold, even at 3 – 4 degrees Celsius in June and 7 – 7 degrees Celsius in August. Drops to 10 degrees Celsius. So, as a precaution make sure you wear a dry suit to explore the underwater life of this huge ancient lake.

Place: Siberia, Russia

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3. White Sea

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A southern gateway to the Barents Sea, it is one of four seas named after their incredible sea colors, the others being the Red Sea, the Black Sea, and the Yellow Sea. The White Sea is under Russian sovereignty and is considered a part of Russia’s internal waters. Rich in aquatic life, the sea is home to more than 700 species of invertebrates, about 60 species of fish and about 5 species of marine mammals. The White Sea has a maximum depth of 340 meters and is one of the most important traffic hubs in Russia as it not only interconnects various economic sectors but also provides an outlet for foreign routes. Sometimes the temperature at that place goes down very low but despite the cold temperatures, the sea remains navigable throughout the year due to the deployment of ice breakers. Although navigable the fact remains that the White Sea is nothing but another icy cold destination for scuba diving. Although ice diving can be quite challenging, but as they say hard work pays off, if your stars are lucky you may even stumble upon beluga whales, also known as sea canaries. With an amazing diversity of fauna and fantastic visibility, White Lake is a great place to try scuba diving in Russia.

Place: Located on the northwest coast of Russia

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4. Kamchatka

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The Kamchatka Peninsula is one of the few places that has not been destroyed by human greed and activities. Unspoiled and beautiful, the Kamchatka Peninsula with the Pacific Ocean as its eastern coast and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk as its western coast is one of the ideal locations for diving. With a vast surface area of ​​270,000 sq km and the highest altitude of 4,750 metres, the place also has beautiful aquatic life. Being home to approximately 350 species of fish, seals, sea lions, sea otters, walruses, orcas and whales, the Kamchatka Peninsula offers a spectacular scuba diving experience. Diving into the water, exploring the underwater life by being among the marine life is something that definitely stimulates your dead cells. Weather and visibility are two things that sometimes create problems for divers as the climate here is quite unpredictable and can vary between -2 to 14 °C and even in bad weather the visibility is not very good. Is. Although it is a bit challenging and adventurous, it is after all the Pacific Ocean and scuba diving here is clearly not child’s play. Russia is famous worldwide for its amazing scuba diving experiences and we assure you that choosing Kamchatka will not be a disappointing choice at all.

Place: Peninsula in the far eastern part of Russia

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5. St. Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg is not only Russia’s second largest city after Moscow, but also Russia’s second most populous city, with approximately five million residents. Once the country’s capital, St. Petersburg is today one of Russia’s most popular tourist destinations and an important port on the Baltic Sea. Famous for its rich historical heritage, canals and imperial palaces, St. Petersburg is also considered the most romantic city in the country of Russia. Although Russia’s most romantic city, St. Petersburg is also known as the cultural capital of Russia as it houses opera and ballet theaters, museums displaying Russian art, cathedrals, imperial residences, and many other places. Talking about the sea, it is a mesmerizing sight to behold and even more exciting to explore. scuba diving in st petersburg russia is a great experience to cool off in the summer.

Place: Neva River, north-western Russia

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With landscapes ranging from tundra and lush forests to beautiful subtropical beaches, since scuba diving in Russia is a great adventure, you should definitely put it on your to-do list! Such beautiful places await you in Russia, it’s a wonder you are able to stay calm.

FAQs about scuba diving in Russia

What is Russia known for?

Apart from being known for excellent military weapons and cool climate, Russia is also popular as one of the largest countries, surrounded by the Pacific and Arctic oceans on two fronts and has amazing white sand beaches and rich marine life. Life is.

Is Russia good for diving?

Russian waters have the most diverse diving environments including mysterious caves, shipwrecks, colorful reefs and aquatic creatures that make diving in Russia an amazing experience.

What to do in Russia?

Some of the amazing things to do in Russia for an amazing experience are:
1. Go for a canal tour
2. Go skiing in Red Valley
3. Have fun on the Samara Embankment
4. Participate in the Bubble Baba Challenge
5. Spend colorful hours at the psychedelic salt mines

When is the best time to visit Russia?

Since winters in Russia are extremely cold, the warm months of September and October are a great time to visit this beautiful country.

Is scuba diving in Russia safe for first-timers?

Yes. SCUBA diving in Russia is completely safe for first-timers, provided it is done in a safe environment and with proper training.

What are the best diving centers in Russia?

Some of the most popular diving centers in Russia, where you can find excellent instructors, diving equipment and safety gear:
1. Arctic Circle Dive Center
2. Diving Club in Baltica, St. Petersburg
3. Diving Club Sakhalin
4. S-Dive
5. Diving Center CSK VMF

Are you required to get certified for scuba diving in Russia?

Yes. You will need to get certified for scuba diving in Russia.

Is scuba diving safe for non-swimmers?

If done using proper training and under the guidance of trained professionals, scuba diving can be a safe and wonderful experience even for non-swimmers.

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