Reasons why I would rather be from Hyderabad

The term “pearly gate” takes on a new meaning when we talk about Hyderabad. And it’s not just because it is unofficially called the City of Pearls, but also because it occupies a special place in my heart as precious as the gem itself.

You ask me, Kay ku?! Kya Miyan, itta bhi nahi maloom? Mai batati aapko, halloo halloo:

1. The Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani

And we can relish the smoked Biryani, any time of the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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2. Irani Chai And Osmania Biscuit

Osmania biskoot

Image Source

3. Feel The Nizami Touch

the royal Hyderabad

Image Source

4. Nizami Attire

Hyderabadi Attire

Image Source

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5. The Royal Architecture

Taj Falaknuma Palace

Image Source

6. Witness The Magnificent Charminar

Charminar in Hyderabad

Image Source

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7. Shopping At Laad Bazaar

Bangles in Laad Bazar

Image Source

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8. Capture The Marvelous Golconda Fort

Witness the magic of erstwhile era in Golconda Fort

Image Source

9. See The Monolith Statue Of Buddha


Image Source

At Lumbini Park.

10. Boat Ride At Hussain Sagar Lake

Boating - Hussain Sagar Lake

Image Source

11. Drive At Necklace Road

drive along the necklace road

Image Source

12. Visit The Dammaiguda Rocks And Gunrock Hill

Adventure at Rocks anf hills

Image Source

Try out some rock adventure at Dammaiguda rocks and Gunrock Hill or even the treacherous Bhairavgad.

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13. Savour The Greenery At Gardens Of Hyderabad

Gardens in Hyderabad

Image Source

Indira Park, Sanjeevaiah Park, Nehru Zoological Park, the Public Garden–Open spaces, rare roses, museums, zoos – literally everything!

14. Take A Cinematic Tour At Ramoji Filmcity

Ramoji Filmcity

15. Embrace The Melting Pot Of Cultures

Hyderabadi Meme

Image Source
Hyderabadi = Nizams+Telegu+Tamilians+Marwaris

16. Follow The Tehzeeb At The City Of Nizams

Hyderabadi Tehzeeb

17. Experience A Unique Dine-In At Dialog In The Park

Dialog in the dark

Image Source

18. Witness The Modernism In The City

Hyderabad - a large hearted city

Image Source

19. It’s Also The Cyberabad


Image Source

Hyderabad houses India’s largest IT park.

20. First Choice For Microsoft And Google

Microsoft Campus Hyderabad

Image Source

21. Yet Housing Is In Budget

Rent in Hyderabad

22. And Roaming Around Too!

Buses in Hyderabad

23. Or in the air conditioned ones

Volvo in Hyderabad

Image Source

24. Hyderabadi lassi or Jal Jeera Is To Die For!

Hyderabadi Lassi

Image Source

25. While The Weather Is Always Pleasant

mood swins-sun

Image Source

26. Hyderabad Is The Best City To Live In. Any Doubt?

Best city hyderabad

Image Source

One can travel the world, but if you have tasted Hyderabad, you’ll carry it forever within you!

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