These 10 Places In France Will Definitely Rouse The Scuba Diving Fanatic In You

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France is a scuba diving paradise as even Jacques Cousteau, the father of modern scuba diving, was from Bordeaux. There are quite a few amazing locations for this adventure game, and scuba diving in france If you are planning a trip to this beautiful country then this should be at the top of your itinerary.

Best places for scuba diving in France

Here is a list of the top 10 best scuba diving places in France that you absolutely cannot miss during your visit to L’Hexagon.

1. The Fall of the Americans

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The city of Nice is known for its many amazing dive sites, and one of the best places for scuba diving in Nice, France is Le Tombant des Americains, a dive site known for its rich marine life, including eels, Species like Moray are found. And crayfish are very easy to spot on your dive. Purple and pink corals emerge from the blue sea, creating a beautiful mix of colors. The Tomb of the Americans, as it is translated in English, is a dive that starts at 50 meters, and to visit this dive site you need to get professional assistance.

Place: Nice, France.

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2. Lot et Garonne

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Experienced divers will know that getting the opportunity to wear gear at Lot et Garonne is on every diver’s bucket list. Located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, it is definitely one of the best scuba diving locations in France, as many cave systems and cave wall paintings can be found here. The water here is crystal clear and offers great visibility during your dive. A paradise for every diver, this is a place that should definitely not be missed on a trip to France.

Place: New Aquitaine, France

3. Rock of Raskus

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Located in a marine park, it definitely belongs on our list of top dive sites in France. A visually beautiful combination of colorful vegetation amidst clear blue waters, rich marine life such as jellyfish, eels, morays and many others, and schools of fishes surrounding you while swimming are some of the things that make it top. Dive site souvenir. And since Raskus Reef is located in a marine park, there are also a few other dive sites in the surrounding area that you can visit.

Place: Port-Cross National Marine Park

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4. Riu Archipelago

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If you are considering scuba diving in Marseille, France, you will find a group of unnamed islands that are perfect for sightseeing and diving due to their picturesque beauty and natural landscape. In addition to exceptionally lush forests and woodlands, there are also some spectacular diving sites, such as “The Farillon”, which lies at a height of 45 meters into the sea. The scenery above the water is no less impressive, the scenery underwater is no less impressive, with some beautiful varieties of fish and flora as well.

Place: Marseille, France.

5. Le Donatre and Le Grec

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On the less explored and car-free island of Porquerolles, just off the coast of Hyères, are two of the best spots for scuba diving in southern France. Le Grec and Le Donatre, which were once cargo ships before they sank, are great places to visit and are home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in France. At a depth of approximately 50 metres, these shipwrecks are an unforgettable adventure in themselves. Plus, they also have a history, if you’re into that.

Place: Porquerolles, Hyères, France.

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6. Lavezi Islands

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If you’re looking for the top spots for scuba diving in France, these islands located not far from the Corsican mainland are known for their turquoise seas and granite rocks. To access this dive you will need some assistance from a dive shop, and the best time to explore the underwater world of these islands is in the morning when the water is still calm and clear, and the currents Are not that strong. You may also spot schools of Serranidae fish, also known as groupers, on your dive.

Place: Bonifacio Strait, France.

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7. Pyramid

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Located in Frejus, this dive site welcomes divers of all levels of experience and has a variety of diving depths. So if you are a novice diver, this is probably one of the best dive sites to start diving. As well as beautiful vegetation and an abundance of coral, there is also some rich marine life, including eels, jellyfish, scorpion fish and snapper, among many other species. Not only marine life, the port city also has many places that you can visit.

Place: Fréjus, France.

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8. Glennan Islands

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For all those who love diving among shipwrecks, you will be ‘the one’ in the Glénan Islands of France. Despite the strong currents, people still love to dive among the wrecks and crevices of the rocks and here one can find a range of vegetation, such as sea grass, and a large number of beautiful fish and crustaceans, which can be found in abundance. The cherry on the cake is the 140 meter long shipwreck Pietro Orseolo, an all-time favorite spot for exploration among divers.

Place: Finistère department, France.

9. Fair du Planier

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There is a lighthouse located just off the coast of the Côte Bleu in Marseille which houses some shipwrecks that can be explored by divers. However, what makes this place unique is that apart from the ships, there is also a sunken airplane, known as ‘La Chauanne’. Legend has it that a drunk pilot crashed the ship in the 1970s and since then it has been a haven for divers, as not many places with sunken airplanes are open to exploration by divers.

Place: Marseille, France.

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10. Belle-Ile-en-Mer

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Last, but not least, on our list of the top places for scuba diving in France is the island of Belle-Île-en-Mer. Spread over an area of ​​85 square kilometres, it has many places to visit, such as caves, trenches, valleys and tunnels. The underwater world of this island is home to abundant flora and marine fauna. Not only the sea, but the land is equally beautiful to explore on foot and has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.

Place: Morbihan, France.

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With so many places to go scuba diving in France, you have plenty to choose from. While scuba diving is definitely a bucket list experience, reaching these places is a different thing altogether. Getting a good deal on a French holiday is just as important to having a good experience.

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FAQs about scuba diving in France

What is the best season for scuba diving in France?

The best time of year to go scuba diving in France is between June and October as the weather is perfect for all types of water sports.

Is scuba diving in France safe for first-timers?

Yes. It is absolutely safe to go scuba diving in France even if you have never set foot in the water as scuba diving in France is done under the strict supervision of professional divers and experts.

Can a non-swimmer do scuba diving?

Yes. A non-swimmer can also take up scuba diving but for this he will have to undergo some training sessions.

How much does scuba diving cost in France?

The cost of scuba diving in France can be anything between Rs. 4000 to Rs. Depending on duration, equipment, distance to be covered and whether you need guided assistance or not.

Where is the best place for scuba diving in France?

Lot et Garonne, Le Tombant des Americas and the Rock of Rascas are some of the best places for scuba diving in France.

What is the minimum age for scuba diving?

For scuba diving in most parts of the world, the basic minimum age to qualify for PDAI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) certification is at least 10 years old.

Is certification required for diving in France?

Yes. If you are planning on scuba diving in France, you will need PDAI certification to qualify for scuba diving in France.

Is a medical certificate required for scuba diving in France?

Yes. You will need to produce a medical certificate proving that you are fit for scuba diving. If you are suffering from cold or sinus, you have to wait until your condition becomes normal.

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