Scuba Diving In Bentota: Explore The Waters Of The Coastal Town

Sri Lanka is famous for its tea, its aromatic spices and of course, its lovely big blue. Blessed with over 1,000 kilometers of coastline, this island country offers some of the best water activities in Asia. From bright coral to a vibrant seabed to swimming with giant whales, there’s nothing you can’t do here.

Among the many water sports that tourists can enjoy here, scuba diving is one of the most favorite adventures in Sri Lanka. There are many sites along the entire coast that offer amazingly diverse flora and fauna to explore. And while there are many popular diving spots, there is one that stands out for an unusual reason!

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Bentota is a coastal city in Sri Lanka which is famous for being one of the best luxury resort cities. And radiates the glitter of fancy resorts, and its deep blue waters attract the adventurer hidden in everyone. Water sports in Bentota include the usual rides, but it’s the scuba diving sites that get everyone off the shore. Although it has a limited number of sites, all are special in their own way.

Take a look at the best diving seasons before searching for sites. The best thing about this country is that the diving season in Sri Lanka lasts all year round! Water activities in Sri Lanka can be enjoyed all year round, but when it comes to scuba diving, the west and east coasts have different favorable diving seasons. It is best to visit the east coast from May to October. If you are looking to venture into the blue of Bentota, the months of October to May are perfect for diving around the west coast.

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Top 3 Places for scuba diving in Bentota

Check out the list of exciting destinations where you can go for scuba diving in Bentota, Sri Lanka. Keep scrolling below to know and read more!

1. Canoe Rock

Best dive sites in Sri Lanka!

Known to the world for its beautiful blue views, Canoe Rock is one of the best dive sites in Sri Lanka! A favorite among adventure seekers and couples, it is the Lobster Canyon Cave and vibrant coral colonies that draw tourists to the sea. The site is only a 20-minute boat ride away from the coast, and you can dive here to a depth of 20 meters.

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2. South Reef

rocky underwater area

If you leave by boat south of Canoe Rock, South Reef is a dive site about half an hour from Bentota. Its rocky underwater terrain and rich marine life are astonishing making it a popular site for scuba diving in Bentota. Like the previous site, here too you can dive up to 20 meters!

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3. Hundirangala


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Looking for sites for scuba diving near Bentota – this is perfect for you. Once a very popular night-dive site, Hundirangala is a shallow Bentota dive site compared to others, with a depth of just 12 metres. Although it had some trouble some time ago, it has now returned to its former glory and is now home to the most beautiful lionfish and porcupinefish.

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Safety Tips for Beginner SCUBA Divers

beginner scuba diver

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Although the idea of ​​searching for marine life can be quite appealing, the technique takes some time to learn. So here are some safety tips for beginners to make your first dive memorable and fun!

Learn well, be alert: Sign language, equipment details and the terrain of each individual location should be learned in advance before diving. If such an occasion arises you should be able to not only help yourself but also help others.
Don’t panic, breathe: Breathing underwater is one of the most difficult parts of scuba diving. Not only are we not used to mouth breathing, but with scuba goggles and heavy equipment, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. In such a case, just relax and breathe slowly normally.
Sunscreen is important: Most scuba diving sites are far from the coast. A long boat ride is necessary. So be sure to lather up with sunscreen, you don’t want to dive into salt water after getting sunburned!
Don’t pollute: You are only allowed to leave the water with 2 things. Bubbles, and pictures! But if you’re hoping to do your bit for marine life, set out with a bag to collect any scrap materials you can find, like bottles and bags.
Follow the rules: Unlike roads, directions underwater can be very confusing! If you find any signs giving instructions, it is mandatory for you to follow them.
get certified: Once you fall in love with the sea, it is difficult to escape its charm. The best way to discover the abundant blue color we’ve got is to get certified!
Good equipment: Spend a little more, but make sure the equipment you use is of good quality.
Research: You don’t want to dive in and not know what you’re looking at! Do your research about the flora and fauna of that particular area to be able to identify.

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Sri Lanka offers diverse opportunities to all types of tourists. But if you’re the type of person who calls for bouncing waves, this is your paradise. Come here for the most memorable scuba diving experience on your next trip to Sri Lanka. If this is your first dive, embrace every minute of it, and if not, add it to your adventure!

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FAQs about scuba diving in Bentota

Is Bentota a good place for diving?

The fascinating waters, rich marine life, rocky underwater terrain and pristine setting make Bentota one of the best places for scuba diving in South Asia.

What are the best places to visit in Bentota?

Some of the most beautiful places to visit in Bentota are: 1. Ambalangoda 2. Moragalla 3. Diyakawa Water Sports Center 4. Madu Ganga River Safari 5. Explore Galle Dutch Fort

What to do in Bentota?

Some of the most amazing things to do in Bentota are: 1. Nature walk near Madu River in Balapitiya 2. Surfing and diving at Cinnamon Island 3. Go trekking through the paddy fields of Bentota-Atturwella 4. Some Spend time in peace at Brief Garden 5. Try various treatments at Saman Villa

Is certification required for scuba diving in Bentota?

There is no certification required for scuba diving in Bentota but you must have all the necessary skills required for open water scuba diving.

How much does scuba diving cost in Bentota?

The cost of scuba diving packages in Bentota starts from INR 9300 which includes hotel pick and drop, all necessary training, equipment, food and drinks, and much more!

Which is the best place for scuba diving in Bentota?

The most popular dive sites to visit in Bentota are: 1. Canoe Rock 2. Dikwella 3. Kiralagala, 4. Godagala 5. Black Coral Point

When is the best time to visit Bentota?

For all types of water activities, November to April is the best time to visit Bentota as you can experience pleasant weather and calm waters.

Is scuba diving in Bentota safe for first-timers?

SCUBA diving is absolutely safe for everyone, even first-timers, as long as you follow proper scuba diving rules and guidelines.

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