Eat To Your Heart’s Content At These 8 Restaurants In Turkey

Eating three times a day is not just a basic need of the body, but much more than that. Food intake not only fulfills your body’s requirements but also represents your tastes, preferences and best represents the culture of a family or place., The type of cuisine served in a place is an important part of creating the cultural diversity of a place, especially Turkey. So whenever you are in Turkey, you can enjoy the flavors of Turkey by trying these amazing flavors restaurants in Türkiye,

8 restaurants in Türkiye that are worth visiting

We have compiled a list of the best 8 restaurants in Turkey that are definitely worth a visit on your trip to Turkey. We recommend that you make reservations in advance as these restaurants tend to be crowded with locals and tourists.

1. Nicole’s Restaurant

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Run by Chef Aylin Yazıkıoğlu, Nicole Restaurant is a true Michelin star of Turkey. The restaurant serves French cuisine flavored with the freshest ingredients available. This restaurant serves some of the finest wines from Turkey’s boutique vineyards. Along with finger-licking amazing food, you get the most stunning view of the Turkish capital Istanbul from the beautiful rooftop dining room, making it one of the best restaurants in Turkey. Don’t forget that the restaurant menu changes seasonally, so whenever you feel like eating in Turkey, Nicole’s Restaurant is not far away.

Time: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Address: 18 TomTom Captain SK., TomTom Mahallesi, Istanbul, Türkiye
environment: Fine Dining, Delicious, Outdoors, Romantic, Modern

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2. Borsa Restaurant

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This restaurant is the pride of Turkey serving exquisite cuisine since 1927. The restaurant has preserved its sophisticated demeanor over the years which is reflected in the true Istanbul classic decor of the dining room. Two signature dishes of this restaurant range from yaprak sarmasi (stuffed vine leaves) to kuzu tandir (Konya-style roasted lamb shank with eggplant puree).

Time: Monday: 11 am to 10 pm
Address:4 Gumus Cd., Harbiye Mahallesi, Istanbul, Türkiye
environment: Modern, Traditional, Outdoors, Fine Dining

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3. Karakoy Lokantasi

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This restaurant promises you one thing for sure – a classic Turkish experience that will never go out of style. Karaköy Lokantası is a modern yet classic Turkish restaurant with interiors featuring art installations and classic dark turquoise tiles. This restaurant serves classic Turkish home-cooked food during the day and mezze, fresh fish and plenty of raki during the evening. The change between evening and day menu makes it a special food junction and a must try among Turkish restaurants.

Time: 12 noon to 12 midnight
Address: 37/A Kemankes Cd., Kemankes Karamustafa Pasa Mh., Istanbul, Turkey
environment: Casual, Modern, Stylish

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4. Mamedof

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Are you looking for the best and freshest seafood recipes? Then Mamedof is a place for you. Located near the beach, Mamedof is one of the busiest restaurants in Bodrum areas of Turkey. To enjoy your meal right next to the beach, you must make a reservation in advance. You can find all types of seafood and meze on display at any time of the day.

Time: 11 am to 2 pm
Address: 176/A Nezen Teyfik Street, Eskişehir District, Bodrum, Türkiye
environment: Casual, Outdoor, Modern

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5. Aceten

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The restaurant’s mission is to capture the essence of the Ottoman palace kitchens. Since 1991, this restaurant has been able to revive over 200 historical recipes. They take their mission very seriously. No wonder, they have been able to preserve the exquisite taste of the royal courts and sultans even after the ravages of time. The restaurant has given alternative modern takes to many traditional Turkish dishes.

Time: 12 noon – 10:30 pm
Address: 6 Kariye Camii Sk., Dervisali Mahallesi, Istanbul, Türkiye
environment: Fine Dining, Modern, Traditional, Outdoor

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6. Alancha

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Alancha is one of the most excellent restaurants in Turkey. It is said that Alancha Restaurant is highly experimental. The flavors of their food can be traced back to their Anatolian roots. There’s a little dimly lit dining room with almost no extra sound. This quality of Alancha Restaurant makes it unique. The restaurant specializes in delicious cuisine. His way of serving food is very stylish.

Time:6:30 pm – 2 am
Address:9 Sh. Mehmet SK., Visnezade MH., Istanbul, Türkiye
environment: great food, tasty, stylish

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7. roar

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Located in the highly sophisticated Nissantasi neighborhood since 1950, Hunker serves the best version of esnaf (merchant) cuisine. The restaurant is designed in a cafeteria style showcasing freshly prepared dishes. Don’t miss to try kuzu insik (slow-cooked lamb wrapped in eggplant) and kadinbudu kofte (meatballs dipped in egg and flour and fried with rice and herbs).

Time: 11:30 am – 11 pm
Address: 21 Mim Kemal OK Cd., Harbiye Mahallesi, Istanbul, Türkiye
environment: Casual, Fine Dining, Gourmet, Modern

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8. Orfoz

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This restaurant serves the best seafood in the city. Orfoz Restaurant’s food menu takes you on an exquisite maritime journey with dishes such as fresh clams, fresh mussels and smoked eel with lemon. Don’t forget to order Turkish white wine – it will enhance the flavor of the food wonderfully. Make sure to reserve yourself a seat as the restaurant gets packed by noon.

Time: 7 pm – 1 am
Address: 13 Zeki Muren Cd., Kumbaçe Mahallesi, Bodrum, Türkiye
environment: Outdoors, Fine Dining, Delicious, Modern

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Go ahead, indulge your taste buds and enjoy the finest cuisine served at the 8 best restaurants in Turkey. You will definitely be delighted with the mix of food and culture. Go to Turkey immediately to experience this amazing experience of flavors.

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