If You Want To Real Taste Of Bhutanese Cuisine Then Stop By At These Restaurants On Your Trip!

A journey is completely satisfying only when our stomach is full and taste buds are satisfied with delicious food. The local cuisine of the place is one of those experiences that no one should miss, such as the Bhutanese flavor during a trip to Paro. Restaurants in Paro serve delicious food, which is a great deal to complete the package of a soul-satisfying trip to Bhutan. Read on to know more about these amazing food spots in Paro.

10 Best Restaurants in Paro Bhutan

The quaint town of Paro is home to top restaurants serving delicious Bhutanese, Indian and international cuisine. Here are the best places to eat in Paro.

1. My kind of place

my kind of place

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This is a warm and welcoming place right in the middle of the market in Paro. This vibrant and lively restaurant is run by a wonderful woman who is a great chef. The service at the restaurant is exquisite and the beef that is served is impeccable, making it one of the best restaurants in Paro, Bhutan. Apart from non-vegetarian dishes, vegetarian and vegan options are also available. No one can visit Paro without eating here!

Place: Main Road, Paro 12001, Bhutan
Google Rating: 4.3/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
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2. Sonam Trophy Restaurant

Sonam Trofel Restaurant

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Located in the heart of the city, Sonam Trofel Restaurant in Paro is a wonderful place to have an authentic bowl of Thukpa. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and the food is delicious. Freshly prepared on order, this place serves some amazing Bhutanese cuisine. The place closes early, so come for lunch or during the late evening.

Place: Paro Tshongdue | Above Paro Canteen, Paro 12001, Bhutan
average cost:: INR 288/-
Google Rating: , TripAdvisor: 4/5
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3. Tu Zaiga Restaurant

Tu Zaiga Restaurant

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A 10-minute drive from Paro Airport, Tu Zaga is run by the Bondi Institute of Hotel Tourism. Young five-star chefs prepare delicious fusion dishes here. Orient meets Oxidant here with local produce infused with Western flavours. Enjoy hand-picked mushrooms accompanied by homemade ricotta!

Place: Bondi | Restaurant at Bongde Institute of Hotel and Tourism, Paro 00975, Bhutan
average cost:: INR 648/-
Google Rating: 4.8/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
tripadvisor reviews

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4. Bukhari Restaurant

Bukhari Restaurant

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Set around a Bhutanese fireplace, the restaurant has a circular seating area. The place is quite sophisticatedly designed, with elegant interiors. Enjoy a fine dining experience in the quaint surroundings of Paro Valley here at Bukhari Restaurant. The place introduces a new menu from time to time, based on local organic produce. Come see what’s in store for you!

Place: Uma Paro, Paro 12001, Bhutan
TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5
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5. Yu-Ling Restaurant

Yu-Ling Restaurant

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It is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Paro. The place is cozy and the food served is delicious. Here you can enjoy a buffet-style lunch. Curry chicken and fried cabbage are must-try dishes. The Bhutanese taste is quite captivating. Along with curries, this place also serves freshly baked homemade bread!

Place: Main Road, Paro 12001, Bhutan
TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5
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6. Lotus Bistro

Lotus Bistro

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If you’re looking for a place to eat with a view, come to Lotus Bistro. It is one of the best in Bhutan. The restaurant offers beautiful views of the snow-capped peaks and the river. This place is a must try for delicious authentic Bhutanese cuisine. The staff is hospitable and the place makes one feel like home. Everything is prepared fresh and the Ema Datshi with red rice is a must-try dish at Lotus Bistro.

Place: Opposite Paro Police Station, Paro 12001, Bhutan
average cost:: INR 1008/-
Google Rating: 4.3/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
tripadvisor reviews , Facebook

7. Lybaling Restaurant

Lyabling Restaurant Bhutan

This multicuisine restaurant in Paro is quite popular. Located in the heart of Paro city, this restaurant provides a view of the entire city. Apart from Bhutanese main dishes, this place also serves Indian and international dishes. The food is freshly prepared and never disappoints. Enjoy Chinese buffet in Bhutanese style here!

Place: Almost All Seasons | Paro Town, Paro 12001, Bhutan
Google Rating: 4/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5
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8. Jigsel II Buffet Restaurant

Jigsel II Buffet Restaurant

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As the name suggests, the restaurant serves a sumptuous buffet. Highly recommended by the locals, the restaurant is quite spacious with seating for around 40 people at a time. Served in traditional wooden bowls, this restaurant is a complete Bhutanese experience. Along with delicious food, you can also enjoy a mug of beer or local wine here.
Place: Near Bank of Bhutan, Paro 12001, Bhutan
Google Rating: 4.5/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5
tripadvisor reviews , Facebook

9. Sochi Restaurant

Sochi Restaurant

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If you want to eat delicious momos then go to Sochi Restaurant. Centrally located, the restaurant is clean and tidy. Talking about food, the restaurant has a choice of traditional local dishes as well as a buffet. This is one of the best Indian restaurants to visit on your trip to Paro, Bhutan, serving a variety of tempting Indian dishes. The food is fresh and delicious. The momos and Bhutanese red rice served with spicy red chutney are also a must try.

Place: Town Square, Paro 12001, Bhutan
Google Rating: 3.2/5 | TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5
tripadvisor reviews

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10. Dagmar Restaurant

Dagmar Restaurant

image Source

Quite popular among tourists, Dagmar Restaurant in Paro is centrally located. The welcoming ambiance and hospitable staff are one of the reasons why this restaurant is so popular, the other being the lovely Bhutanese and Chinese food it serves. There is also a specialty buffet to choose from along with other dishes available to order. Try the chili cheese dish and eggplant at Dagmar.
Place: Near Children Park. Paro Main Town, Paro 12001, Bhutan
average cost:: INR 432/-
TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5
tripadvisor reviews

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Ready to travel to Bhutan? Dine at these amazing places and enjoy the local Bhutanese flavor at the restaurants in Paro!

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