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The Philippines is a veritable island-hopping destination that offers tourists to choose from over 7000 tropical islands. A one-year destination, the Philippines experiences warm weather throughout the year and almost every beach is the first choice of balm. The country has a wet and dry climate and April is the last of the months of dryers here, seeing a lot of tourists. If you are planning to travel Philippines in April, So book well in advance!

Weather in Philippines in April

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The Philippines is hot all year round and April is the last of the dry months here, after which rain can be expected in the country. The average temperature during this month ranges between 23 ° C to 34 ° C and is a perfect time to get a tan on the beach or enjoy various outdoor activities here.

Why visit the Philippines in April

, Return With The Best Experiences

  • April is the last of the dry months making it the perfect time for the Philippines.
  • In addition, schools are closed during April, resulting in less traffic in cities, making them easier to locate during the month.
  • This is a great time to take advantage of summer offers and promos while shopping in malls in the Philippines.

Events and Festivals in the Philippines in April

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If you are heading to the Philippines in April, these are some of the events and festivals to be a part of. have a look.

  • All your sweetheart: Celebrated in the second week of April, it is a festival in which the Highland tribe gathers in the town of Kidapavan and honors Mount Epo, the highest peak in the country and is considered sacred. Anyone can join this festival and climb the highest mountain in the Philippines via the Mandarangan Trail. The scenery is spectacular and the atmosphere is lush green. There are trekking groups that measure the mountain and can climb with these groups if they do not want to do it.

When: Second week of april
Where to: Kidapavan City, North Kotabato

  • Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival: This is yet another vibrant festival that one can enjoy in the Philippines in April. Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival is the local version of Hong Kong’s famous Dragon Boat Race. There are both international and local teams competing in this exciting festival. So, are you excited to see long cans of wood running over White Beach?

When: April
Where to: Boracay

  • Turamba Festival: It is the longest religious festival celebrated by the people of Pakil in the Philippines. The festival is celebrated seven times during the months of April and May to honor the seven sufferings of the blessed Virgin of Turamba. The best part of this festival for tourists is the dance procession during this festival. Also, when you go to Pakil Church for this festival.

When: April May
Where to: Laguna Region

  • Moriones Festival: The festival takes place a week before Easter and is quite colorful, where locals can be seen as Roman soldiers dressed in colorful costumes and masks. It is a beautiful festival to be part of and celebrated in its cities Boac, Gasan and Morpog, Marinduque. The highlight of the festival is these eye catching costumes, dances, sword fights and more by the locals.

When: Saturday, April 4, 2020 – Sunday, April 12, 2020
Where to: Boac, Philippines

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5 Best Places to Visit in the Philippines in April

April is a great time to spend time on the beaches and explore the colder regions of the Philippines. Read on to find the top spot on your list for April.

1. Donsol

, Return With The Best Experiences

One of the places to visit in the Philippines in April is Donsol for whale shark sightseeing. April and May are the best time to go snorkeling here and enjoy it once in a lifetime. The weather is very good during this month and this is the visibility. Known for being the largest school of whale sharks, you are sure to spot a few in Donsol. Excited to head here?

things to do: Spot whale shark

2. El Nido Beach

, Return With The Best Experiences

No trip to the Philippines is complete without spending time on its beaches. El Nido is a beautiful beach to visit in the country. Try to hit the beach in early April as temperatures begin to warm up. And if it’s too hot to sunbathe, dive for a swim! The warm sea temperatures are excellent for enjoying swimming here in April. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

things to do: Sunbathe and swim

3. Mount Batalao

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image Source

If the weather starts to get very hot, you can go to the colder parts of the country and plan to go to Mount Batullo in April. It is one of the favorite destinations with hikers and a fairly easy 2 to 3 hour hike. The main attractions are the rolling meadows and finally the panoramic views of Batangas and Tall Lake.

things to do: Enjoy the great scenery

4. Banu

, Return With The Best Experiences

The Philippines usually captures the beaches and the sea by hearing its name, but another beautiful part of this country is its lush green environment and is the perfect time to lay heads on the rice terraces of Epil, Banu. The months of March and April are best for exploring the rice terraces that are the most green during these months.

