Restaurants in Mumbai and top 10 Restaurants in Mumbai

Restaurants in Mumbai and top 10 Restaurants in Mumbai

Restaurants in Mumbai: In recent years, the restaurant’s industry facing a lot of competitiveness all over the world especially in the South Asian country India, where it attracts the high number of tourists from all parts of the world. In general, restaurants are highly utilized by the tourists and also by the local peoples on the routine basis.

Restaurants in Mumbai
Restaurants in Mumbai

Expectations from best restaurants

If you are visiting a restaurant, your hope would be about getting warm welcome, neat & clean environment along with the pleasant odors. If you are getting soulful music, then it would be a big plus.

You can find a lot of restaurants in and around the busy city of Mumbai; however, it’s not possible for you to get similar kind of receptions and also pleasant experiences of dinning in all those restaurants. To experience the entertaining, you need to narrow down the best restaurants cited in the city. Before that, you need to ensure that purposes of visiting the restaurants.

Picking restaurants for the purpose

When it comes to picking the best restaurants, it indeed depends on the situation you are in!  On considering most cases, the essence of seeking restaurants gets narrowed to 4 things which are listed and briefed below.

For Outing with Kids:

If you are family men, then picking the best restaurants for getting your family outing would be the first preferences. In that case, you need to consider the facts like diners, staffs nature, and also other entertainment for kids at the restaurants.

For Corporate Dining:

Well, most of the business deals and other vital conferences are held in best restaurants these days. In that case, a search will truly depend upon the restaurants citing area if it’s in bay area it will be a perfect destination, along with that dining experiences will get included with drinks and entertainments.

For the First Date:

If you are seeking best restaurant, it is highly recommended to keep things on the shelf. Don’t prefer high dining experiences and also evidently not about the cheap fast food restaurants either. Prefer something new which you have no idea and not tasted before.

For Travelers:

If you are a traveler and seeking restaurants for your accommodation and getting dining, then consider the one which offers you cultural rich habituation along with perfect dining options.

Also many get confused on picking and differentiating with good restaurants and the best restaurants. To be frank, they haven’t known the right method to distinguish the differences in-between them. In the city like Mumbai, you need to know every single fact to avail the best from the heavily listed restaurants of Mumbai city.

Here is the table which you might be needed to distinguish the best and good restaurants of the Mumbai city.

S.NoFactors Brief
1Authenticity in AtmosphereIt’s about having seating arrangement with spacious and with perfect décor and motif.
2Live PerformanceIt’s about receiving live performance by the artists along with world-class dining.
3Other comfortsIt’s about getting the proper welcome, using freshest ingredients, smooth engagement of staffs, talented chef and so.

List of Top 10 Restaurants in Mumbai

Out of many restaurants in the busy city of India, here are the listings of top 10 best restaurants which own high reputation among the customers of years.

Leopold Café Mumbai
Leopold Café Mumbai
  1. Leopold Café

One among the top restaurants in the Mumbai city is the hot destination for the travelers. It has its nightlife; the restaurants will see crowded with full of abroad visitors during the night hours to experience the electric atmosphere.

The visitors can enjoy the dining from China, India and also from several continental foods. In addition to that one can enjoy the varied cuisine of various parts of the world.

The restaurant is located in the Colaba Causeway in Mumbai, and it opens all the day in between the hours 7.30 AM to 12.30 AM. To know about them dial 022-22022-0131, where you can get assistance from their customer care executive.

  1. Gaylord

It is one of the old restaurants of Mumbai city, where you can enjoy the delicious bakery items and also a perfect coffee shop to spend some valuable time with your loved ones. The restaurant seems to be active ever since the 1950s, and it is popular in today’s market too.

Visitors can have the option of dining at indoor and also under the sheds of trees located in the front courtyard of the restaurant. The restaurants cover the variety of Indian and as well as the continental dishes.

The Gaylord restaurant is located at Veer Nariman Road, Mumbai. And it will be opened during 12.30PM to 3.30PM and also during 7.30PM to 11.30PM. To talk to the receptionist of Gaylord dial: 022-2282-1259.

  1. Khyber

Khyber stands tall when it comes to food beverages and also the restaurant atmosphere. The restaurant has a unique wooden doorway which is something peculiar to look, and the dining room is fully decorated with the Afghan interior decorative elements.

