15 Restaurants In Melbourne That Have Become Wildly Popular In A Short Span

Melbourne is a city in the state of Victoria, Australia and has a population of more than 5 million. According to a survey ranking, it was the world’s most liveable city for seven consecutive years. Melbourne has a large diverse population including people of Native Australian, English, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Irish, Scottish, Italian and South East Asian descent. We’ve picked 10 restaurants in Melbourne that cater to all tastes.

Top 15 Restaurants in Melbourne

With so many places to visit in Melbourne, you won’t want to miss the best places to eat. Here is a list of restaurants that can suit your tastes and preferences, like no other restaurant.

1. Cutler & Company

Cutler & Company

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Andrew McConnell is one of Melbourne’s best chefs and has several restaurants in the city. Cutler & Co in Fitzroy in Melbourne has a dining room and a bar and is known for creating a menu that highlights local products from the area. It has an impressive wine list and is a great place to enjoy a three-course meal with modern cuisine.

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2. World View

world view

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Chef Shannon Bennett is one of Australia’s most renowned chefs. Vue de Monde is their famous Melbourne restaurant offering classical and modern cuisine. The restaurant has an extensive wine list and offers customers a 10-course sampler meal. The restaurant is located in a high-rise building and also has a private “Dom Pérignon” room for distinguished guests. It is considered one of the good restaurants in melbourne By many locals!

3. Movida


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Melbourne’s population has many diverse cultures and many people of Spanish descent live in the city. MoVida is a Spanish restaurant that focuses on Spanish cuisine. MoVida Bar de Tapas features traditional Spanish cuisine, fine wines and Champagne and really lovely Spanish desserts. This is a great tapas bar in the city and a popular place for tourists to visit.

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4. Attica


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Another great restaurant in Melbourne with a renowned chef is Attica with Chef Ben Shewry. Attica is a fine dining restaurant in Melbourne whose menu includes specialties such as lobster, caviar and foie gras. Attica is located in the Ripponley area of ​​Melbourne and this fine dining restaurant uses Australian ingredients with influences from various Australian cuisines. This restaurant is one of them places to eat in melbourne One you can’t miss!

5. Rockpool Bar & Grill

Rockpool Bar and Grill

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Rockpool Bar & Grill is a dining room with outlets in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. It is one of the best restaurants in the country and offers innovative Australian-style cuisine to customers. From champagne and caviar to burgers, this place really has something for almost everyone. The bar’s inspiration is the steakhouse tradition of North America and is a great place for grilled and barbecue food.

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6. Coda


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Another popular restaurant in the city is Koda. It is a modern Asian or French Vietnamese style cuisine restaurant with cuisine influenced by French, Vietnamese, Chinese, Asian, Japanese and originally Pan Asian style cuisine. Asian flavors are very well incorporated in the variety of dishes available at Koda. This is definitely one of the most attractive Restaurants in Melbourne, Australia For your next trip!

7. world


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Sean Quaid is a top chef in Australia and his restaurant, Lume, has been consistently rated one of the country’s best restaurants for several years. Lume offers a 14-course tasting menu. It has a modern menu and the menu features contemporary fine dining dishes. The menu also features vegetarian dishes, and its seven-course meals are renowned throughout Australia for their cuisine.

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8. Dinner by Heston

dinner by heston

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Heston Blumenthal is one of the best chefs in the world with several world-class restaurants and cookery shows on TV. Dinner by Heston in Australia features a la carte menus, private dining, a five-course lunch, a vegetarian five-course lunch, a bar with sparkling cocktails and a famous festive Friday lunch. The restaurant serves Australian and English cuisine. This place is one of Top Restaurants in Melbourne Which you should include in your list.

9. Flower Drum

flower drum

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Most urban cities in Australia, including Melbourne, have large Chinese populations. One of the best Chinese restaurants in the city is Flower Drum. Flower Drum is a private dining restaurant in Melbourne with a variety of Chinese dishes on its menu. The restaurant uses seasonal produce from the area to create authentic Chinese cuisine.

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10. Press Club

press club

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George Calombaris is a famous chef who is a judge on the reality cooking show on TV called MasterChef Australia. George’s is a restaurant in Press Club Melbourne that serves traditional Greek cuisine with a modern twist. Melbourne has a large Greek population. This restaurant is famous among tourists from all over the world because of its famous chef.

11. Osteria Illyria

famous pasta on the table

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If you are in and around Melbourne, this is one place where your Italian food cravings will be best satiated. The fact is that this place has many delicious dishes on its menu that you must try like Paccheri and is loved by tourists as well as locals. With a unique decor to keep you in the mood, if you’re in the mood to eat some crazy cheese then this place will definitely have you coming! Do you want to dig in any time soon?

12. Sunda

Shrimp Dish

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Sunda is a restaurant that has its own unique menu with vegemite curry topping the list. Delicious curry sauces, deconstructed rotis and rendang buns are among the specialties of this place. The special thing is that the meat pie version of this restaurant is a favorite of many foodies. However, one of the best dishes at this place is definitely the vegemite curry.

13. Carlton Wine Room

interior view of restaurant

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Although the restaurant has undergone some changes in recent times, the taste and quality of the food has only improved if nothing else! You can definitely taste the rigatoni pasta with smoked cheese here and the kingfish crudo is amazing. What’s more, you can taste various drinks on the menu which are all the locals’ favourites. This is definitely one of the best restaurants in melbourne,

14. Cumulus Inc

counter worker

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Andrew McConnell presents this gorgeous restaurant called Cumulus Inc. which has an exclusive menu with some of the best dishes. With a grand bar that is certainly more than inviting and an open kitchen that lets you peek into the fascinating kitchen of this place, it is a unique experience for those visiting Melbourne for the first time. Try their lamb shoulder and oysters to get a taste of the authentic Australian flavors on board. This place tops the list of amazing Best new restaurants in Melbourne,

15. Type 00

interior view of restaurant

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With luxurious decor that will make you feel right at home, this café bar has everything one needs for a relaxing evening time. The best dishes to try here include the pasta and panna cotta as well as the delicious radicchio salad that is their specialty. The overall lively atmosphere definitely adds to the experience of this beautiful restaurant.

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Over the past decade, Melbourne has become a destination for top-rated food. Plan a trip to Australia for an incredible culinary experience. Make sure to take your family and friends along too. Because happiness is doubled when shared!

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