Romantic Places To Visit In India This Christmas

Romantic Places To Visit In India This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and it is time to bid farewell to the challenging and tough year 2021 and greet 2022! Moreover, it is high time; every one of us finds a perfect travel destination to escape the mundane work life and make our Christmas vacation a memorable one! Notably, the newlyweds and couples who need a much-required break to re-kindle their romance.

Here are some of the best romantic places to visit in India this Christmas:



Yes! Every couple’s desire (residing in cold regions) is to escape the frosty wind in the winters and travel to an idyllic warm place for the Christmas vacation. And there is no better place to visit than Mumbai! Mumbai offers the most satisfying and dreamy resorts and hotels to stay in. You can have quality time at the seaside by holding your partner’s hand; without being catcalled! At the North shore, you can see the fireworks at the night. You can also go for a nighttime cruise ride in Mumbai for an exotic experience. Moreover, it allows you to see the best views of fireworks in the city.



Chandigarh offers fireworks in numerous areas, best seen from the city’s scaffolds; after those are finished, revellers can take off to the clubs for drinks, best Punjabi music, and rave until the point that the sun comes up. With pleasant weather and an umpteen number of events, Chandigarh makes the best romantic place to visit in India this Christmas.



People usually wait until the big bang at midnight in India. However, in Chennai, you can see the breathtaking firework displays, and light shows on numerous streets and the shore of Marina Beach ere the occasion. Gatsby 2000, Q Bar, The Flying Elephant and The Velveteen Rabbit are a few significant pubs and lounges that will be well-lit during Christmas! With music bands and exciting exhibits, Chennai is a treat to see on Christmas.


Kochi should be on your bucket list chiefly for two reasons – primarily because of its beaches, and secondarily for the carnivals, it hosts during Christmas. The iconic feasts in Kochi are a blend of various cultures like Anglo Indian, Dutch, Arab, Dutch, Kannada, Malayalee, Portuguese, and Punjab; making it an open event for any couple to visit and rejoice in a romantic atmosphere. Its beachside show includes high-flying acrobatics and exhibits. More than a million people gather to enjoy the visuals.



How can we forget to talk about Gokarna? People travel from far away for the big day – Christmas. This spiritual place during Christmas turns into a beachside haven with live music, fireworks and laser shows. Many parties, clubs, events, and carnivals will make your eve very joyful and romantic.



What else do you need at the point when India Gate turns into a site of marvellous light and firecrackers show. Subsequently, tens of thousands of people flock to the historic site, making it one of the biggest gatherings for Christmas in India. Apart from that, Delhi offers exclusive pubs, shopping streets and restaurants to have a satisfying time with your partner.



Kolkata is well-known for hosting festivals in grand style. Be it Durga Puja or Christmas, Kolkata brings in the best with music festivals, fireworks and carnivals. Kolkata’s celebrated markets and shopping streets change into Christmas fairs, consequently bringing about a considerable number of revellers.



Are you both music lovers? Well! You cannot find a better place to rejuvenate your teenage life than in Goa! Feel youthful again because the pure magic of Christmas begins in Goa. Visit Goa to see the most awe-inspiring fireworks with your soulmate along with the famous musicians in enchanting musical festivals. What else do you need now?



The light exhibits accompanied by the series of fireworks illuminates Pune like never before! Besides that, there are many nature getaways like Lonawala and Mahabaleshwar, to have a romantic weekend with your soulmate!

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