Dig In The Best Cuisines In These Restaurants For An Ultimate Experience In Jimbaran!

Located south of Bali’s famous tourist area “Kuta”, Jimbaran Bay is home to the world’s top-class hotels and resorts. Jimbaran has a unique mix of luxury resorts that make the region exceptional Area to relax, enjoy a seafood beach dinner and explore the nearby markets. You can also find luxurious villas in the area, especially on the fringes of the highlands overlooking Jimbaran Bay. Considered an open-air shopping village, here you will find plenty of local stores, large fresh and seafood markets and Jimbaran has a large number of beach restaurants that offer local and international food cuisine.

10 Best Restaurants in Jimbaran Bay

You will find the best seafood restaurants in Jimbaran in various five-star hotels located around the Bali beach resort area. Here you can enjoy local seafood accompanied by spectacular barbecue and beer under a spectacular sunset. For exceptional dining, you don’t have to go very far, as you can find many beach restaurants in Jimbaran and clubs just by walking away. Listed below are some of the best places to eat or famous seafood restaurants in Jimbaran Bay.

1. Ayana Resorts & Spa

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This is an excellent and most famous bar and spa in Jimbaran Bali. The Ayana resort includes 19 Jimbaran restaurants and bars, 12 swimming pools, 78 villas, an outdoor amphitheater, a world-class spa with aquatonic seawater therapy pools and Spa on the Rocks treatments. Its Rock Bar is the most famous bar situated on the rocky cliff which offers stunning views during sunset. It is a unique area with a delightful outdoor bar with a stunning and unique design. Here you can enjoy excellent drinks, sunset views and a classy, ​​fun atmosphere. This bar attracts a lot of people resulting in huge lines. So you should reach here early to avoid the crowd and enjoy the sunset, food and drinks under the stars.

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2. Sundara

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Located at the southern end of Jimbaran Bay, Sundara offers you a peaceful, tranquil and five-star feast with amazing relaxing options. It is the busiest place during the day and a trendy eating place at night. This resort has a bar and semi-open dining area where you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner and a variety of Pan-Asian cuisine. Here you’ll find cocktails from Javier de las Muelas, owner of Dry Martini, Barcelona’s most famous bar. Moreover, the availability of DJ makes the ambiance relaxing all night long. Due to which, it is known as the best restaurant in Jimbaran Bay.

3. Kuka

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This restaurant in Jimbaran Bay is considered one of the must-see places. Cuca is an initiative by a team of husband-wife team Kevin Cherkas and Virginia Antizne to offer a delicious menu for your amazing food journey. The Kookaburra menu starts with welcoming brews and ends with delicious desserts.

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4. Beautiful dishes

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This is one of Jimbaran Bay’s exceptional fine dining restaurants serving Italian cuisine with an excellent intimate atmosphere. It is one of the best options that provides special occasion celebrations. The restaurant offers visitors privacy and a variety of feasting options with cool Jimbaran sea breezes, ideal for a romantic candlelit meal. From pasta to risottos and Italian pastries, the menu offers a vibrant display of excellent Italian dishes accompanied with wine. Here you can enjoy delicious dishes like Norwegian Salmon and Black Angus Sirloin.

5. Balike Restaurant

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With its charming ambiance, this Jimbaran restaurant offers you a cordial setting and delicious food at vintage tables set up in the extensive lounge area. With a variety of freshly prepared dishes ranging from Mediterranean to Asian cuisine, Balik Restaurant offers you an unforgettable taste and dining experience.

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6. Kayumanis Resto Jimbaran

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Kayumanis Resto celebrates local cuisine in Indonesia with a menu that takes visitors on a delicious adventure ride. Located inside the tropical garden, Kayumanis Resto is the ideal place for solo travelers, large gatherings and family gatherings as it offers a separate menu for children. The place also offers yoga classes by highly experienced Balinese healers to keep you feeling good all day long.

7. Akua Bali Restaurant

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Consisting of tapas bars, restaurants and lifestyle venues, this venue offers incredible dining along with a combination of various water activities along the beach. Located only 7 minutes away from the air terminal, this restaurant in Jimbaran Bali is one of the ideal places offering a wide range of cuisines including Indonesian, Mediterranean and Pan-Asian cuisine.

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8. Fat Chow Temple Hill

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This restaurant serves a fusion of Asian, Thai and Chinese food. Its relaxed atmosphere, amazing music and casual dining offering will transport you to a new world of unforgettable experiences. The menu includes dishes like Pad Thai, Akira Pepper Beef and Chow Pao. The menu also includes some Thai dishes such as Thai, Pattaya Pork Ribs and Thai Green Curry, Seafood Hawker Pad as well as a Vietnamese Bi-Nh M-Sandwich and Malaysian Nasi Lemak. Situated on a hilltop, this place gives an overall diverse experience with extraordinary views of the beach.

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9. Happy Cow Bali

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Apparently this restaurant is touted as the best steakhouse in Bali. Here you’ll find open seating made from recycled wood and a wide selection of steaks cooked to your liking. Happy Cow offers a mixed menu that includes delicious Asian and surprise food including fish, meat and hydroponic vegetables to satisfy all tastes. The simple and cheap food of this place makes it one of the most favorite eating places among the locals and travelers.

10. Dawa Steak & Seafood Restaurant

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Another excellent steakhouse, yet undeniably classy, ​​and indeed expensive, boasts an inviting setting, breathtaking views, and a richly stylistic layout. This modern eatery specializes in superb steaks, yet also serves fresh fish cooked for your enjoyment, so you can be sure you won’t leave without eating something. DAVA’s wine offering includes an enomatic wine distributor who welcomes you to enjoy some exclusive wines one night only. It is considered one of the best seafood restaurants in Jimbaran.

Jimbaran Bay is famous for its fish beach resorts that offer spectacular evening views. If you want to indulge your taste buds with some delicious crunchy prawns and other seafood with traditional Balinese sauce, you can choose any of the resorts along Jimbaran beach. In addition to offering food, the Jimbaran rocky cliffs to the south of the bay provide a spectacular evening mixed drinks venue.

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