Reasons Why Rainy Season Is The Best Time To Travel

Reasons Why Rainy Season Is The Best Time To Travel

Travel can mean different things to different people. However, if there is one common thing every tourist or traveller (be it for leisure or business) looks for is the ideal season to travel. And an age-old belief in the travel world is to avoid the rainy season.

A Chinese whisper for sure. And we are here to bust the myth!

What many miss is the most obvious! The magic of rain and its ravishing romance with nature. The blooming foliage, the nostalgic petrichor, off beat destinations, off-season price, lesser crowd, and more importantly – the rain itself; makes monsoon one of the best seasons to traverse across the world.

Yes! We agree that tropical destinations may receive heavy rainfall, but that must not discourage one from exploring and spending time in nature’s lap. If drizzle and rain is something you want to stay away from, then these reasons may go over your head. Nevertheless, if you are a true soul-seeker and traveller. Read on!

Here are the best reasons to travel this rainy season!

First things first – the view


Everything looks more exquisite when soaked in the rain. The otherwise dust-ridden dry leaves, enduring the heat in the scorching summers, are a sight of unconditional bliss when they receive the first pre-monsoon showers. Have you ever seen how spectacular the sea looks during a drizzle? Or have you ever wandered the trails of a hill station amidst heavy rain? Getting soaked in beautiful monsoon hotspots may take your experience to a new level.

Long drive through serenity!


If you are one of those thrill-seekers who love to travel by car to beautiful destinations, then the rainy season is the best time to burn the gas. Driving in the rain can be tricky, particularly on hilly terrain. However, in such weather, the comfort of your car, the company of your loved ones, and listening to some songs that uplift the mood can be a blissful moment.

Lesser crowd


Picture a verdant carpet spread from one horizon to another. A good sight, right! However, what if it was dotted with tens and thousands of tourists and travellers, and their selfie sticks at your face as you take a stroll? Annoying, isn’t it! Now, on the flip side, imagine swimming in a lake or sitting at the edge of a mountain peak all by yourself, reminiscing, without any chaos. That is pure bliss! A lesser crowd means more personal time with nature.

Best time to disconnect


Most of us are subconsciously addicted to our smartphones, and for many, virtual life is the way forward. So, we spend a lot of time oblivious to the obvious – our existence! A day spent in the rain; feeling it pour; getting soaked, gives a gist of the present moment. There is no better time to rejuvenate your sense organs than in the rainy season.



Cliche, not really! The rainy season is known to be the most romantic season of all. Ever seen the Taj Mahal in the rain? You must! The sight itself exudes romance. Also, how can we overlook the rain dance in our beloved Bollywood flicks? It is also the best chance to head out with your partner and get romantic in the drizzle and sizzle on your journey, as no one would be observing and even if they do, who cares if they don’t know you!



Because the monsoon or rainy season is considered off-season across the world, many hotels offer accommodation for a low price and also, the fee for most of the fun monsoon activities will be surprisingly low. If you tour during the prime season, expect to shell out a premium for most things. However, off-seasons are synonymous with low travel costs, from accommodations to flight fare and everything in between.

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