From Momos To Thukpa, These 12 Gangtok Restaurants Serve Everything That Defines Deliciousness!

With lush green valleys and breathtaking sky views, the city of Gangtok is one of the most famous places to stay in Sikkim. There are many reasons why it casts a magical spell on its travelers and makes them feel at home. The most important of all such reasons is Restaurants in Gangtok It serves all types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to treat the taste buds of its beloved tourists who visit the city in search of paradise.

Although the ambiance of all these places may not be as attractive as one might expect, the food they serve and the hospitality they offer is worth every penny you spend there. So, make sure you stop by as many of these places as possible on your next trip to the Northeast!

8 Best Restaurants in Gangtok

here is a list Best restaurants in Gangtok Where you can go with your loved ones for a true gastronomic experience during your trip.

1. Taste of Tibet

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Very famous for momos, thukpa and other Tibetan dishes, Taste of Tibet is one of them good restaurants in gangtok to dine. With an ideal ambiance, it attracts innumerable people to visit and relax with their loved ones. If you are looking for a great Tibetan restaurant in this location, look no further than Taste of Tibet Gangtok,

Must try: Chicken Momos, Beef Momos, Thukpa
Price for two: INR 500 approx.
Time: 11:30 am to 9:00 pm
Place: MG Marg, Vishal Gaon, Gangtok, Sikkim
Phone Number: 91631 22020

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2. Roll House

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If you are looking for one of these Budget Restaurants in Gangtokthen you should resort to Roll House Gangtok, Not actually a restaurant, Roll House, Gangtok is a kitchen that is famous throughout the city for serving the most mouth-wateringly delicious rolls. From paneer and vegetables to chicken and mutton, you will find a little bit of every taste here. So, don’t focus on the interior but look forward to what will be served to you when you are here.

Must try: Chilli Paneer Cheese Roll, Mushroom Momos, Maggi Momos
Price for two: INR 200 approx.
Time: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Place: MG Marg, Arithang, Gangtok, Sikkim
Phone Number: 98320 92219

3. Let’s make kimchi

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If you are looking for an authentic Korean restaurant in the hills of Gangtok, Mu Kimchi is the place you should be. Showcasing bamboo and woven wicker lamps, it creates a perfect ambiance to soak in the classic vibes. The hospitality here is friendly and the food served is some of the best in the entire city.

Must try: Kimbap, Bulgogi Set, Seaweed Soup
Price for two: He
Time: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Place: Vishal Gaon, Gangtok, Sikkim
Phone Number: 95933 40401

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4. Parivar Restaurant

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Serving the most authentic yet delicious North Indian and South Indian cuisine, this place is a must visit in Gangtok. From delicious dosas to paneer tikkas, you can find everything here to satisfy your holiday cravings. And the best part is that the price of food here is only around Rs 100 to 200. So, if you were looking for South Indian Restaurants in Gangtok So your search is over.

Must try: North and South Indian food
Price for two: INR 600 approx.
Time: 9:00 am to 10:30 pm
Place: MG Road, Arithang, Gangtok, Sikkim
Phone Number: +91 3592 227 409

5. Sister

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It is famous for specializing in Thakali, the traditional dish of the people of the Thak-Khola Valley in Nepal. Gangtok Restaurant Provides true value for money experience. In fact, not just the food, this place is also famous for selling amazing cocktails like the Irish Monk and Sex on the Beach. Its food has made Thakali a Famous Restaurants of Gangtok,

Must try: Potato Tareco, Pork Cholia
Price for two: INR 800 approx.
Time: 11:30 am to 10 pm
Place: Oberoi Building, MG Marg, Gangtok, Sikkim
Phone Number: 82508 21776

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6. Tangerine Lounge & Bar

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Part of the Chumbi Residency Hotel, it Gagtok Restaurant Only 7 to 8 minutes away from the famous MG Road. Serving a delicious range of North Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes, this place definitely knows how to win the hearts of its guests. Of all the things you eat, make sure Murgh Boti Kebab and Tandoori Chicken are on the list.

Must try: Tom Yum, Vegetarian Snack, Fish-n-Chips
Price for two: INR 450 approx.
Time: 6:00 am to 9:00 pm
Place: Tibet Road, Arithang, Gangtok, Sikkim
Phone Number: +91 3592 206 618

7. Masala Restaurant

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one of the best Pure Vegetarian Restaurants in Gangtok, Masala Restaurant offers the most homely ambiance with its natural setting. It specializes in Indian and Chinese cuisine and serves delicious dishes at very affordable prices. If you strongly believe that the world will end without potatoes, then make sure you enjoy the delicious Dum Aloo here.

