Check Out The Places You Can Visit In San Francisco On A Budget

The city of San Francisco, remembered for the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, is one of the most dazzling cities in the United States. Located near the largest ocean, this beautiful paradise offers a lot to the people living here and those wishing to visit it. However, most beautiful cities aren’t exactly known for their affordable locations, which is why you might be surprised by the wide choice of cheap and affordable attractions in those places. Just because you are planning a vacation with a limited budget, that does not justify the fact that you cannot enjoy the breathtaking views, marvel at the antiquities museums or go around the major tourist attractions. Can roam around. San Francisco on a budget This is a creative way of planning a trip as you shortlist important places to visit and meanwhile you save some cash.

6 Affordable Things to Do in San Francisco

Anyone can travel and explore many places in San Francisco on a cheap budget, and the key to doing so is to be aware of the common options and choose the best ones.

1. Golden Gate Bridge – Take a walk

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Be it a luxurious or economical trip, a visit to the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge is a must and must for all foreigners. Possibly this major tourist attraction fits into any itinerary of any budget because it’s free. You can walk or bike across the 1.7 mile long bridge. If you are a history buff and stickler for facts then you can take advantage of the free walking tour on Thursdays and Sundays of every week, as it fits perfectly into your San Francisco on a 2019 budget plan.

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2. San Francisco – Engage in a Walking Tour

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The popular Golden Gate Bridge is not just a place you can visit for free, but you can also enjoy one of the many free tours offered to make your visit to San Francisco easier on a budget plan. San Francisco City Guides offers tours throughout the year along popular neighborhood sites like the Castro, Westwood Park, Chinatown, and Potrero Hill. Furthermore, some of these affordable tours give you some interesting facts and stories focusing on ancient stories of monsters, past earthquakes, graffiti, fires and many events.

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3. Presidio – Have a Picnic

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Spanning nearly 1,500 acres in a breathtaking setting at the famous Golden Gate, the Presidio fits perfectly into a San Francisco itinerary on a budget in 2019. This place is great for history fans and those who love natural beauty and unique views. It is a national park within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, this location has several freeways for visitors to enjoy this public property. Pack a picnic and discover the interesting history of the park’s museum as you enjoy entertaining stories from its past.

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4. Oracle Park – Enjoy recreational games

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Want to experience amazing views? Then head to Oracle Park and check out the ongoing Portwalk. It features a massive walkway right between the bay and the ballpark’s outfield wall, allowing guests to enjoy the splash of the ocean and watch exciting innings of the game in progress, all on a San Francisco-class budget. Comes.

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5. Tour San Francisco with City Pass

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If you intend to see all that San Francisco has to offer for you in the category of San Francisco on a cheap budget then City Pass or Go San Francisco access is the best option for you. With the City Pass, you will get access to the California Academy of Sciences and Aquarium of the Bay when you purchase an adult or minor ticket. Not only this, you can also enjoy a one-hour trip around the bay. Your City Pass allows you to use both the Muni Bar and the famous cable cars to get around the city without spending extra cash.

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6. De Young Museum – Tour

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While visiting this charming city with amazing attractions you can also visit the De Young Museum. Apart from this, you can also enjoy various options like San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Oracle Park Tour and San Francisco Dungeon.

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Places to Stay in San Francisco on a Budget

The most important thing to save huge amounts of cash is to choose the most affordable place to live. This is an important factor, especially if you plan to stay for several days and will be outside most of the time. You will find many hotels, inns and even hostels that can suit your idea of ​​planning a trip to San Francisco on a cheap budget. Listed below are some affordable places where you can avail of stay while exploring this wonderful place.

1. Europa Hotel

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It offers a budget-friendly setting with a range of amenities designed for travelers like you. The rooms here are comfortable and offer a refrigerator and storage space. Apart from this, there is a 24-hour open front desk and 24-hour security check. The hotel is surrounded by many tourist attractions to add more affordable luxury to your account which saves on commuting costs.

Place:310 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133-3908
Face value: INR 5,551
Website , Review

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2. Travel Inn

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Travel Inn San Francisco is a budget-friendly 29 unit outdoor corridor hotel located in San Francisco’s charming Marina District. Considered as one of the best budget hotels in San Francisco, this hotel offers a lot of amenities to its guests. This is one of the highest-rated hotels for travelers looking for an affordable place to stay.

Place: 2230 Lombard St., Hwy. at 101 Steiner Street, San Francisco, CA 94123-2704
Face value: INR 8,087
Website , Review

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3. Bay Bridge Inn

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Bay Bridge Inn is located in the heart of San Francisco and the place offers 100% non-smoking rooms that are completely non-smoking. If you are looking for an affordable place to stay in San Francisco this place is perfect. It has a variety of top-rated restaurants, bars and shops.

Place: 966 Harrison St., between 5th and 6th Streets, San Francisco, CA 94107-1009
Face value: INR 11,719
Website , Review

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So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to San Francisco on a budget and enjoy all the exciting activities as you save a lot of cash and time preparing an itinerary for your vacation. Don’t forget to tell us about your wonderful vacation when you get back.

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