8 Best Restaurants In Quezon City For Having A Filipino Style Meal

The Philippines is certainly a beautiful place in itself, home to fascinating structures like Baroque-style churches and forts! The country’s capital is equally attractive and Quezon City is just a short distance away from the capital. Named after the second president of the Philippines, Quezon City is the most populous city, so imagine how refreshing it would be to see it!

If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, you might be thinking about a trip to Quezon City. Don’t forget to taste the delicious Filipino cuisine when you visit its most famous Quezon Memorial Circle. Restaurants in Quezon City offer not only delicious Filipino cuisine, but also intercontinental cuisine for those who want to eat their food back home! You will definitely have a mind-soothing holiday experience there.

8 Best Restaurants in Quezon City

Be sure to check out this list of some of the best restaurants in Quezon City and after you taste the best Filipino and intercontinental cuisine they have to offer, share your experience!

1. Pino Resto Bar

Pino Resto Bar

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Instead of starting with a clichéd restaurant with great dining and nice decor, let us introduce you to a restaurant with a good purpose. Pino Resto Bar is in service of a foundation for cancer patients. While visiting the restaurant, you will see paintings on the wall for sale! The money from those arts goes to charity. Furthermore, the restaurant is huge and a famous Filipino restaurant. There is no doubt that this is one of the unique restaurants in Quezon City.

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2. Victorino Restaurant

Victorino Restaurant

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For all those who are fond of old-timey places and things, this is the perfect place. Victorino Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Quezon City that serves delicious Filipino cuisine. So, make sure you visit this place!

3. Vikings


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If you are in the Philippines and want to celebrate a special occasion, this is the best place to go! Offering luxury buffet and fine decor, Vikings is one of the good seafood restaurants in Quezon City. Grab your gang and eat like it’s the end!

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4. Categorized Kitchen

Dining Table

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It is one of the affordable restaurants in Quezon City that offers delicious pasta, sandwiches, steaks and wine. Apart from this it also offers coffee and sweets. So, if you are looking for a casual day out with friends while you are in the Philippines, visit this place. This is also a good romantic restaurant in Quezon City!

5. Romulo Café

Romulo Cafe View

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Named after the multi-skilled personality Romulo, this café is one of the best restaurants in Quezon City. It has the kind of decor that will remind you of the good old days of the Philippines. This place with delicious food and an aura of nostalgia is a must visit while exploring Quezon City.

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6. Rub Ribs and Barbecue

RUB Ribs and BBQ in Quezon City

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Do you want to miss the Filipino taste? Visit this American restaurant in the city that serves some of the most famous non-vegetarian dishes like tacos, burritos, salads and sandwiches. And if you want to try their signature dish, choose the BBQ Ribs to get a heart-pounding experience like never before.

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7. Vegetarian Kitchen

Vegetarian Kitchen

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Finding a vegetarian restaurant in an island country is quite difficult. Many of you cannot eat non-vegetarian dishes. But you don’t need to worry because there is this restaurant in Quezon City that predominantly serves vegetarian dishes. The café has a homely aura that will enhance your experience of treating your taste buds here.

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8. Mini India Healthy Recipes

Little India Healthy Food in Quezon City

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Looking for Indian restaurants in Quezon City? There are so many! And one of them is Little India which serves scrumptious Indian dishes cooked with natural herbs and organic vegetables. So, whether you like or dislike Indian taste, do try this restaurant which is definitely one of the best restaurants in Quezon City.

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So, now you know where to get a taste of Filipino and intercontinental cuisine while enjoying its distinctive decor. Now, think no more and plan a trip to Philippines with TourTravelHotels for a mind-blowing holiday.

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