Must try: Dum Aloo
Price for two: INR 600 approx.
Time: 9:00 am to 9:30 pm
Place: MG Marg, Opp SBI, Arithang, Gangtok, Sikkim
Phone Number: +91 3592 204 384

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8. Awesome Restro and Loose

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Offering hearty food and sweet memories, Osam Restaurant in Gangtok is no less than a heaven for foodies. From North Indian to Continental, this place offers the best of all cuisines. The cocktail drinks Wompom and Sizzler are the most recommended things to try here by past guests. After a tour around the city, head to Osam Restaurant GangtokFor a delicious meal with your friends.

Must try: Noddles, Dal makhni, Fried chicken rice, Kadhai murgh
Price for two: INR 800 approx. (with wine)
Time: 12:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Place: 2nd Floor, Norbula Complex, MG Marg, Vishal Village, Gangtok
Phone Number: +91 6295 543 643

9. Infinity Futsal Arena

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If you are a football lover then you must visit this place. The view around this restaurant will force you to never leave from here. The futsal field has also been arranged in an attractive location. Apart from this, you also get a chance to watch football screenings. So, if you are fond of sports as well as food, then you can easily consider coming to Infinity Futsal Arena, which is considered to be one of the best sports venues in the world. Best places to eat in Gangtok,

Must try: Tiramisu Martini
Price for two: He
Time: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Place: Roof Top, Mount Simwo Complex, Opposite Krishi Bhawan
Phone Number: 08371972218

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10. 9’Ine Country Cuisine

Image Credit: Sushantha Original for Pexels

When looking for some of the best dishes from Tibetan cuisine, one of these Famous Restaurants of Gangtok 9’Ine is considered a native dish. You will definitely love the ambiance here, as the entire arrangement is inspired by traditional Tibetan culture. Nepali cuisine is also famous in this restaurant. So, if you want to visit the best places in Gangtok where you can enjoy traditional culinary experiences, you know where to go!

Must try: Momos, Mushroom Raw
Price for two: Rs 600-1300
Time: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm
Place: New Market, MG Marg, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101, India
Phone Number: +913592205061

11. The Dragon Wok

Image credit:Mridit161187 for Wikimedia Commons

When you feel like eating Chinese food, visit this restaurant. It is rightly considered one of the Famous Restaurants of Gangtok And there is good lighting at night. This restaurant dedicatedly serves Chinese food and hence you can expect some of the best dishes from here that are prepared authentically.

Must try: Dragon Chicken, Chilli Paneer, Crispy Chicken
Price for two: 700 rupees
Time: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Place: Above Bata, Yama Towers, MG Marg, Vishal Village, Gangtok
Phone Number: He

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12. Nothing

Image Credit: Nextproven for Pixabay

Nimtho is considered a great place for casual dining and hence is ideal for families and friends. The charming interior decoration of this restaurant will make your dining experience quite interesting and memorable. You will be served some of the finest Tibetan and Nepali cuisine.

Sure try: Momos
Price for two: 650 rupees
Time: 11:30 am to 12:00 noon
Place: MG Marg, Vishal Gaon, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101
Phone Number: 03592205324

With a visit to these best restaurants in Gangtok, your holiday in Sikkim with TourTravelHotels will become even more fascinating and memorable! Just make sure to check the best times to visit these places so that you avoid rush hours and can enjoy the many delicious flavors of Sikkim in comfort!

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Frequently Asked Questions Restaurants in Gangtok

Is vegetarian food available in Sikkim?

Yes, vegetarian food is easily available and one has no trouble finding it in Sikkim. You’ll find many vegetarian versions of local dishes in almost all restaurants.

What is the famous food of Gangtok?

Some of the most famous dishes are Thukpa, Momos, Shah-Phale, Wonton, Thenthuk and Gyathuk which are easily available in the restaurants of Gangtok.

What are some of the most famous foods in Sikkim?

Some of the most popular food loved by the people in the state of Sikkim are – Momos, Thukpa, Sha Phale, Dal Bhaat, Gundruk, Kinema, and many more.

What is the best time to visit Gangtok?

When planning your trip to Gangtok, you should consider the time period between October and mid-December. The weather is quite pleasant during this period, so you will enjoy sightseeing.

How many days are considered sufficient to visit Gangtok?

To make the most of your trip to Gangtok, you will need to spend around 2 to 3 days. Explore the city’s culture and make the most of it.

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