15 Best restaurants around Delhi Area

15 Best restaurants around Delhi Area

Restaurants around Delhi Area: Delhi the national capital of India receives tourists and travellers from all over the world in a regular basis. Owing to that it won’t be hard for anyone to find foods and restaurants offering worldwide dishes. In Delhi, on almost every corner, sidewalk, street, you can come across stands with aromatic, spicy, unearthly tasty food, which usually costs a penny

restaurants around Delhi Area
restaurants around Delhi Area

List of 20 best Restaurants to eat in New Delhi

  1. Chor Bizarre

You will have to apologize but your real name is not just the translation. The guide told us that the name was because everything inside the restaurant was stolen. The truth is that it was a very curious restaurant in the centre of Old Delhi, where we had the first experience with Indian food, really spicy, but very good.

  1. Tempting Restaurant

The Tempting restaurant has been the best culinary experience during the three days in New Delhi. It needs a good reform but the food is good, plentiful and cheap. We were not able to finish all the food, but everything was well cooked and not too spicy. The waiters were very nice and we spent just over 500 Rs for two people.

  1. Everest Kitchen

A Street full of all kinds of products at an excellent price. There is a restaurant at the highest point of the street, from where you can have an optimal view of the whole mess. We went up to a small hotel “mequetref” and found good food at incredible prices.

  1. Orient Express

A different place to dine, an exact replica of the famous restaurant express. With a exquisite menu, a very kind and distinguished treatment. A luxurious restaurant just in the back one there was a couple in which he gave her the engagement ring. We did not wear only casual clothes or a problem. Clarify that this restaurant is the best hotel Taj palace Delhi.

After a day full of surprises offered by the mysterious India, exhausted after our first contact with the bullish Delhi. This restaurant was a haven of peace and a taste not only for the palate but for the other senses.

  1. Wongdhen House Restaurant

The Wongdhen House is undoubtedly the most touristic address of Majnu-ka-Tila. Probably because it is the only area mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide. If it is true that it has a good quality / price ratio to be Delhi. This does not necessarily make it our preferred site so far. Despite not sleeping there, we ate at the restaurant. In this sense, the place is highly recommended.

  1. The Art of Beering

The Brewery Art, has a wide range of beers from almost everyone in the bottle. But also in tap has the best known of India and Nepal. And also the best, to the “ash point” that is when the beer reaches the point of coldness. Before frosting to accompany the beer we can order as the typical snacks.

Which can be find anywhere in the world, such as spicy Indian dishes or vegetable or meat sandwich. The prices are quite more expensive than those used in India,

  1. Rooftop Karen Cafe

Located on the terrace of the Godwin hotel on Arakashan Road in Pahar Ganj, the so-called backpacker’s district of Delhi, you will find this restaurant with good value for money and a menu with Hindu and European food.

The service is nearly moderate although that is very common in India, the kitchen is seen from the terrace dining room and curiously although there are several cooks between courses, it gives you time to take a nap. In addition to the typical lentil Thali, there are vegetarian dishes with tofu and salads with cashews and nuts.

The most expensive is the drink and beer is almost impossible to get this moderately cold, however it is a good choice if you are looking for a quiet place in the busy Pahar Ganj.

  1. Indian Grill

Located in the neighbourhood of Pahar Ganj in one of its streets where there is more concentration of backpacker hotels, there is this restaurant on the roof of the Hotel Godwin Deluxe and next to the Hotel Grand Godwin, the two hotels where I usually stay in Delhi. The factors like location, service and especially cleanliness and that I recommend to any traveller who looks for the quality for the affordable price.

The restaurant has a live kitchen and you can see it from your table, the menu is small, although you can ask them to cook any dish that if they have the ingredients they will do it to please you.

The roof is very pleasant both at noon and dinner; the service is professional and very attentive. To make the wait short while the commando arrives, they usually put one appetizer along with the beers.

  1. Costa Coffee

I love the Costa Café, since it is one of the places where in any part of the world they prepare a good coffee and the pastries are exquisite. In Connaught Place, in the center of Delhi, where the banks, agencies and main offices of the city are, is one of this Costa Café, a building with two floors and which is usually very crowded.

On the floor below you choose the coffee and the piece of cake, you pay it, they give you a number and then they take it to the table. The Café has free wifi, although it works very slowly, but it is a good option to contact the family, see mails etc while you have a good coffee

  1. Olive Bar & Kitchen

Although when I travel I prefer to taste the native food of the country, after several days eating rice and chicken curry, the stomach appreciates the Mediterranean food. It is one of the most select restaurants in Delhi.

The food is excellent and well presented the treatment very good and the atmosphere very cozy. Ideal for a couple dinners. I recommend going to dinner and ask for a table in the interior courtyard (if the heat of Delhi allows it)

  1. New Mount Everest Restaurant

The fact is that the first thing I do when I get to Delhi, always without exception (okay, first step through the hotel and stuff) is to go to the restaurant New Mount Everest, located in the characteristic intersection in the middle of Main Bazaar. For me it has become a rite. For starters, the views from your terrace are excellent (excellent within what Paharganj is, of course).

So many times have I had breakfast or eaten in it that the image that accompanies this corner I have already burned into my memory.

The food is fine, without being wonderful, at least it is correct, but it is the momos that are really worth it: the place is run by Nepalese and it shows, although they will never reach the level of street momos! (The price also makes a difference).

The only downside is that the service is sometimes very slow, but very friendly in any case. Recommended if you have a craving for momos and no nearby place.

  1. Dolma Restaurant

The Tibetan community in exile has its neighbourhood in the northern part of New Delhi. You can move with a tuctuc from Main Bazaar for just 150 rupees and you will be transferred to Tibet or Kathmandu, since through its narrow alleys you will see that almost all the inhabitants are Nepali or Tibetan. Monks with their orange and burgundy tunics enter and leave the shops with wonderful tankas, malas or Tibetan crafts.

If you want to taste the exquisite Tibetan food, you should not miss Dolma House Restaurant, which is open from 7 in the morning to 10 at night and has an extensive menu. You will have to arm yourself with patience, since the service is quite slow and the restaurant at peak times is always full. They do not serve beers or other alcoholic beverages.

The place is very clean and the prices are quite tight. Biryani rice, tomato soup, chicken soup, momos, water, coke, coffee and hot chocolate, all for 600 rupees

  1. The All American Dinner

Its name is appropriate; this great place reminds you of old American culture. There is a comfortable seating arrangement. Photos of American super stars are there in this restaurant. Bright red sitting seats and Elvis Presley, Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe, Rolling Stone are on the walls. You will be fascinated by the American charm here.

Here in the menu you will find pure English breakfast like pancakes, waffles, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, coffee and many types of shakes.

  1. Bikers Cafe

This is for those who want a continental breakfast. With a themed set-up, the biker’s cafe has parts of motorcycle. Such as wheels and spikes hanging on the walls, with seats for a motorcycle to sit together.

To make your food even more enjoyable, it provides you with games like Scrabble, Chess, and Jungle with food on your table. In the cafe all day, only snacks are in the menu cards, with eggs, waffles, carrots, sandwiches and fruits available. Fruit juice is also available to keep you healthy.

  1. Amritraji Kulcha of Baljit

There is a smile on the faces of the Punjabis due to the native food made in the morning and evening. This is one of the most popular places for authentic Roti. There is a magnificent variety of Nan and Kulcha, which is served with more butter.

Here lambs are available with loaves, royal cheese, peas and pomegranate cheese and koftas. To complete the meal you are given a large glass of lassi. And in the end pistachio kulfi is presented in a clay kulah (bowls).


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