You’ve Never Seen Anything Like The Natural Wonder That Saxon Switzerland National Park Is!

Saxon Switzerland National Park is a German national park with picturesque rocky valley landscapes and richly diverse wildlife. Apart from its breathtaking rocky landscapes the park is also famous for several other viewpoints that highlight the hidden beauty of the natural wonders. This park is not only famous for its sightseeing but also for the many different types of adventure activities that one can try out in this park. Awaken the courage within you and go hiking or climbing. You will also get to see some ancient forts which contain the essence of the rich cultural heritage of the past. No wonder the enchanting beauty of this park attracts tourists from all over the world and it is one of the most visited places in Germany.

About Saxon Switzerland National Park

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The Saxon Switzerland National Park, in German, is located in the Free State of Saxony, near the capital, Dresden. Often confused by its name, this park is actually located in Germany, not Switzerland. The park was opened in the year 1990 with the aim of preserving the natural wildlife including many different species of flora and fauna. The entire park is divided into two areas, the eastern and western areas. It is known to have preserved both montane forest and gorge forest which are on the verge of extinction in Europe.

Best time to visit Switzerland National Parks

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If you are someone who wants to visit the park at a time when it blooms at its best, then you are advised to visit this place in the months of October, August and January.

October is the best time to visit this park as nature is at its best and you get a chance to explore a lot of places. But since, this is the peak time as most of the tourists visit this place during this time of the year, the place is crowded and the prices of hotels and flights are very expensive. So if you don’t mind spending a little more then these three months are the best time for you to visit the park.

Now for those who want to experience the natural wonders of this place but cannot spend much. Don’t worry! You can still visit this park in the month of December. Although the weather is a bit cooler you can still enjoy different aspects of this park. Also since December is an off season, hotel and flight prices are not high, crowds are either low or moderate. The weather in Saxon Switzerland National Park is amazing all year round.

4 places to visit in and around Saxon National Park

There are many beautiful places to visit in and around the Saxon Switzerland National Park. We’ve listed a few keeping in mind the preferences of both kids and adults. To keep an eye:

1. Koenigstein Castle

Koenigstein Castle

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The landscape is famous for its fairy-tale-like atmosphere. There are beautiful palaces and forts all over the place which are attractive to see. The awe-inspiring monuments date back to the 13th century and are known to retain their beauty even today. From this place you can get a spectacular view of Saxon Switzerland. This is one place you must visit in the park.

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2. Basti Bridge

Basti Bridge

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The biggest attraction of this park is the Saxon Switzerland National Park Basti Bridge and the Basti Rocks which are up to 200 meters high and are located right above the famous River Elbe. Basti Bridge is a wooden bridge that was built in the 19th century amidst the rocks creating a spectacular view. Tourists cross this bridge which is a thrilling experience in itself and is also completely safe.

3. Schramstein

Schramstein in Switzerland

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This is another beautiful place located in the Elbe Valley and offers plenty of opportunities for those who like climbing or hiking. These are a tall and jagged group of rock formations that attract the largest number of thrill seekers every year. As you climb these rock formations, you will get to see picturesque landscapes and other natural wonders that have been beautifully sculpted by nature over a long time. The top view is even more captivating as you get to see the entire city from a completely different angle.

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4. Winterstein

winterstein in switzerland

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As you visit this place, it will take you back to the medieval era. This entire place is created by natural phenomena like fast flowing rivers and strong winds. The place is basically an isolated rocky outcrop that is home to lush greenery and a variety of flora and fauna. As you get closer to the summit you will also find the remains of medieval castles. This place is usually less crowded and the atmosphere is authentic and peaceful.

3 things to do in Saxon National Park

From hitchhiking to mountain climbing, there are many things to do in Saxon Switzerland National Park. We have shortlisted a few for you. To keep an eye:

1. Saxon National Park – Hiking


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This park is a paradise for all those who love hiking amidst greenery. This park has about 400 km of trails and is spread throughout the park. These paths and trails are especially for those who love to stroll through dense forests and explore nature. While walking, you may also see some species of plants which you will not find in most other places and this is what makes it more unique.

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2. Educational Exhibitions – Tour

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Your visit to this park will be considered incomplete if you do not attend one of the educational exhibitions held here. They tell about the deeply hidden secrets of the parks and will also enrich your knowledge about the rich diversity of flora and fauna found here. These educational tours are often accompanied by background audio voices that are played continuously and explain the significance of various places in the park and how they have evolved into their current form.

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3. Saxon National Park – Trek

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It is a dream come true for all the thrill seekers and adventure lovers. This is a very popular activity among the tourists visiting this park. There are more than 700 peaks in this park and all of them are challenging in their own way. You can climb any of these but make sure you are properly dressed and have all adequate equipment. This must be done to ensure your safety.

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How to reach Saxon Switzerland National Park

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The park is located about 19 miles southeast of Dresden. Reaching there is easy as there are plenty of transport facilities available:

by train: Trains are the best mode of transportation to reach the park. You can take S-Bahn trains to various local communities such as Bad Schandau, Seibnitz and Neustadt from the Dresden Central Railway Station. It is recommended that you take the train to Bad Schandau which is closest to the park. After exiting Bad Schandau, you can check out the Tourist Information Center where you will find all the necessary details about the park.

by bus: Several buses also run from Pirna to the park. These are cost effective and also ensure comfortable travel. The Kirnitzschall tram runs between Bad Schandau and the waterfall of Lichtenhain and has seven stops between the two locations.

By car: This is the easiest way to reach the park. The route is direct and if you go by car you will get closer to the park than by train. So you can also go with this option. Plus, road trips with your loved ones will make it an even more memorable experience.

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Those looking for a place to stay can choose from The NP Saxon Switzerland, Erbegericht Hotel and Hotel Sachsische Schweiz. Saxon Switzerland National Park is no less than a fantasy world. It offers a future full of all kinds of things, from lush nature to picturesque landscapes, rock formations to fascinating castles and relics from medieval times. This park is no less than a wonderland which is open to all nature lovers, thrill seekers and those looking for some peace. So if you ever come to Germany make sure you visit this place and enjoy some of the best days of your life.

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