Reasons To Visit Manali In Summer

Reasons To Visit Manali In Summer

Are you counting down the days to your next summer vacation? Do you want to escape the cacophony of city life and become one with nature? That’s right, after working and being locked down at home for the past few years, you deserve to take a few days off to relax and unwind. Well, there is no better season than summer, and there is no other desirable place to visit than Manali. Manali is an exceptional place where seasons define its beautiful avatars, snow-white mountains in the winter to lush green meadows in the summer. And nothing in the world looks more satisfying than the places that are all cast in greenery.

That fact, combined with some other amazing features, will only make you fall in love with Manali. Here are a few good reasons why you should visit Manali summer.

Sulfur Hot Springs


Imagine taking a dip in the Hot Sulfur Baths post trekking or hiking, doesn’t it sound rejuvenating and relaxing? Vashisht village, located an hour away from Manali, is home to this spectacular natural phenomenon. Going to this high altitude destination will be well worth the effort as you will find yourself in a place of otherworldly experience.


Why travel by public transport when you can enjoy a ride on bikes through the fresh mountain air and get a glimpse of the majestic mother nature along the way during summer? Nowhere else would you get an opportunity like this to exercise your freedom and make as many pits stops possible to visit local villages and embrace their distinctive culture.

Fun and Adventure Activities

Spoil and indulge yourself in adventure activities such as Hot air ballooning, skating or cable car( the most popular among the other fun events), to name a few. Top tourist place like Manali entertains thrill seekers and adventure enthusiasts to enjoy the lush conditions, to make it a memorable one. You can also hire local operators to arrange adventure sports.


If you think fun-filled activities are the highlight of Manali during summer, you are in for a surprise! Because there is the delicious and sumptuous traditional food in the market that could tempt you into good habits. Though Himachal food is well known across India, its authenticity can be admired and indeed known only in the hills of Manali and around. Madra, Tudkiya Bhath, Bhey or Spicy Lotus stems, and Siddu are some of the most popular and lip-smacking delicacies to try, but it’s the Mittha that hogs the limelight. Mitha is a bona fide sweet dish of Himachal Pradesh.

Historical Sites

Manali showcases many historical places, and the exceptional ones are Naggar castle and Hidimba Devi Temple. Naggar castle was built in 1460 and was home to Raja Sidh Singh. It is an incredible place embracing both European and Himalayan culture. It is a virtual treat for art lovers as it offers many art pieces on display. Another must-visit is Hidimba Devi Temple, an archaic cave temple that was built on a rock jutting out of the grounding in 1553 as a tribute to the goddess Halima. It is surrounded by a cedar forest in the foothills of the Himalayas. No trip to Manali would be complete without a visit to these historical places.

In this immensely beautiful haven, you have the opportunity to go on a hike, ride a bike, enjoy the food, air, and tranquillity. All these factors, along with the ones aforementioned in this article, have made Manali one of the best destinations in India during summer.

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