10 Best Restaurants In Nusa Dua That Offer The Most Lip-Smacking Indonesian Cuisines

Nusa Dua is a small but vibrant settlement in the heart of South Bali. Filled with five-star beach resorts and villas, Nusa Dua attracts tourists of all types with its beaches – Geiger and Dreamland. Travelers to the peninsula will also confirm Nusa Dua’s distinctive but unconventional but popular viewpoint Balinese cuisine. These world-class dining venues offer a wild mix of great oriental cuisine and stunning views of the ocean. Here is a list of the top restaurants in Nusa Dua for the foodie in you.

10 Best Places to Eat in Nusa Dua

Of all the restaurants in Nusa Dua, here is a list of the 10 best restaurants where you can dine with your loved ones like never before. To keep an eye!

1. Cut Catch Cucina

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Cut Catch Cucina is a three-section restaurant and the highlight of the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Resort. This place is very popular with families – children under 12 eat free. You can also get Angus, Wagyu and Kurobuta steaks at Cut Steakhouse. Catch in Nusa Dua specializes in esoteric seafood and is tailored to the Indonesian fish market. Cucina is an Italian osteria where you can eat authentic Italian pizza and pasta. The restaurant has complimentary access to the resort pool for all guests, and the resident jazz ensemble provides a classy yet relaxed atmosphere at this select restaurant in Nusa Dua.

Place: Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Resort, BTDC Area
Average cost for two: 3100 rupees

2. Kayuputi Restaurant

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The St. Regis Bali Resort’s signature dining options offer exquisite views of the ocean while you enjoy renowned dishes invented by Balinese sous chef Agung Gede. The restaurant’s interiors also reflect an innovative streak rooted in local culture – white walls adorned with traditional Wayang puppets as well as wooden sculptures. Sunday brunch attracts particularly huge crowds, and if you’re in a festive mood, ask for the Champagne Brunch. One of the best restaurants in Nusa Dua!

Place: St. Regis Bali Resort
Average cost for two: 6500 rupees

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3. Soleil in Mulia Bali

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The southern tip of the Nusa Dua peninsula has recently seen a boom in luxury dining options, especially around Sawangan Beach. Mulia’s Soleil in Nusa Dua is the best restaurant in this part of the city. The predominant cuisine here is Mediterranean and Asian, and the seafood is particularly great. The white, gold and beige interior creates a warmth that is especially good for the Sunday breakfasts that are so popular here.

Place: Nusa Dua Highway
Average cost for two: 3100 rupees

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4. Cruise at the Ritz Carlton

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Bejana is one of the best dining places in Nusa Dua. The restaurant only opened in 2015, and has since managed to become a prime spot in Nusa Dua for international tourists to sample the rich Indonesian cuisine. The restaurant’s renowned chef Made Suriana has added his magical touch to make the highly spicy Indonesian food more delicious while still maintaining the heart and soul of the dishes. Although Bejana has indoor seating, we recommend you go al fresco and sit by the ocean at this featured restaurant on Nusa Dua beach.

Place: Nusa Dua Highway
Average cost for two: 3100 rupees

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5. Aravana Restaurant in Laguna

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Arwana is probably one of the best restaurants in Nusa Dua for a romantic candle-lit dinner along the Laguna beach. Located in the main BTDC complex, Arwana is not your typical restaurant. The open-air kitchen has demonstrations of the food being prepared and there is also a live seafood aquarium where you can select your favorite seafood for the night.

Place: Laguna, Jalan Nusa Dua
Average cost for two: 3800 rupees

6. Tapa Bistro at The Bell

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Tapa Bistro is one of the nice restaurants in Nusa Dua, where one can enjoy famous Indonesian tapas and cocktails as well as an excellent international mix of Balinese and international cuisine. Keeping up with the times, the bistro has also started offering vegetarian, gluten-free and only organic options. Soul music and jazz are the favorites for live entertainment at this venue, but you can also occasionally spot international DJs curating.

Place: Nusa Dua Highway
Average cost for two: 1700 rupees

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7. Quay Zein Restaurant

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Headed up by Dan Gilbert, Kwe Zin is the place to enjoy the finest pan-Asian buffet in Nusa Dua and perhaps Bali. One of several restaurants near Sofitel Nusa Dua Beach Resort, this place is divided into several parts in the style of old-fashioned Balinese hawker markets. Each genre has a diverse collection of the best dishes of a particular cuisine, and you’re likely to find Indian, Chinese, Japanese and the favorite Indonesian dishes here.

Place: Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Resort BTDC Area
Average cost for two: 3000 rupees

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8. Pirate Bay Bali

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It is one of the only restaurants in the Nusa Dua area near the bay. It’s probably clearly marked by the fake pirate ship sitting right there in the sand. There are only pirate-themed kitchens with menus and servers at the top of the open-air bamboo lookout towers that talk about pirates. Obviously a great place to bring the family, this place is known for its amazing seafood, including grilled baby lobster, crabs as well as calamari and prawns.

Place: Bay Bali, BTDC Area
Average cost for two: Rs 2100

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9. Bonka Restaurant

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Bonka is an Indonesian traditional puppet. The restaurant, located in the five-star St. Regis Bali hotel, is based on Bonka’s design concept, the motif of which you will find repeated throughout the eatery. There is a breakfast buffet that includes tropical Indonesian fruits, sashimi and oysters. The specialty here is the Egg Nouvelle, which is basically lobster stuffed with egg. The place is also quite famous for Bali Marys, Bali’s own version of the Bloody Mary cocktail, which has put it at the center of the Nusa Dua restaurant map.

Place: St Regis Bali Jalan Nusa Dua
Average cost for two: 6000 rupees

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10. Nusa Dua Beach Grill

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Located in a secluded corner of the city, this place offers an excellent casual spot for a barbecue meal right by the sea. Located literally on Geiger beach, here you can find all kinds of grilled seafood that is freshly caught from the sea. Gegar Temple is also located very close. This place can be a nice change of pace from the five-star dining at the resorts, and with views of the open blue ocean and sandy beach, it has a rustic charm that’s hard to ignore. Also, it is the cheapest restaurant in Nusa Dua.

Place: Jalan Pura Gegar, Sawangan
Average cost for two: 1100 rupees

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These restaurants in Nusa Dua offer a variety of Balinese and Indonesian cuisine blended with Western sensibilities. Of course, food adds another dimension to the holiday experience, so plan your fabulous Bali trip instantly with TourTravelHotels!

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