The Mughal from the North-west part of the nation has often reserved this hotel to experience their religious culture posses by the restaurant. Also, the food court offered by the restaurant is highly numbered with meat grills and other non-veg curries.

The restaurant is located on Mahatma Gandhi Road, Mumbai and it opens during 12.30PM to 4 PM and from 7.30PM to 12.00AM. Dial 022-4039-6666 for availing customer care executive’s assistance.

  1. Pan – Asian

Pan-Asian one the top hotels in India, which are functioning with world-class standards, the restaurant are located at the ITC Grand Maratha. The restaurant offers almost all the South Asian cuisine.

The restaurant is widely famous for offering quality South Asian dishes, especially from Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea and so.

To know more about the Pan-Asian restaurant dial 022-2830-3030 during the business hours from 12.30PM to 02.45PN and from 7.30PM to 11.45PM. It is located on Sahar Road, Mumbai.

  1. Olive Bar & Kitchen

The Olive Bar & Kitchen restaurant is the best options for those who are looking for their favorite dishes from European and Mediterranean regions. Unlike other restaurants of the town, the menu items of this restaurant will get frequently changed to be flexible with nature.

The dishes which are offered by the official members of Olive & Bar Kitchen will consist of only fresh ingredients. The most delicious food provided by the officials of Olive Bar would be healthy Italian Salads and Home-made pasta.

To book your reservation dial 022-2605-8228, the restaurant will be opened at midnight from 9.30PM to 12.00AM.

Olive Bar & Kitchen
Olive Bar & Kitchen
  1. Indigo

The Indigo restaurants posses the European moderns, the interior designing works carried by the officials are truly marvelous. As per the recent survey conducted by the officials, the Indigo restaurant gets listed among the top 60 ‘hot tables’.

One of the most stylish modernized restaurant of Mumbai Indigo located on Madhlik Road, Mumbai, and its business hours starts from 12.00PM to 3 PM and from 7.30PM to 11.45MP.

  1. India Jones

If you are willing to experience the task of Asian cuisines, then consider about visiting the India Jones, where you can avail the elegant and also the most comfortable mode of entertainment. The restaurant has its terms and rules.

In most cases, the menus of the India Jones hotel would be matches with the dishes offered by Japan, Korea, Chine and so.

The restaurant is located at Marine Dr, at Mumbai. And also the working hours of the restaurant is every day from 12.30 PM to 2.45PM and from 7.30PM to 11.45PM.

  1. Peshawari

The restaurant Peshwari is one the top classy restaurant when compared with the other constructions of ITC Grand Maratha sherator. With the uniqueness of tasty cuisine of India drives almost every visitor towards it.

For those who are love to have cuisines of Bukhara and also from another northwest Frontier region along with the foods like Kebabs, Dense curries and also mingled various spiced meat.

The restaurant is located at Sahar Road, Mumbai and opens daily from 12.30PM to 2.45PM and also from 7 PM to 11.44PM. Dial 022-2830-3030 to talk with their customer care personnel.

  1. Dakshin

The restaurant Dakshin is highly focused on offering mouth watering south Indian dishes which are pretty much liked by the Indian people from other parts. Being a part of the ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton is the big plus for this restaurant.

The restaurant offers you the delicious south Indian foods from states like Kerala, Karnataka along with both vegetarian and nonvegetarian foods. It would be the perfect place to gives surprise and also to impresses your guest or loved the person.

The restaurant located at Sahar Road, Mumbai and it functions in-between the timing hours 7 PM to 11.45PM.

  1. Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon Mumbai
Golden Dragon Mumbai

The Golden Dragon is the best restaurant. Where you can find the rich Chinese cuisines without compromising its quality and taste. The restaurant manages to gain attractions among the foodies. Golder Dragon offers quality Szechuan dishes which are so prevalent in South-west China.

Owing to the high reputation value, the restaurant will be crowded during the weekends. The reservation is required to have a niche dining experience. The restaurant is well famous for offering you the complex cuisines of Chinese continent and also from the Cantonese Cuisines.

The Golden Dragon restaurant is located at the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower in Apollo Bunder, Mumbai. It functions all day from 12.30 PM to 2.45 PM. Dial 022-6665-3366 to engage with their customer care center.

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