10 Fantastic Restaurants In Kenya For All Foodaholics!

Kenya is a country in East Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean. There is a lot to offer to the people visiting this place. From tourist attractions to beautiful beaches to delicious cuisine. Food in Kenya has its own unique personality with a blend of native spices and ingredients providing the best taste.
If you want to explore food in Kenya, there’s plenty restaurants in kenya Which serves traditional Kenyan cuisine. Not just Kenyan food, you will also find diverse food restaurants ranging from Italian to Brazilian and even Indian.

Top 10 Restaurants in Kenya

Here is a list of the 10 best Restaurants in Kenya. Read on to know more about these restaurants and taste delicious African cuisine on your trip. To keep an eye!

1. Trout Tree Restaurant

Trout Tree Restaurant

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Trout Tree Restaurant is a very unique restaurant located in the Nanyuki region of Kenya. The tree is designed and built around a giant fig tree. Situated just below Mount Kenya and along the Barguret River, the restaurant makes it feel as if you are dining right in the middle of a beautiful forest. In this restaurant you will get the best char-grilled trout fish, which is caught from the ponds just below the restaurant. Apart from their special trout, you will find Laikipia beef and many other vegetarian dish options. On the weekends they also fire up the pizza oven, and serve up some of the most delicious pizza. The restaurant can accommodate up to 60 people and you’ll get to see 3 groups of resident Colombian monkeys as well as several species of birds.

Place: Nanyuki, Kenya
Cost for two: 1012 – 1518 WHO
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5

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2. Seven Seafood & Grill

Seven Seafood & Grill

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Seven Seafood & Grill is an award winning restaurant in Kenya. The restaurant is very tastefully designed and offers the best selection of seafood from the Indian Ocean. You will find a wide range of seafood including oysters, shrimp, lobster and many other sea fish. The fish is prepared fresh and dipped in Seven’s signature sauce. This place is also perfect for meat lovers, you will get the finest beef that is artfully prepared to bring out the best taste. When you visit this restaurant, be sure to try sweets too. Overall, Seven Seafood and Grill offers you the best and most unique dining experience in Kenya.

Place: Waiyaki Wai, Nairobi, Kenya
TripAdvisor Rating: 4 / 5

3. Kenyan Carnivore

kenyan carnivore

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If you are a meat lover then as the name suggests, Carnivore is the best place for you. The menu features a wide range of meats including camel, ostrich and crocodile, which are roasted on charcoal grills and carved straight to your table. Along with the original meat dishes, you will also be served a variety of delicious side dishes and special Carnivore signature sauces. The feast also includes a complimentary soup and dessert along with delicious Kenyan coffee. Carnivore is the perfect place to enjoy good food. Everything from food, service and atmosphere is excellent.

Place: Langata Road, Kenya
Cost for two: 4064 – 10,161 WHO
TripAdvisor Rating: 4 / 5

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4. About Thyme Restaurant

About Thyme Restaurant

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If you are looking for one of these Best Restaurants in Nairobi, Kenya, Then you should definitely visit Thyme Restaurant. The restaurant offers a wide selection of entrees on its menu including lunch and dinner, desserts as well as a special menu. Perfect for brunch, this restaurant also has a bar and wine collection. The menu is very diverse with very well prepared and deliciously presented dishes. Great food coupled with a good atmosphere makes About Thyme a very casual place to dine.

Place: Nairobi, Kenya
TripAdvisor Rating: 4 / 5

5. Listen to great food

listen to great food

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Sikia is one of the best restaurants in kenya Where you can enjoy a great dining experience. At Sikia Restaurant you will find a unique blend of comfort, sophistication, exclusivity and design. Specially prepared lunch, dinner as well as dessert accompanied by selected wines from around the world. Sikia Restaurant offers the best dining experience you will find in Kenya.

Place: Nairobi, Kenya
Cost for two: 5100 – 10,000 KES
TripAdvisor Rating: 5 / 5

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6. Fogo Gaucho Kilimani

Fogo Gaucho Kilimani

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It is a restaurant located in Nairobi, Kenya, specializing in Brazilian cuisine. From juicy steaks to crunchy salads, the flavors of Brazil will be served in a beautiful representation on your plate. The menu features 16 steak dishes and 25 salads prepared with utmost precision by the chef. This restaurant has been serving Brazilian cuisine to people in Kenya for over a decade. The authentic Brazilian cuisine will keep you coming back to this restaurant for more. Fogo Gaucho Kilimani is one of the finest eateries in Kenya.

Place: Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya
Cost for two: 2032 – 3048 WHO
TripAdvisor Rating: 4 / 5

7. Lair


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Il Covo is an Italian restaurant located in Mombasa, Kenya. You will experience a whole new level of high end entertainment in Kenya. Covo’s Alcazar Beach Lounge offers the best place to relax and unwind with your friends. The restaurant with a rustic bar setup and disco offers a relaxing ambiance and a great place to enjoy. The food and dance concept of this place is very unique and thus helps you to de-stress.

Place: Bamburi, Nairobi, Kenya
Cost for two: 813-3556 WHO
TripAdvisor Rating: 4 / 5

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8. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant

Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant

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This is another good restaurant in Kenya. The restaurant offers a good selection of seafood on its menu. The food is absolutely delicious and not just the food, the entire setting of the restaurant is absolutely magical. The restaurant has an open terrace, which is a perfect place to enjoy your dinner under the moonlight and stars. Enjoy a glass of delicious wine under the stars in the relaxed atmosphere of Ali Barbour’s Kew restaurant.

Place: Diani Beach, Kenya
Cost for two: 3.353 – 8.027 which
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5

9. Handi Restaurant Limited

Handi Restaurant Limited

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If you are looking for Indian restaurants in Nairobi, Kenya Then you must visit Handi Restaurant in Nairobi. This restaurant has been in existence since 1991 and is one of the premium restaurants in Kenya. If you are fond of Indian food or are fond of some Indian food while living in Kenya, then you do not need to go out of Kenya, you can enjoy the flavors of India right there at Handi Restaurant. The spices are prepared from fresh ingredients imported from India itself. The dishes are prepared following Indian traditional methods and offer authentic Indian cuisine.

Place: Nairobi, Kenya
TripAdvisor Rating: 4 / 5

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10. Talisman Restaurant

Taweez Restaurant

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Talisman is another famous Kenyan restaurants in Africa
Which offers deliciously diverse and international cuisine. The luxury interior of this place creates a very relaxing ambiance. This restaurant has won the World Luxury Restaurant Award. The food is prepared from fresh, organic products. All ingredients are carefully selected so that they are completely toxin free.

Place: Nairobi, Kenya
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5

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These are some of the best restaurants in Kenya. Visit one of these restaurants on your trip to Kenya and enjoy the country’s diverse and delicious cuisine.

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