Scuba Diving In Dubai: Explore The Beautiful Underwater World

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations today, and with good reason! The entire city is no less than a man-made paradise, it is a place where concrete meets nature in the most symbiotic harmony. Dubai is known as a great holiday destination. People from all over the world choose this city as their destination for celebrations, special occasions, holidays and much more. But delve deeper into the city’s personality, beyond the fancy resorts and immaculate beaches, and there are many places in the Gulf off the coast of Dubai waiting for you to explore.

SCUBA DIVING IN DUBAI IN AN UNUSUAL EXPERIENCE. For all those who have been involved in the game before, this beach offers something unique that you have never seen before. Due to the continuous development in Dubai, the water around it is quite dirty. Add to this the shallow depth and currents, and visibility in these waters becomes even worse. But miraculously, it works in its favor! Since most of the sites have been turned into debris, this color of the water gives a new feel to the diving experience, which is a must experience for every explorer.

Before diving into the bay, check out these top sites and choose the one you like the most!

4 marine destinations for scuba diving in Dubai in 2023

If you are fond of diving then these marine spots are a great option for scuba diving in Dubai. The blue waters, colorful marine life and corals are soothing to the eyes. Explore the sea from a place famous for its deserts.

1. Jumeirah Beach

Best place for scuba diving

One of the best places to scuba diving sites in dubai, Jumeirah Beach offers small sites for beginners to view the bay’s vibrant aquatic life, as well as some shipwrecks to swim by for advanced explorers. Since this is one of the most popular beaches, there are many agencies that provide equipment and even professional guidance.

cost of scuba diving: Around Rs 3500 per person for one dive

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2. Shame Rock

pink and purple vision

image Source
One of the two most spectacular natural aquariums on the Dubai coast, Sharm Rock is a spectacle of pink and purple. Along with the numerous coral habitats, the fish species are also exciting to see, especially for beginners.

cost of scuba diving: Around Rs 3000 per person for one dive

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3. Martini Rock

martini rock

image Source

Another natural aquarium is Martini Rock. This site is a must include for diving in Dubai as it is home to some of the most vibrant aquatic fauna in the region, making it one of the most successful sites too! So if you want to lose yourself in blue waters, this is the place you should go.

cost of scuba diving: Around Rs 3200 per person for one dive

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4. Dubai World Islands

dubai world island view

image Source

One of the newest scuba diving destinations on the west coast, Dubai World Islands is a group of artificial islands that today are thriving with small colonies of marine flora and fauna. The surrounding areas have been well maintained to encourage their development and it is said that it will soon be one of the leading destinations for scuba diving in the UAE.

cost of scuba diving: Around Rs 3900 per person for one dive

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6 wreck sites for scuba diving in Dubai

If you are one of those people who like to have a little extra in everything then these scuba diving sites are best for you. Wreck sites provide divers with the most curiosity-provoking experiences. Find out how nature accepts everything it is given, even if it is a broken ship. The cost of scuba diving at ship wreck sites in Dubai usually starts from Rs 5000 and depends on the location and services you get.

5. Zainab

Most preferred sites for scuba diving

Undoubtedly one of the most favorite sites for scuba diving in Dubai, Zainab is famous for being one of the major oil spills in the region, which was associated with rough waves against which ships could not battle. It was discovered in 2001, and over time has become a comfortable home for all types of marine species such as the Yellowtail Barracuda. Since the site is quite huge, people often do a few dives to see it all. It is recommended that you visit this site with professionals.

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6. Mariam Express

spectacular wreck site

image Source

The Maryam Express, which sank in choppy waters in 2006, was a ferry traveling from the United Arab Emirates to Iraq and back. The main reason for this incident was not only the strong currents, but the boat was also filled with more people than its capacity. Today, its cargoes serve as a spectacular wreck site for scuba in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It lies at a depth of 18 to 25 meters, and some of the marine species you can see here include a variety of nudibranchs and flatworms, as well as spotted eagles, torpedo rays, and yellowtail barracuda. A perfect place to experience Best scuba diving in dubai,

cost of scuba diving,

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7. MV Ludwig

MV Ludwig

image Source

One of the best-preserved wrecks off the Dubai coast is the MV Ludwig. This seemingly perfect ship went overboard during a practice session as she lay on her port side. Today it serves as a haven for many other fish species like damselfish, sea squirts and pennant fish.

