These Sri Lankan Restaurants In Hikkaduwa Will Take Your Tastebuds On A Roller Coaster Ride!

are you looking for Restaurants in Hikkaduwa Where to eat during your tour? Hikkaduwa is known for its delicious restaurants Anyone wishing to enjoy a gastronomic experience must visit this city.

10 Restaurants in Hikkaduwa for the Best Culinary Experience

Fresh and delicious seafood, such as crab, fish and shrimp, are the most preferred food options on the menu. go to the best Restaurants in Hikkaduwa To get the real taste of the city.

1. Surfer’s Rest

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A popular choice among casual tourists, Surfers Rest serves delicious Sri Lankan as well as European cuisine. After a tiring surf session, when you feel hungry, you can come here for a great time and delicious food. So definitely keep this restaurant in your visiting list. The food and service here is so good that everyone comes to this restaurant again and again.

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2. Amaya Reef

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Amaya Reef Restaurant in Hikkaduwa aims to satisfy every taste and offers a wide variety of tastes to its visitors. Seafood and other fish based dishes should not be missed at all. Also, this restaurant in Hikkaduwa also has a spectacular view of the sea. It is a wonderful restaurant with stunning lake views, clean space, pleasant staff and curries that keep you coming back for more!

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3. Coral Garden

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Coral Garden offers a wide variety of international cuisine to visitors based on exceptional Sri Lankan cuisine. The place also has a pool side bar where people are offered beverages and snacks. This is the best place for those who want to spend some cool time away from the scorching sun and salty, sea breeze.

4. Asian Jewel Boutique Hotel

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The restaurant is 140 km from the Colombo Airport terminal. Try not to miss the rice and curry meal served at Asian Jewel. It is basically amazing and different from the curries you get anywhere in Hikkaduwa. Even better, you can book a room here, so you can enjoy these delicacies throughout your stay. The restaurant serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian along with all types of beverages to please every guest.

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5. JLH Beach Restaurant

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JLH Beach Restaurant was built in 1979 with a small staff. The restaurant is named after the first letter of the name of the owner, Mr. L.H. Jayalath. Over time the restaurant grew and won an A ranking by the Sri Lankan Tourism Development Board. The restaurant has a huge list of foods to order, including Chinese, Sri Lankan, Indian and Italian cuisine.

6. Bookworm

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To enjoy some of the best home-made curries in Hikkaduwa, order a meal at this family-run place. Remember to order food a few hours in advance and in the meantime you can read a book there. Dinner is served upstairs and downstairs you can also borrow books or motorbikes from the owners at reasonable prices. Many restaurants in Sri Lanka are following the concept of this restaurant.

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7. Enter the coffee shop

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This is definitely one of the best local restaurants in the city. You won’t find such great food anywhere else in Hikkaduwa for this price range. The owner is really friendly who also loves to interact with his guests. The milkshakes and juices are great and available at reasonable rates. You will definitely come back for those delicious shakes.

8. No.1 Roti Restaurant

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No. 1 Roti Restaurant on Galle Road is far from being a shoreline restaurant showcase, rather it is a local roadside joint. As Hikkaduwa is famous for its special delicious breads, you will find here a huge menu of all kinds of breads, sweet or savoury, from honey and banana to garlic chicken. And surprisingly, the prices are really low.

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9. Nilas Beach Restaurant

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You know when you’re on the beach and there are restaurants empty and one place that is completely full – this is the place! Located on Galle Road, this seaside restaurant has very friendly service, really good food and obviously a picturesque location. Everyone loves enjoying a meal with the sunset! The decor of the restaurant is not top notch, but the main thing is that the food is great!

10. Spaghetti & Company

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An Italian cuisine specialty restaurant in Hikkaduwa. Set amidst lush gardens, this colonial-style villa is located in an isolated area off the busy Galle Road. Only enhances the enjoyment of food. The creamy pasta and ultra-thin-crust pizza served at this place will definitely be a hit with anyone. You will definitely have a wonderful time at this place.

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11. Mangrovia Lagoon Restaurant

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If you wish to dine somewhere away from the beach, this charming secret treasure away from the city is also the best option. The restaurant serves authentic rice and curry food. Here you also get a chance to learn how to cook some Sri Lankan dishes, in case you will miss Sri Lankan food back home and want to try your hand at it.

12. Thambili Cafe

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Tired and hungry after snorkeling or scuba diving – what a great way to go to a place that offers both to tourists. This café really is a wonderful local spot to eat and relax after a day at the beach or enjoying some extreme water activities. You will find great food, fresh fish barbecue and friendly staff that will make your visit worthwhile.

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While flying to Hikkaduwa, visit any of the restaurants in Hikkaduwa for food and drinks and relive some happy memories with your friends and family. But this will be possible only when you start planning your trip to Sri Lanka, so what are you waiting for?

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