Road Trips In India Perfect For A Winter Adventure

Road Trips In India Perfect For A Winter Adventure

With a plethora of snowy hills, highways and plains, a road trip will be the best way to discover them all in India. Moreover, it’s winter time – it is the right reason and the season to go on a road trip. It is one of those seasons where you can truly feel one with nature.

If you are convinced, go ahead and check out these road trips in India perfect for a winter adventure.

Manali To Leh


A drive or a ride at an altitude of 16,600 ft amid the great Himalayas truly qualifies to be an awe-inspiring experience. It is one of the most travelled long drive routes in India, as many tourist destinations and getaways are arrayed on the way. Tagging on, a blanket of snow transforms this natural wonder into a perfect getaway. And it is one of the most Instagrammed and photographed roadways in India.

Narkanda To Sangla


Narkanda to Sangla is one of the lesser taken roads in India, and it deserves to be recognised. Though some parts of this roadway are covered in transparent ice, the view of the azure blue skies, smoky mountains and never-ending sight of snow will make your trip worth a shot! The roads are open all around the year, with the snow season beginning in September. If you are a nature lover, do not miss these fascinating roads in India.

Shimla To Kalka


Famously dubbed as honeymooners’ paradise, Shimla is a land of many wonders. The journey from Shimla to Kalka stretches a mere 70 km, however, thanks to tree-studded mountain tops and stunning landscapes, this road route has earned a reputation for showcasing nature’s best artwork. From unparalleled mountain vistas to the windchills that traverse through the mountains, a road trip along Shimla to Kalka will give you the best weekend getaway in India.

Srinagar To Jawahar


Unlike other roadways, this highways in India is decked with one of the best tunnelways in India. Besides its snow-clad mountains and wilderness, the ride through the empty tunnel makes it a unique long drive route in India. And when the autumn season starts, the path transforms into heaven fit for the movies. It also reveals stunning views and some thatched cottages along the way.

Guwahati To Tawang


A pathway stretching along 500 km, Guhawati to Tawang is one of the best bike routes in India. The roadway passes through a vision blanketed by snow. And because it is less travelled, careful planning and a suitable vehicle are advised. However, the panoramic view of the landscapes, snow-covered mountains and long stretches of wilderness will make your trip across India worth it.

Sonamarg To Gulmarg


If you have not experienced the awe-inspiring beauty in the midst of great misty mountains of Himachal, then you have missed an essential part of a autumn experience. A road trip from Sonamarg to Gulmarg passes through stunning smoky mountains, patches of lush greenery and blinding white landscapes. Therefore, it is one of the most sought after road trips.

Pelling To Darjeeling

From toy train rides to cycling, this clean winter road route is open to transportation options like no other. Secluded amidst the snowy mountain ranges in the Northeast, this fantastic way is exquisite and charming in its own way! During autumn, travellers and tourists can get a glimpse of a panoramic landscape covered in snow.

Gangtok To Zuluk

This loopy pathway is a pleasure to drive around, especially during winter, as it displays the best view nature can provide. And because it is less travelled and less crowded, visiting this snow road route makes it much more memorable. During a drive along these routes, you can expect snow-covered valleys, frozen lakes, and a vast wilderness with flora and fauna.

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