things to do: Explore the rice terraces

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5. Baguio

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image Source

Another good destination for April in the mountains of the Cordilleras is Baguio. Renowned as the summer capital of the Philippines, it has a niche with locals and tourists alike. Some of the top tourist attractions are Session Road, Burnham Park, Camp John Hay and Mines View. Visit here to enjoy cooler temperatures during April.

things to do: sightseeing tour

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5 best things to do in the Philippines in April

The Philippines is a great country to visit in April as there are many activities to do here. Take a look at those you should not miss on a trip to this country.

1. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

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This is a great time to try snorkeling and scuba diving in the Philippines, with water temperatures perfecting 24 ° C-30 ° C during April. Cebu and Bohol are the best places to try these adventurous activities. Boracay is another spectacular place where an alien can see life under water.

Where to: Cebu, Bohol, Boracay

2. Surfing

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Although the Philippines has a laid back, there are many exciting water sports that one can enjoy here. If adventure sports is your way of relaxing and oblivious, then April is the perfect time to surf here. Surfers from all over the world come here to surf on some spectacular waves. The offshore winds in April provide a spectacular swell making it an ideal time for surfing. The major places to enjoy surfing are the baler, the backnote and the zumble.

Where to: Baler, Botanton, Zambales

3. Mountain Biking

, Return With The Best Experiences

One of the best ways to explore remote areas of a destination is biking. And mountain biking is a common sport to enjoy in the Philippines in April. There are a lot of tracks available and a day’s easy ride can pick up relatively tough people who are more than a day old or can even be up to a week. Make your way to spectacular heights and enjoy the spectacular views of the place.

Where to: Cordillera, Baton, Palawan

4. Sea Kayaking

, Return With The Best Experiences

April is all about adventure activities in the Philippines and another marine kayaking is on the list. The islands provide enthusiasts with an almost endless length of crystal blue waters to go to Caying. Enjoy exploring the various beaches and beautiful reefs that you will come across while kayaking. One of the best places to try this activity is North Palwan. Other areas that offer a marine kayaking are Camarines Sur and Cebu.

Where to: North Palawan, Camarines Sur, Cebu

5. Trekking

, Return With The Best Experiences

Another thrilling activity for those wishing to explore the Philippines in April is trekking. And due to the festival, one of the main places to visit here is the mountains of Apo. In addition it can also measure the heights of Halkon and Pulag. The trekking experience only gets better with a night of camping and stargazing! Take a walk in the jungles, and explore the remote places of this country. Clear water rivers and drowning springs on the way will not disappoint you!

Where to: Mount apo

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The Philippines has enough to offer to tourists in April. From an array of adventure activities to some of the most beautiful places, there is plenty to explore and enjoy here. Colorful festivals enhance one’s experience. so what are you waiting for? Book a trip to the Philippines, and have an amazing time island hopping, swimming with whales, beaches and other places.

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Frequently asked questions about April in the Philippines

Q. Is it a good time to visit Philippines?

a. April is the last of the dry months in the Philippines and a good time for the country.

Q. What can I do in the Philippines in April?

a. There are many outdoor activities that one can enjoy in April in the Philippines such as sea kayaking, trekking, surfing, diving and more.

Q. Are there any festivals in the Philippines in April?

a. Yes, one can enjoy festivals like Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival, Turuba Festival, Moriyan Festival in April. All these festivals provide a cultural insight into the life and traditions of Filipinos and are amazing festivals to be a part of.

Q. What are the top beaches to explore in the Philippines?

a. Boracay White Beach and El Nido Beach are the top beaches to explore in the Philippines in April.

Q. Which is the cheapest month to fly in the Philippines?

a. June is the cheapest month to fly to the Philippines.

Q. Is the Philippines safe?

a. Yes, the country is very safe to travel but one should like to take guided tours while exploring remote places or trekking and hiking here.

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