Santa Fe Architectural Artistic and Cultural Treasure

Santa Fe the New Mexico capital lays on a tributary of the Rio Grande on the south-western slopes of the snow-capped ranges de Cristo Mountains. Santa Fe is a top holiday destination attracting visitors with its scenic beauty, rich history, cultural diversity, fine restaurants, and exciting attractions. Santa Fe is not only the countries oldest but also its highest state capital.

Here are a few things to see and do in Santa Fe.

For the adventurous traveler who craves truly for an authentic experience, Santa Fe is the destination that feeds the soul and energizes the spirit. Enjoy world-class hiking, biking, skiing, invigoration spa, and wellness retreats and celebrated local cuisine.

Santa Fe Architectural Artistic: Astronomy adventures Santa Fe

Santa Fe New Mexico capital
Santa Fe New Mexico capital

Traveller’s Market: you can shop the world in this fantastic market place. The Traveller’s Market consists of specialty items from almost every country. Fabrics, books, jewelry, toys, clothing and so much more are displayed. There is also a tribal art, antique market to explore.

Santa Fe River Park Trail:

Get outside and explore the ground at the Santa Fe River Park Trail. The park and trail system follows the river almost ten miles. Sometimes the riverbed dries out. A sharp reminder you’re in a desert. The park has sculptures, and picnic tables and the trail easily walks able and offers unique perspectives of the city to explore with friends and family.

Day Trip at Sangre de Cristo Mountain: during high seasons Santa Fe is jammed with festival visitors. A great escape is the nearby mountains which reach heights of more than 13000 ft and offer spectacular hiking, skiing, and water sports opportunities. The Ski Mecca of Taos is nearby.

Enjoy the magnificent New Mexican Night Sky with Astronomy Adventures. Astronomy Adventures offers educational and entertaining guided night sky tour. Experience the breathtaking grandeur of twinkling stars on a pitch black canvas without the interruption of the city lights.

Kokopelli Rafting Adventures:

Enjoy an exhilarating white water rafting adventure in the Rio Grande River with Kokopelli Rafting Adventure. Whether you are looking for challenging adrenaline or a relaxing ambiance down the river, Kokopelli has a variety of trips to suit every taste.

Santa Fe New Mexico
Santa Fe New Mexico

Santa Fe superb spas will transport you to a new level of bliss. Unwind yourself with massages; tub soaks and other healing traditions in the city.

Road Trips: take a fun road trip off the beaten path and visit ancient Indian ruins, traditional pueblos, old mining towns revived by artist, high mountain Spanish colonial villages and New Mexico.

Nightlife: cool music, hip cocktail and hot places to see the sunset and relax after hours are all part of Santa Fe’s exciting nightlife.

When to Visit: Santa Fe receives more snow in winter than most other major cities in the state. Night time the temperature drops below freezing level. Tourist arrival in July to September is at its peak.

Santa Fe is a true paradise for sports fisherman.

Professional fishers from all over the world and of every skill level are impressed when they see the abundance of animals that inhabit the waters of the flowing Parana River benefiting from the extensive coastline, lagoons, and islands in the area. Here one can catch indigenous spices also.

Come and explore this natural paradise style=”font-weight: 400;”>. If you can’t bring along your fishing equipment, don’t worry there are a variety of different places where you can rent small boats and fishing rods. Santa Fe is without a doubt an ideal place for sports fishing throughout the year.

Welcome to ‘the different city’ a place that makes its own rules without ever forgetting its long and storied past.

Guide to Planning your Trip

A useful guide to planning your trip is Inside Santa Fe which may help you in many local establishments. The financial development of the city may also result from the climatic conditions and the many outdoor pursuits. There’s a visible growth in the proportion of business investments made in the region and the consequent influx of individuals.

The southwestern corner of the state is called the Bootheel. The region is served by several Interstate Highways, rail and quite a large airport north of the metro area. Instant cities like Calico sprang up, but as soon as the mines became exhausted, a number of the settlements were abandoned.

Santa Fe tourists

Santa Fe tourists can take pleasure in the area during layovers and take in the neighborhood sights. Travel is likely, and life supplies you with expansive new alternatives. Reservations require at least four people. Adventure reservations have to be canceled a minimum of one week beforehand.

The Basics of Santa Fe New Mexico

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