10 Best Restaurants In China For The Food Lovers To Indulge In A Dreamy Fine Dining Experience

Considered the favorite of millions of people, Chinese cuisine is probably one of the most popular dishes in the world which reaches every second household without any effort. Having said that, the fact is that authentic Chinese food can only be enjoyed in some of the best restaurants in China, which not only offer some traditional flavors on the table but also surround you with a grand ambiance.

Top 10 Restaurants in China to Satisfy Your Inner Foodie

Moreover, one will be amazed to see how diverse the food culture is in this beautiful country, from continental to Indian. And to experience it all, include dining at some of these best restaurants in china Add to your itinerary, and enjoy all the culinary delights the country has to offer.

1. Cai Yi Xuan

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Are you in Beijing and looking for great Chinese food? Head to the Four Seasons Beijing where you’ll find Cai Yi Xuan’s luxury dining restaurant. Tobacco-colored and artfully retro, the restaurant is known for its Chinese cuisine brought to you by Chef Li Qiang. A favorite among locals as well as travelers, Cai Yi Xuan has a wonderful ambiance which adds to its overall charm.

Must try: Dim Sum, and Steamed Dumplings with Lobster
Cooking: Chinese, and Asian
Place: 48 Liangmqiao Lu, Beijing

2. Ultraviolet

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This is a high-concept restaurant in Shanghai that takes experiential and experimental dining to a whole new level. The brainchild of renowned French chef – Paul Parrot, Ultraviolette is certainly one of the most Famous restaurants in China, known for its music-inspired atmosphere. The special thing about this restaurant is that it has no fixed location. You are picked up from a meeting point and taken to a secret location where you can satisfy your hunger to the fullest.

Must try: Truffle Burnt Soup Bread, and Pop Rock Oysters
Cooking: European, Contemporary
Place: shanghai

3. Divino Wine Bar & Restaurant

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Divino Wine Bar and Restaurant is the perfect place in town to enjoy a drink or two and some amazing Italian food. Located in the center of the city, which is a major entertainment area, this is a great place to dine after a day of exploring. With a great selection of wines and a wonderful ambiance, the restaurant offers a perfect balance of everything. From the world-class ambiance to the high-quality food and great service, Divino is definitely one of the top restaurants in china,

Must try: Tuna Tartare, and Pasta Penne Jerome
Cooking: Italian, and European
Place: 73 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

4. Asia Bistro

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Hangzhou is an interesting city in China that attracts thousands of visitors and if you are looking for a place to taste Asian cuisine without spending a fortune, Asia Bistro is the place to be. The restaurant serves Chinese and Asian cuisine along with seafood and sushi. The atmosphere is great and the service is also good. You can expect high-quality food at Asia Bistro, including breakfast options and vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Must try: Roasted Scallops, Steamed Crabs, and Salmon Wellington
Cooking: Chinese, Seafood and Sushi
Place: Gongshu District, Hushu South Road 28, JW Wanhao Hotel 1st Floor, Crossing of Meidu Qiao Road and Hushu South Road, Hangzhou

5. Lost Paradise

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When it comes to restaurants in china, Lost Heaven in Shanghai is a rare gem. What sets it apart from many others is that it specializes in cuisine from the Yunnan region. Although not as internationally renowned as the cuisines of other regions, Yunnan cuisine is delicious with Thai, Burmese and Lao influences. If you are in Shanghai and looking for something different from the usual Chinese cuisine, you should definitely visit Lost Heaven and enjoy the spicy flavors of the Yunnan region.

Must try: Lamb samosas, pork ribs with sausage, and stir-fried kale
Cooking: Chinese, Asian and Yunnan
Place: 38, Gaoyou Road, Shanghai

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6. Any Nepali Restaurant

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When you’re in an international destination like Hong Kong, it can seem like finding affordable food is a big challenge. But you might be surprised to know that the city is full of affordable eateries like Manakamana Nepali Restaurant. The food at this restaurant may be cheap, but you can expect great dishes of Indian and Nepalese cuisine. Although the service is also great, it is definitely a place worth visiting when you are in Hong Kong.

Must try: Garlic or Paneer Naan and Butter Chicken, Momos and Kulfi
Cooking: Indian, Asian and Nepali
Place: G/F, 165 Temple Street, Jordan, Hong Kong

7. Buffet

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With countless attractions, Macau is one of China’s most popular destinations, with a lot to offer its visitors. One of the things you must do when you are in Macau is to explore its restaurants. Le Buffet is one of the best restaurants in the city, offering French, Asian and European cuisine. The sea food here is also excellent. Being a perfect place to satisfy your hunger, it is indeed a great restaurant for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Must try: Sashimi, Gongbao Jiding, Cheesy Lobster, and Pan-Fried Scallops
Cooking: Chinese, and German
Place: 1/F, The Parisien Macau, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai Strip, Colo-Taipa, Macau

8. King’s happiness

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Located adjacent to the Tibetan Lama Temple, King’s Joy is one of the most popular Vegetarian Restaurants in Beijing, The kitchen is helmed by Chef Pan Jianjun, who shares his expertise in creating non-vegetarian dishes as well as delicious meat-free dishes. His food focuses on presentation, texture and sourcing and he uses mushrooms, soy and vegetables to mimic meat with remarkable accuracy. If you are looking for a place to enjoy amazing vegetarian food, King’s Joy is one of them best restaurants in beijingChina any day to choose from.

Must try: Kung Po Oyster Mushrooms, Sliced ​​Tofu and Mushrooms
Cooking: Chinese, and Asian (vegan friendly)
Place: 2 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing

9. Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

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Quite a long name, isn’t it? Nonetheless, it is one of the best and most affordable places to eat in Macau city. The food is excellent with a warm and cozy atmosphere and Crystal Jade is known for serving the best Chinese and Asian cuisine.

Must try: Minced pork, hot and sour soup, and bean curd
Cooking: Chinese, and Asian (vegan friendly)
Place: 1/F, The Parisien Macau, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai Strip, Colo-Taipa, Macau

10. Lanting Chinese Restaurant

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If you are looking for 5 star restaurants in china, then look no further than Lanting Chinese Restaurant in Hangzhou. Located in Azure Qiantang, Lanting Chinese Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant that serves some of the most delicious Chinese food in the city. Amazing local fine dining, great ambiance and top-notch service is what Lanting is all about.

Must try: Sesame Shrimp, and Crispy Goose
Cooking: Sugar (vegan friendly)
Place: No. 39 Wangxiang East Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou

Be it Chinese, Asian, Indian, German, Nepali, seafood, or any other cuisine, you name it and these best restaurants in China will have it on their entire menu. So no matter what cuisine you are interested in, there is an eatery to satisfy all your desires. So, embark on an extraordinary culinary journey on your next holiday to China.

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