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8. MV Dara

mv dara

image Source

Located at a depth of 5 to 17 meters in water, MV Dara is a passenger ship that sank in the year 1961. Then 238 people lost their lives. It not only serves as a monument that tells this story, but is also one of the very few ships that have suffered terrible accidents in peacetime. For this reason it is often compared to Titanic. The list of diving sites in Dubai would be incomplete without mentioning it.

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9. MV Victoria Star

MV Victoria Star

image Source

Often referred to as the best diving experience in Dubai, MV Victoria Star is one of the top destinations for diving in the UAE. It sank in 2013, making it one of the more recent wrecks on this side of the coast. The currents here are average, and it is recommended that tourists, especially beginners, visit this site with a professional guide. It lies at a depth of 14 to 23 meters and advanced divers can make a couple of dives to explore the entire wreck.

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10. Cement Barge


image Source

One of the most famous dive sites in Dubai is the Cement Barge. The depth here ranges between 5 to 20 meters, which is suitable for scuba diving for beginners. Apart from this, other options available here are snorkelling and night diving! If you love taking scuba diving holidays, don’t miss this site.

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11. Sheikh Mohammed’s Barge

Sheikh Mohammed's barge

image Source

There were several sites that were deliberately created by sunken ships and boats, to encourage the growth of corals and other marine life off the coast of Dubai. DB1/Sheikh Mohammed’s barge is one of them. It lies 18 to 23 meters deep in the bay, and requires at least two dives to locate it. The growth of coral has really made this site beautiful giving you the experience Best scuba diving in dubai,

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Useful Tips for scuba diving in Dubai

When you are planning your adventurous Dubai holidays, here are some useful tips that will come in handy for your amazing experience in Bali:

  • Make sure you have a valid scuba-diving certification from an authorized diving center.
  • Make sure the weather conditions are suitable for scuba diving.
  • Don’t go into the water alone. Make sure you have a trained companion to accompany you if something goes wrong.
  • Maintain underwater etiquette and do not touch or get too close to sea creatures.
  • Follow all safety instructions exactly.
  • Once underwater, be conscious of your location and do not swim too far from the reef.
  • Make sure all your safety equipment is working properly before you dive.
  • Do not lose your composure under any circumstances and remain calm at all times. Try to relax and enjoy your dive
  • Don’t go out of your comfort zone to do something new. Everything underwater cannot be under your control.

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Hope you found your top favorite scuba spots in Dubai on this list! So, grab your equipment, take a deep breath and dive into the blue waters. Visit Dubai and experience a world full of adventure, fun and excitement.

FAQs About scuba diving in dubai

What is Dubai famous for?

Vibrant culture, heavenly cuisine, architectural marvels and lavish lifestyle best describe Dubai. Skyscraping skyscrapers, huge aquariums, beautiful palm islands and exotic beaches add to the charm and allure of this beautiful city.

What to do for free in Dubai?

Some fun and free things to do in Dubai for an unimaginable experience: Free entry to Camel Museum, Free movie under the stars, Free view of Dubai Aquarium, Free view of Fountains of Dubai, Free climb on Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Is Dubai a good place for diving?

Dubai offers a wide range of stunning beaches offering divers different levels of diving experience for all types of divers making it an excellent diving destination.

Is scuba diving in Dubai safe for first-timers?

Yes. Dubai is a great place to try the scuba diving experience for the first time. You can find many trained professionals who can help you explore the underwater world safely.

How much does scuba diving cost in Dubai?

scuba diving in dubai can start from rs 3700 onwards depending on the location, equipment, number of divers etc.

Which is the best scuba diving center in Dubai?

Some of the most popular diving centers in Dubai are: 1. Nemo Diving Center 2. scuba shed 3. Al Boom Diving Aqua Center 4. Bermuda Diving Center (Dive Site)

When is the best time to visit Dubai?

Dubai experiences extremely hot temperatures. The months between December and March are the best time to visit Dubai for outdoor excursions and water activities.

Is a diving certificate required for scuba diving in Dubai?

No certification is required for scuba diving in Dubai. But make sure you have proper training and that you are physically fit for such activities.

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